Plus Size Spring Cardigan Outfit

A rose gold lovers dream!  This plus size spring cardigan outfit is easy and comfortable. 

I love the rose gold accessories mixed with the soft blue cardigan. 

I have the featured rose gold sunglasses in the “gold/pink” color.  They’re great for the price! 

And they’re trendy and oversized, so you won’t like them if you’re looking for a “classic” aviator.


As I said in my last post, I have been thinking about getting a pair of Birkenstock sandals with the new soft footbed

I had the original Birks, with the classic footbed, way back in the ’90s. 

In my opinion, the classic footbed was a little too hard, so I was psyched when I heard about the new softer footbed.

I read about the differences in the footbeds here

Basically, the original footbed is harder and takes longer to “break in,” but conforms to your foot in about 2 weeks. 

The soft footbed, has a layer of cushioning and although comfortable right out of the box, doesn’t conform as well to your foot and doesn’t have as good of arch support. 

So, it’s a trade-off between the two. 

I, personally, need the cushioning!  By the way, Birkenstocks come in two widths. 

Narrow, which fits a narrow (A – B width) foot, and standard, which some retailers, like Nordstrom, call “wide,” which are recommended for regular (C) to wide (D) width feet.

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Plus Size Spring Cardigan Outfit

Plus Size Spring Cardigan Outfit - Plus Size Spring Casual Outfit - Plus Size Fashion for Women - #alexawebb

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5 thoughts on “Plus Size Spring Cardigan Outfit

  1. First off, anything with rose gold and you have me sold! I love your posts and your blog helps me to be even more fashionable haha.

    Are you planning on doing any more capsule wardrobe posts? I certainly hope so because I would love to know what are some pieces that can be wardrobe staples for spring. I classify my style as “romantic/glam” and so it’s sometimes hard finding mix and match pieces that fit that style.

  2. I love this look!!! I am going to change it up with a blue sweater, and I wanted to let you know, I found a Madden Girl sandal on Amazon that fits my budget and is almost as cute as this one. 🙂 Thanks for all your posts, I love the looks you create.

  3. I know the cardigan is sold out, but can you share where you found it? I would love to keep trying to find that exact one.

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