Plus Size Stay Home Outfit

Whether you are working from home or just bingeing Netflix, this plus size stay home outfit will have you looking so dang cool!  You’ll find yourself inspired to take selfies for the gram and do TikTok challenges.

Instantly lift your mood with a neon hoodie.  I am always [always and forever] living for neon!  Add some sleek snake-print leggings and my favorite slides.  Wear a layering long line tank for some bum coverage.

And of course, I added some of my favorite luxuries.  An ultrasoft Barefoot Dreams throw, an iPad, and a Yeti Tumbler.  I have two Yetis and I use them daily.  They will keep your drinks hot or cold for hours and hours!

Plus Size Stay Home Outfit

Plus Size Stay Home Outfit with neon yellow hoodie, snake leggings, adidas slides - Alexa Webb #plussize #alexawebb

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6 thoughts on “Plus Size Stay Home Outfit

  1. I love getting these emails…and we have such similar taste! Have purchased several items from these posts…thank you for helping me put it all together!!!

  2. Thanks for continuing to post at a difficult time. Even though I should be doing other things, I need the mental break and often find myself online searching for deals or outfit suggestions. I have looked at all of your old ideas, having been a follower for several years, so I am hungry for new material. I love your style, and I often find myself with some of the exact same looks in my closet before you post them – you just show great ideas on putting it all together in an interesting, wearable way. If you know of other sources of blogs that are like yours (not just articles with some random ideas, but real outfit suggestions) please share! I know you can only post so often, and have to live the rest of your life sometimes (but I appreciate your work)!

    More stay-at-home-cool looks, please! There are plenty of us who work from home all the time, or are students, or are SAHMs – and now most of the nation is experiencing a lag in getting dressed up or doing our normal routines before we go out – b/c we are not going out. Your work is a welcome distraction and I appreciate it! Thank you again!

    1. Hi Amy,

      You’re welcome! I do try to be a distraction during this time. We can only take so much of the news and reality. Or at least, that’s how I feel. I have tried to keep my schedule up as much as possible. I find it difficult to be creative or inspired sometimes but have managed to post somewhat normally.

      Anyway, I have been posting a lot more loungewear and work from home stuff, so I hope that’s helping! 🙂

  3. I never thought to buy a Yeti cup until I saw this post. I bought one for myself and my husband and son pouted. So I had to order two more!

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