Plus Size Wrap Vest Outfit Ideas

Plus Size Wrap Vest - Plus Size Fashion for Women - #alexawebb #plussizeIf you follow me on Pinterest, you know that I spend a ridiculous amount of time scouring the web for all things plus size. 

In addition to reading plus size fashion blogs and keeping up with the #plussize scene on Instagram, I scour the interwebs for the latest plus size clothes available.  And I keep a running list of plus size garments that I find inspiring and may want to include in this blog.

I had this plus size wrap vest on my list because it is pretty amazing.  So when a reader named Michelle contacted me on Facebook for styling suggestions, I decided to create a post. 

Michelle likes the camel color and thinks she will wear it with a denim shirt and plum colored jeans.  I love that idea!  Those colors have a split-complementary relationship, which looking at my Color Theory posts (Part 1 & Part 2), I haven’t explained yet.  Clearly, I need to add a part 3! 

Until then, just know that they create a harmonious color scheme.  Anyway, Michelle, here are three more plus size wrap vest outfit ideas.

UPDATE: Alternative Vests

Several readers purchased the Lands’ End vest and none of them found it flattering due to the floppy oversized collar.  So, I found some alternatives that I suggest you try instead.

Plus Size Wrap Vest Outfit Ideas

Plus Size Wrap Vest Outfit Ideas - Plus Size Fall Casual & Work Outfit Ideas - Plus Size Fashion for Women - #alexawebb #plussize

This first look is all about navy and white stripes with this striped t-shirt from J.Crew.  

I haven’t actually purchased anything from J.Crew since I could fit into their former size range, which I think topped out at about a 14/16 circa 2001.  They recently added plus sizes up to size 3X/24. 

Their Universal Standard collab, which I talked about in this post, has a larger range and goes up to size 5X/32.

I want to be super excited about this, but my first thought is “Well it’s about damn time!” followed by “Are these garments cut for plus size bodies or just extended sizes?” 

It’s sort of like deciding to take back an ex-boyfriend who treated you badly.  You have to get over your bitterness to see if you can even forgive him first, then see if he is actually going to treat you well, before you can get back together.  We’ll see. 

But, if you have tried the plus size range at J.Crew please tell us what you think in the comments below!  I would love to know your thoughts!

Plus Size Wrap Vest Outfit Ideas – Navy Stripes

Plus Size Wrap Vest Outfit Ideas - Plus Size Fall Casual Outfit Ideas - Plus Size Fashion for Women - #alexawebb #plussize

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This next look is also about basics. 

Rather than choosing a black skinny jean, although they would work as well, I went with these black leggings, which are described as a “perfect hybrid of five-pocket jeans and leggings is cut to show your curves to their best advantage in a smoothing, slimming stretch knit.”  I’m very curious about them.  It seems like they are a thick ponte-like knit legging with the cut of jeans.

I also found a similar pair at Eloquii, which are described as “mix between stretch denim and legging fabric – in other words, they’re the most comfortable pants you’ll ever wear (next to your pajamas).” 

I am obsessed with Eloquii’s ponte knit leggings, which I am patiently waiting to be re-stocked for the fall season.  Eloquii, in case you’re listening, please please bring back those seamed ponte leggings!

This second outfit also includes this crossbody bag in the iconic Burberry house check.  Have you noticed I’ve been on a Burberry kick lately?  Anyway, as much as I love the timeless Burberry plaid, I can’t afford it. 

But I have found some great designer-inspired pieces, including this bag.  Although I haven’t purchased from the seller on Amazon, I have purchased from the wholesaler the bag comes from, back when I had a retail store.  And I found the quality of their merchandise to be mediocre or so so, but honestly, in line with what you’re paying. 

I wanted to mention this because it is a stark contrast to that CΓ©line luggage tote alternative I recommend, which is high quality and genuine leather.

Now let’s talk about those gorgeous wide calf boots.  They are SO beautiful!  But their calf circumference only measures 16.25″.  If that works for you, I would snatch them up in a heartbeat. 

But if you have wider calves like me, I did find some riding boots in wider widths.  These riding boots come in 2 calf widths ranging from 17″ – 22″ in circumference.  And these extra wide calf riding boots are 19.4″ in circumference.

But, if you have big calves, like me, I recommend Duo Boots, which cost a fortune, but last a lifetime. 

I will talk more about that in my round up of wide calf boots that I will be posting soon.  I am just waiting for more retailers to get stocked up. 

One recommendation, if you see a pair you love, buy them as soon as you can.  Wide calf boots, especially for those of us with wider calves, are still a scarcity and sell out quickly.

Plus Size Wrap Vest Outfit Ideas – Black & Tan

Plus Size Wrap Vest Outfit Ideas - Plus Size Fall Casual Outfit Ideas - Plus Size Fashion for Women - #alexawebb #plussize

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I wanted to add this last look to show that you can easily wear this plus size wrap vest to work.

