Plus Size Summer Lounge Wear

This plus size summer lounge wear post is for those of us who work from home, work in the home, or enjoy lounging at home.  Regardless, we want to be comfortable.  But, also, we want to be able to go outside to run an errand to meet a delivery person without embarrassment.  As I mentioned in a post long ago, I used to work at home in old tattered clothes, which lead to awkward moments of hiding from neighbors and doing less and less to take care of my appearance.  So, knowing that struggle, I came up with this plus size lounge wear series.

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Plus Size Summer Lounge Wear

Plus Size Summer Lounge Wear for Home and Errands - Plus Size Leggings Outfit Idea - #plussize #alexawebb

At Home Details

The first “look” is what to wear at home: some premium capri leggings, a babydoll t-shirt, layered, perhaps, with a wrap cardigan.  I actually have this wrap sweater in blush and LOVE it!  It is very flattering over a babydoll style top.  Then, as always, I added in some of my favorite things, like these Adidas slides and a Barefoot Dreams throw – the softest blanket ever!

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

I added my blue light blocking glasses.  If you haven’t heard of this latest “trend,” these glasses block blue light that comes from screens.  They are supposed to help prevent eye-strain, headaches, and other ill-effects of staring at screens all day.

Blue light can also affect your circadian rhythm.  If you are using screens (tv, computer, phone, etc) at night, theoretically, the blue light, which signals it’s daytime to your brain, can cause delayed sleep and insomnia.  That is my main reason for trying these blue light blocking glasses.  I work late at night and have always struggled with my circadian rhythm.  I will try anything that might help.  So far, I think they do reduce my eye-strain and I have noticed less issues falling asleep.  I can’t say it is definitively the glasses, but they can’t hurt.

Plus Size Summer Lounge Wear – At Home

Plus Size Summer Lounge Wear for Working from Home - Plus Size Leggings Outfit Idea - #plussize #alexawebb

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Errands Details

This second “look” is for heading out to run some errands or meet a friend for coffee.  It’s the same as the first outfit but I added a cropped denim jacket in case you need a layer.  Plus, I threw in some killer mirrored aviator sunglasses for a total outfit.

Plus Size Summer Lounge Wear – Errands

Plus Size Summer Lounge Wear - Running Errands and Casual Meetings - Plus Size Leggings Outfit Idea - #plussize #alexawebb

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  1. Everything looks really nice I am a plus size and it seems everything is for ladies who are real thin.

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