Plus Size Tartan Plaid

Today’s post is celebrating plus size Tartan plaid!

Nothing says winter holidays like plaid, especially the classics, like Tartan! 

A couple of years ago I created a series of “round ups” of themed items, like this one all about gingham and I recently did the same for Fair Isle.

It was a hit!

So today it’s all about plus size Tartan plaid.

Plus Size Tartan Plaid

Plus Size Tartan Plaid curated by Alexa Webb. All plussize Stewart Tartan plaid pieces.

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Plus Size Tartan Plaid

Plus Size Tartan Plaid curated by Alexa Webb. All plussize Stewart Tartan plaid pieces.

Shop the Pieces

  1. Flannel Lounge Pants – Sizes S – 3X.
  2. Plaid Gem Knot Headband.
  3. Holiday Flannel Pajama Set – Sizes S – 3X.
  4. Double Bow Tartan Loafers.
  5. Classic Brushed Scarf.
  6. Tartan Puffer Vest – Sizes 0X – 5X.
  7. Classic Plaid Scarf.
  8. Tartan Plaid Puffer Vest – Sizes S – 3X.
  9. Snowy Tartan Flats.
  10. Cotton Poplin Tartan Ruffle Top – Sizes XXS – 3X.
  11. Tartan Flannel Shirt – Sizes 0X – 5X.
  12. Studded Tartan Heels.
  13. Tartan Plaid Cashmere Scarf.
  14. Snowstorm Plaid Blazer – Sizes 14 – 24.
  15. Holiday Tartan Plaid Flannel Pajama Set – Sizes 1X – 4X.
  16. Tartan Puffer Jacket – Sizes XXS – 3X.
  17. Tartan Plaid Pom-Pom Flats.
  18. Tartan Knot Headband.
  19. Festive Plaid Scarf.
  20. Plaid Blazer – Sizes 0X – 4X.
  21. Holiday Plaid Pajama Set – Sizes XS – 3X.
  22. Tartan Ruffle Midi Dress – Sizes XXS – 3X.
  23. Tartan A-Line Skirt – Sizes 14 – 24.
  24. Plaid Ankle-Strap Heels.
  25. Tartan Plaid Dress – Sizes 00 – 24.

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15 thoughts on “Plus Size Tartan Plaid

  1. I’m a new follower, and have just returned from 3 years in the UK. I love this theme. I think it would look great on so many people! Thanks!

  2. I especially love the gray and red tartan prints. Love the way you put a modern spin on this classic style. You go, girl!!!!

  3. I LOVE the Tartan. I bought the Talbot’s bow flats. I never would have bought Tartan at my age and size if not for your influence. You are a gifted blogger and that you are infusing people with confidence is GREAT!

  4. I just love red fun plaid at Christmas time and black watch plaid in the winter as well!! Thank you for finding so much in our size in quality stores!!!!!

  5. I love all things tartan, and just thought let me search Alexa’s site to see what she has and this was your post. The stars are aligned. I’ve been a follower for years. I love your posts. Thank you.

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