Plus Size Red Striped Tee Outfit

This plus size red striped tee outfit got me thinkin’ about cook-outs and my love of denim skirts in the summer.  I don’t do shorts at this stage in my life, so my compromise is a denim skirt.  As I said in a post, oh so long ago…

The plus size denim skirt is really as easy to wear as a pair of your favorite jeans.  It works with nearly everything in your closet, I promise.  But you want to know why I really “love” love it?  In the hot swamp-like sweltering summers, my legs can be free [breathe legs!] and I don’t have the downside of shorts, namely fabric gathering between my thighs and riding up my butt.  I don’t mean to sound too harsh on shorts, there have been many times I’ve rocked a grass green or hot coral pair of bermudas.

But to be honest, I much prefer the look and feel of a skirt.  Now don’t get it twisted, I’ll be sporting some type of Spanx or shaping shorts under to give me coverage and prevent “chub rub.”  So my legs will really only be free from about just above the knee down.  But hey, I’m thankful for that on a 100-degree day!

And the last reason that I love a plus size denim skirt is you can often pretend it’s dressier than it actually is.  At the end of the day, the denim skirt is just a pair of jeans.  But with the right top and shoes, we can all pretend it is a pencil skirt in denim fabric.  It’s not.  Lol.  But I won’t tell.

I stand by my words.  If a distressed denim skirt isn’t your thing, try a dark wash classic cut like this one.

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Plus Size Red Striped Tee Outfit

Plus Size Red Striped Tee Outfit - Summer Casual Denim Skirt - #plussize #alexawebb

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10 thoughts on “Plus Size Red Striped Tee Outfit

  1. Why not skip the spanx and just wear a skort? I live in these in hot weather. Christopher and Banks has plus size ones. I’ve gotten them at Macy’s and JCPenneys also. To the rest of the world you’re wearing a skirt…just more comfortable.

  2. Why oh why does fashion insist that horizontal stripes are a “good thing” and why in the heck would anyone wear something this unbelievably tight and short. And those shoes are hazardous to anyone’s health….

    How about a short sleeved cotton button down, a flared denim skirt and flats?

  3. Hallelujah! Andrea.
    I agree this look is targeting the 14-16 plus size, if you are working any size that begins with a 2, you stay away from the horizontal. Stripes just keep the eyes going across emphasizing width. This look might be playing up red white and blue. But you don’t have to wear the flag colors to be patriotic The dangerous platforms are to add length to the leg. Why not a comfortable espadrille or a cute flat.

  4. Hi Alexa ,I just recently found your blog and I just love your ideas .especially love this one with denim skirt and red stripe t . Just ordered the shirt and looking for a skirt as we speak .thanks for showing such fashionable items on plus sizes .

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