57 Plus Size Wedding Guest Dresses {with Sleeves}

Another post of my most popular series: plus size wedding guest dresses with sleeves!  These beauties are great for summer and fall weddings.

I feel most comfortable with some arm coverage.  And I find that it’s difficult to find dressy dresses with sleeves.  So, that’s why I created this series, for those like me who appreciate a good sleeve!

Inclusive Sizing and Pricing

And I tried to include something for everyone and everyone’s budget.  These dresses range in sizes from 00 – 30.  The majority of the dresses are sizes 14 – 24.  But, at least 20 out of the 57 dresses are also available over size 24.

As always, make sure you use my Plus Size Shopping Guide to look for places to shop cocktail dress and/or plus sizes above size 24.  And the dresses range from $49 – $348, with the majority around $100.

57 Plus Size Wedding Guest Dresses {with Sleeves}

57 Plus Size Wedding Guest Dresses {with Sleeves} - Plus Size Special Occasion Dress - Alexawebb.com #plussize #alexawebb

57 Plus Size Wedding Guest Dresses {with Sleeves}

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More Plus Size Wedding Guest Dresses with Sleeves

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4 thoughts on “57 Plus Size Wedding Guest Dresses {with Sleeves}

  1. OMG, thanks for posting this. 🙂
    I am going to four different weddings this year, in all 4 seasons, and the venues suggest 4 different dress options, from casual to elegant, out of town to local, family to a coworker.
    I want a pretty dress that covers the arms and is flattering to my apple shape. And yes, we always have that budget factor thrown in too. It seems that one dress, style or fabric does not fit all these weddings. I haven’t even gotten to the shoe concerns yet.
    The last few weddings I have worn black or a shade of blue, which were great, but now I am looking for something a little different. I already bought one of the dresses on your list and am really happy with it except the fabric feels a bit heavy for warmer weather or if you start dancing very much.
    Shopping at brick and mortar began to have such limitation of sizes and options. I have excitedly ordered a few online only to have to return either for fit reasons (even though I read and take measurements according to their sizing instructions) or the fabric is of poor quality.
    I’ll be looking at these dresses closer and am sure I’ll try ordering again.

    Thanks for your great posts. And real posts.
    Maybe on ocassion, you could add more photos of you or another real person, in your posts on sizing issues, body types and being able to recognize quality from an online site besides just price alone. The dresses I bought online were not inexpensive but when they arrived it was the first thing that disappointed me, the fabric was cheaply made. Thanks for all the inspirations.

    1. Thanks, Kat. I understand the struggle! Maybe I can post about fabrics since I actually know a fair amount textiles (Duh lol). Thanks for the suggestions!

  2. It would be great if you could share the stores that carry these dresses- I’m having no luck finding them.

    1. They are likely no longer available since this post is from 4 years ago. Please check out this post for some more recent options. Please click the images to go to the retailers.

      I will also be doing another “round up” of dresses soon.


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