Plus Size Preppy Loungewear

As temps have dropped into the single digits and I have caught the chest cold from hell, I haven’t left my house in days.  And it occurs to me that I don’t have enough “snuggly” loungewear, let alone cute and “snuggly” loungewear.  So today’s post is inspired by the polar vortex and brought to you by Delsym cough syrup: I give you “plus size preppy loungewear.”

Plus Size Preppy Loungewear

Plus Size Preppy Loungewear - Plus Size Leggings and Wrap - #plussize #alexawebb

The Details

Personally, I think it’s a super cute combination that I would love to be wearing right about now, especially if you add in my favorite “snuggly” socks, which are on sale!  Instead, I have a heat-pad wrapped around my feet.  True story.  So, obviously, I need the UGG slippers too.  And I’d also love to have the Spanx compression leggings, which really do hold in your jiggly bits.  But, if they’re out of your budget, these might make a nice alternative.

And since I haven’t ventured out in days, a stylish hybrid watch, which would count my steps and remind me to move a bit more, would also be a nice addition.  And lastly, every candle in my house is holiday-themed.  I can’t smell anymore balsam, people, I just can’t!  So I would love to have a “Havana” candle, which is one of my favorite more masculine scents.  It also comes in a travel tin, in case you don’t want to commit to a jar.

So yeah, this is pretty much my dream outfit for cabin-fever situations.  You can find more plus size loungewear posts here.  And please subscribe to the blog if you haven’t already.

Plus Size Preppy Loungewear

Plus Size Preppy Loungewear - Plus Size Leggings and Wrap - #plussize #alexawebb

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