Plus Size Red Pants Work Outfits – Part 2

Plus Size Red Pants Work Outfits - Plus Size Work Wear - Plus Size Fashion for Women - #alexawebb #plussizeBy request: more plus size red pants work outfits!  I posted about these red pants back in June with a cute red, white, and blue outfit.  Since then a couple of people have asked me to show them more ways to wear these bright pants to the office.  So, I came up with four more ways to wear them!

I should also mention that these amazing plus size stretch work pants come in three lengths and sizes 14 – 28, plus you can also get the coordinating blazer to create an infinite number of work-appropriate looks.  And I just discovered you can also get a coordinating plus size skirt and even a dress.  In fact, I suggest you just check out Eloquii’s 9-to-5 Kit for more mix-and-match pieces.

I am sort of obsessed with the hot pink “Bright Rose” color too.  If only I still had an office job so I could justify purchasing some of these pieces.  But, I am pretty sure some could easily be worn out on the town.  Idea!  Let me know if you’d like to see some happy hour or date night looks with the same pants!  Just leave me a note in the comments below.  That’s my perfect segue to asking for your feedback…

Almost 3 years and 3.6 million views, y’all!

Before getting into the outfit deets, I would LOVE it if you would take about five minutes to fill out a survey to tell me what I am doing right [and wrong] and continue to refine what I do here at  If you are willing, please go here to fill out the questionnaire.  Thank you so much!  And lastly, I just want to say that I appreciate you guys so much.  Last night I posted about the survey on Facebook and have already received so much great feedback!

I want you to know that I read each response carefully.  And I am compiling the data in a spreadsheet where I can get nerdy with it and figure out the best ways to move forward.  I am even coding your write-in responses and using qualitative research methods to see trends.  Can you tell I love research?  And while I know I can’t please everyone, a lesson that I am painfully learning, I am open to your suggestions and ideas.  Point is, I am listening!

Now back to the fashion!

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Plus Size Red Pants Work Outfits

Plus Size Red Pants Work Outfits - Plus Size Work Wear - Plus Size Fashion for Women - #alexawebb #plussize

The first look is the basics you likely have in your closet, plus some leopard print for good measure.  It includes a white button down, which you likely have in your closet.  But, if you are in need of one, I highly recommend this customizable button down shirt from eShakti.  Aside from the fantastic price and amazing quality, if you select the ability to get it customized and custom sized, for less than ten bucks, you will have the best fitting garment you’ve ever had.  I have ordered custom sized clothing from eShakti and was able to take all of the necessary measurements by myself.  You can also choose the overall length and length of sleeve.

Plus, the eShakti shirt comes with a concealed “modesty button” at the bust, how f’ing brilliant is that?  No more gaping holes held closed with a not-so-well-hidden safety pin for this gal!  Did anyone else do this with their button-downs?  I don’t recommend it.  We’re not fooling anyone.  Let’s do better!

This black blazer has beautiful lines.  It is a cut I recommend for apple shapes because it is structured and nips in just under the bust with one closure.  Get that snatched look!  But it has strap details on the back which isn’t appropriate for all offices.  If your dress code is business casual and/or the atmosphere isn’t conservative, you should be fine.  Otherwise, try a basic jacket like this that has similar lines.

Oh, I also wanted to mention that purchased these hoop earrings over three years ago.  They’re large enough to be seen but not so large to be inappropriate for work, imo.  They held up with no tarnish or discoloration despite not being stored properly and generally treated horribly.  Sadly, I lost them.  So I am buying another pair, that’s how much I love them.

Plus Size Red Pants Work Outfits – Basic Black & White

Plus Size Red Pants Work Outfits - Plus Size Work Wear - Plus Size Fashion for Women - #alexawebb #plussize

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So this next outfit is just a variation of the first. This time a chose a polka dot wrap top (similar) with a white blazer.  The coordinating red jacket would also work well and would be a better choice the further into cold weather we go.  But, I do love a white blazer, you can see more white blazer outfits here, herehereherehere, and here.  The only concern about the top is that if you have a large bust, you may have to wear a cami under.  I personally never minded layering when I was in an office environment being that I was always cold, but it is something to think about.

I also wanted to mention that I have these earrings (similar).  They are probably a little long for most people to wear to work, but I would have rocked them at my non-profit’s office.  But, that’s just me.  I think they are amazing for any occasion and look more expensive than they are!

Plus Size Red Pants Work Outfits – Dots

Plus Size Red Pants Work Outfits - Plus Size Work Wear - Plus Size Fashion for Women - #alexawebb #plussize

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*Take 30% off any regular-priced item(s) at City Chic using code: ALEXAWEBB30.  This code can be used one time.

This next look is great for going into fall with a nice sweater.  Obviously, if it’s warm where you are, you can swap the cold weather sweater for a short sleeved sweater (similar).  And when the weather gets cold opt for a camel coat instead of a trench (similar).  Speaking of which, this plus size trench (similar) is currently marked down during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, so if you’re interested, you may want to pick it up before Monday, August 6th as that is when prices go up!

Plus Size Red Pants Work Outfits – Cool Camel

Plus Size Red Pants Work Outfits - Plus Size Work Wear - Plus Size Fashion for Women - #alexawebb #plussize

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This last new plus size red pants work outfit is just simple color blocking, which for me, will never be out of style.  You can read more about how to color block here.

Plus Size Red Pants Work Outfits – Plum Colorblock

Plus Size Red Pants Work Outfits - Plus Size Work Wear - Plus Size Fashion for Women - #alexawebb #plussize

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Part 1, the look below, can be found here.

Plus Size Red Pants Work Outfits – Part 1

Plus Size Red Pants Work Outfit - Plus Size Fashion for Women - #alexawebb #plussize

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14 thoughts on “Plus Size Red Pants Work Outfits – Part 2

  1. Oh Alexa, I love your stylings! My bank account has suffered a bit since meeting you (teehee!), but my closet and shopping opportunities have improved immensely! P.S. Gotta have those shoes!


    1. Hi Chrissie,
      I am shocked! The sweater is/was from Lands End, a brand new release, as of 2 days ago. And now it has completely disappeared from their website!
      My only thought is that maybe someone released it on the website too soon and then took it down. It was a new sweater, so it should be back on their site again soon. I hope! I did link to a couple of alternatives above too.

  3. I am assuming that the pants are the “Goji Berry” color since you mentioned that you like the “Bright Rose too”. I just wanted to make sure since the Goji Berry looks quite orange on my computer- especially next to the Bright Rose color swatch. I am looking forward to trying the pants from the 9-5 collection from Eloquii as I am quite please with my first order (which I just received yesterday). I got a pair of your recommended Kady pants and the fit is great. I am glad to find another source of plus size petite length pants and jeans. Also, I just want to say thank you for always taking time to respond to questions and comments on your blog.

    1. Hi Tina,
      Yes, the pants are “Goji Berry,” but now I am scared as they look like a true red on my screen! I hope they aren’t orange! Gah! I did check them on my phone screen and they still look red to me. I’m crossing my fingers!

      And so glad to hear about the Kady pants, I think they’re great! I haven’t tried the 9 – 5 collection yet, but I really like the idea of it.

      1. I bought these pants and they are a beautiful shade of red…not orange! I’ve had lots of compliments and I’m thinking of buying that purple sweater to try some color blocking…if I can summon up the courage!

  4. Thank you for the great information… I ordered a pair of Kady fit double weave pants . They come in 2 types of fits, viola and gena, gena is for apple shapes. Never have seen this. Eloquii site. Thank you

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