Plus Size Stripe Tee Fall Outfit

It’s finally starting to feel like fall here.  The leaves are turning beautiful colors and there is a crispness in the air!  So I am digging out my winter wardrobe and trying to get my “closet” organized.  I used quotation marks because I am in the middle of [very very slowly] turning a spare room into a giant dressing room or closet room.  And right now clothes are everywhere!  Like seriously, everywhere.

I set up a huge commercial-grade clothing rack in my living room so I could have more space to work and get organized.  And somehow, between laundry, storage, sorting, and purging, I have clothing in every room of my house except for the kitchen.  Like I said, everywhere.  If you’re looking for some inspiration to sort, purge, and organize your wardrobe as the seasons are changing, give this post a read.  If you are considering changing a spare room into a closet, check out my “Closet room” Pinterest board for even more inspo!

And while we are on the topic of my insanely huge and disorganized wardrobe, I’d like to mention that many people have asked me to write posts on capsule wardrobes.  And I just want to say that I understand your interest, but I am probably the least qualified person to create a minimalist collection.  I mean seriously, I am a clothes horse!  I love finding new clothes and unique pieces.  And although I do believe everyone should have a “basic” or “core” collection, it is hard for me to imagine doing without the trendy pieces that I get really excited about!  All of that said, I will try to post about the basics, maybe seasonally, but I’m not sure if you’ll ever see me post about minimalism, especially when it comes to clothes.

Ok, now about the outfit below!  Ever since I was a teenager in the late 90’s, I have wanted a camel peacoat.  J. Crew was one of my favorite catalogs back then and I could sometimes wear their size 16 clothing.  However, they considered size 16 to be “special sizing,” (and still do), so they only offered a limited collection in that size.  And it NEVER included their iconic peacoat.  And to this day, it is difficult to find peacoats and even more difficult to find them in camel.  I mean, why?

Anyway, thankfully Lands’ End offers this classic coat in plus sizes and 6 colors!  I also scoured the interwebs looking for more options and I could only find one other in camel.  That is just insane!  So this plus size outfit is dedicated to my younger self, with all sorts of classics that I couldn’t find in my size back in the day.

I included these awesome lace-up back wide calf over-the-knee boots, but with a 15.4″ shaft circumference, which is pretty much standard “wide calf,” they are too small in the calf for me.  These similar wide calf lace up back knee boots come a little wider with a 17″ circumference.  And these similar boots come in standard wide calf and extended wide calf, which go up to 19″ – 20″ wide, so they are the largest. So make sure you know the size you need before ordering wide calf boots.  And since it is unlikely that both of your calves are the same size, measure both calves and use the larger one’s circumference to find your perfect fitting boots.

Plus Size Stripe Tee Outfit

Plus Size Stripe Tee Outfit - Plus Size Fall Casual Outfit - Plus Size Fashion for Women - #alexawebb #fall #plussize #casual #outfit #ootd

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2 thoughts on “Plus Size Stripe Tee Fall Outfit

  1. Chadwicks has a plus size camel colored peacoat. It isn’t as detailed as Land’s End but not as pricey – $109.

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