Plus Size White Linen Blazer Outfit

I love a white blazer!  And I rock them year-round.  But, in the middle of summer they can be too warm.  But, I found this plus size white linen blazer, which should keep us cooler in hot months.  Woot!

Wearing Linen

This plus size white blazer is a blend: linen, cotton, and spandex.  Linen might seem tricky to deal with, but it’s actually quite easy.  First, it’s machine washable!

But, as I’ve said, people often ask me how to keep their linen clothes from wrinkling.

For one, linen is always going to wrinkle.  Always.  And really, that is part of “the look.”  You know, that rich bougie b!tch look that I love so much!

Two, a linen-blend, like this blazer, will wrinkle less.  And three, if you iron with starch, linen will wrinkle a little less.  But, I say, just let it go!

Outfit Details

This outfit might seem familiar as I have created some similar looks.  One was a recent “Straight Size to Plus Size” outfit.  The other from long ago, but still totally chic.  Point being, a navy striped top with a white blazer and jeans practically never goes out of style!  These are classics!

A Case for Distressing

For this look, I chose distressed boyfriend jeans.  I hear a lot, like “a lot” a lot, of complaints about “hole-y jeans.”  And I can understand wanting to look polished and age-appropriate, I do!

But, in some cases, the distressing helps keep things from looking too “stuffy.”  Remember, that “biddy-factor” I talked about when wearing tweed?  The same applies to conservative ensembles.

Because the rest of the outfit is so classic, one trendy piece like distressed jeans, will make you look cool rather than “too old” or “too much.”  Trust me!  As long as you don’t have much skin showing through any holes, you’re totally appropriate.  I swear!

Plus Size White Linen Blazer Outfit

Plus Size White Linen Blazer Outfit with Striped Tank, Distressed Jeans, a Coral Bag, and Wedge Sandals - Alexa Webb #plussize #alexawebb

Shop the Look

You can find more plus size white blazer outfit ideas here, here, here, here, and here.  And one with leopard print here.

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6 thoughts on “Plus Size White Linen Blazer Outfit

  1. I love this look but want sleeves. I can’t find a navy stripe top in 2x anywhere! Is it the wrong season?

  2. Back in the Day, I worked with a lady from England and she told me only the wealthy people could afford true linen and you knew them by the wrinkles in the linen material!

  3. I absolutely love this look. It actually own all components so I can’t wait to try it out. 😊

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