Plus Size White Shorts Casual Outfit

I am on a roll!  Lately I have been so inspired by…  myself!  [She says humbly].  Lol.  It’s true!  I have been going through what I call my “Polyvore archives,” in which I have over 800 outfits that I created.  Side note: I do hope to publish them all in a database at some point, but until then, you can find many on this Pinterest board.

Anyway, I came across this plus size white shorts casual outfit and became inspired to create something similar!

Inspiration: Plus Size White Shorts Casual Outfit

Plus Size White Shorts Casual Outfit - Striped Tank Top, White Shorts, Belt, Clutch, Orange Flats - Plus Size Preppy Outfit Idea - #plussize #alexawebb Alexa Webb

None of these items are still available.  This was my inspiration outfit I pulled out of my archives.  If you want to see more of the Polyvore sets, check out this Pinterest board.

Outfit Details

The look I created features a long sleeved tee, however, if you want a tank, check out this one.  I also switched the shorts to denim, but obviously a chino short, crop, or pant will work perfectly!  I also update the braided belt to the trendy Gucci Marmont belt.

Gucci Belts

As I’ve said, I haven’t personally tried the Double G Gucci belts, but they are still the “it” accessory.  Sadly, they aren’t large enough for me.  ?  However, they come as large as a size 20 (or 44″ waist)!  See the updated size chart below for choosing the correct size.

Both the thinner Double G Gucci belts and the wider Double G Gucci belts now come up to a size 120!  The latter is probably a better choice for jeans depending on your personal preference.  So these belts are accessible to those with larger waists [and much larger wallets]!  If they’re not in your budget, here is an alternative!  Also, check out this Michael Kors belt!

Plus Size Gucci Belt - Size Chart -

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Plus Size White Shorts Casual Outfit

Plus Size White Shorts Casual Outfit - Striped Tank T-Shirt, White Shorts, Gucci Belt, Louis Vuitton Clutch, Orange Flats - Plus Size Preppy Outfit Idea - #plussize #alexawebb Alexa Webb

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2 thoughts on “Plus Size White Shorts Casual Outfit

  1. Love the white shorts look! The denim are too short (& tight looking!) as I like a 7″ inseam. I checked the Lands End pair & they make a 7″ inseam version but reviews state it’s really tight in the waist and I’m an apple 🍏 😭. So maybe I’ll check Old Navy? If you happen to see any 7″ white shorts please do tell!

  2. P. S. I meant to say the shorts are too short/tight ***for me***! I’m sure they’re perfect for plenty of people! Sorry I forgot to include that. Where are my manners…

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