Keep things neutral and add some interest with some leopard print and a pop of color.  This look, like the last, features a long sleeved tee.  First, I wanted to say that a nice quality long-sleeve tee under this wrap vest can be appropriate for a casual office.  But, if you have a more formal office dress code, I would suggest swapping for a long sleeve blouse.

Second, I wanted to mention that I had my mom try these relaxed fit tees from Lands’ End as part of what seems like an endless mission to find tees as good, for the price, as that ones I love from Yours Clothing

My mom says that they are thick, high quality, wear and wash well over time and are opaque in white (this is always a concern).  She is very pleased with them. 

And while I am still searching, these are probably the ones I recommend you try if you aren’t willing to pay the new higher shipping fees at Yours. 

I’ll have an “official” recommendation soon.  I just haven’t been very impressed with the tees I’ve tried so far.

Plus Size Wrap Vest Outfit Ideas – Work Mix

Plus Size Wrap Vest Outfit Ideas - Plus Size Fall Work Outfit Idea - Plus Size Fashion for Women - #alexawebb #plussize

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36 thoughts on “Plus Size Wrap Vest Outfit Ideas

  1. Hi Alexa:

    Yes, I have purchased several of the Items from the J.Crew x Universal Standard collaboration on, and they have the same commitment to fit quality as the Universal Standard items. They just have the brighter J.Crew colors, which are much better for me!

  2. I just love the outfits you post and all of the work you do to find items that work for us curvy sassy girls. It is great to see that some clothing companies are trying to be more inclusive in their offerings and that is LONG overdue!! Avenue does great wide calf boots. They are not leather but last for a long time and most of them are really wide calf. I have about 11 pairs and just love them!! They never get ruined in the rain because they are not leather so that is plus to me

    1. Thanks, Josie! I too am glad to see more companies being size inclusive. We have all struggled for too long! Good to know about Avenue boots, I have tried them on before but hadn’t purchased. Thanks for the information.

  3. Just started following your posts. I love what I see so far. I hope you include stylish outfits with flat shoe options for those of us with hip, back knee, and or joint problems.

    1. Hi Heidi,
      I almost always include a flat similar option when I feature a heel. For example, the last outfit in this post features a kitten heel, but I also linked to a flat option by the same brand in the same leopard print. Check the “(less $ similar, flat, wide/flat)” options next to the shoe links. Thanks!!!

  4. I am trying some of the J. Crew items. The Universal Standard fits to their model. I have tried a few of the pants from their 365 collection. I love the fabrications however – they are to short for my height. I have however been successful with a navy linen dress, a cute stripped dress and looking forward to some fall options. I wish they extended some of the liberty prints out to plus sizes as the florals are beautiful!

  5. The length of this vest seems difficult to keep proportions in mind. It seems like it might look more like a 1:2 ratio rather than the more flattering 1:3 ratio. Any thoughts?

    1. Hi Diane,
      The proportions do look “off” for sure. My thinking is that you can adjust the placement of the tie to get a better and more proportional look. I would suggest about 1/3 (visually) down, which should be around your natural waist. If you have a large tummy, you may want to go a little higher, closer to under the bust. You’ll have to play with it to see what looks best.

      I also had someone comment on IG that they didn’t want a tie directly in front of a large tummy, we concluded that it might be best to tie to one side, where the wrapped part ends, making it look more like a wrap top.

      Just some thoughts! Hope they help!

  6. I’m the Michelle that asked Alexa to work her magic with this wrap best. Of course, she nailed it! I love her style and like to buy simple, classic pieces like this to build outfits from. This I can see with skinny jeans, leggings or even slim leg work trousers. Thanks again, Alexa!

        1. That’s great! Please let me know what you think of it. I have heard from 2 people that it isn’t what they expected and they found it problematic (see below). I am searching for an alternative suggestion, but still hopeful that it will work for some!

  7. I seriously want to cry! I loved everything about all three of these outfits and ordered the sweater immediately. It just came and it is a mess. The collar part is simply enormous, long, and awkward – like it hangs down below my bust (which is ample) no matter how far I pull it back over my shoulder. I’m not super short – 5’5 – but this seems as though it was made for a taller frame. When I close it/wrap it, it just doesn’t look anything like it does in these photos on my real body no matter how much I fuss with it. The tie has loops on the sides, so you can’t really move it up or down unless you want to cut off the loops and re-sew them in another place. With the long collar and the way it wraps, in some spots on my body I have four layers of sweater in front – it adds bulk and it is H-O-T, not in the good way. Sweaty hot.

    It is flat-out impossible to get this vest to wrap and close and have the hemline go straight across. There is no button or snap inside to hold one side to the other, so as soon as I let go of it, let alone take two steps, it starts to fall down and the bottom hangs at angles…more like a drape piece than the tailored look in these photos. I would have to either have a button sewn inside or at the very least use a safety pin on one side inside the sweater. A safety pin seems risky because the knit is on the loose side, and seems as though it may snag on jewelry as well. Sadly, I am returning this, but now I am on the hunt for an alternative.

    1. Oh no, Robin! This sounds terrible! I’m so sorry that it was a literal hot mess. And I am usually very impressed with Lands’ End, especially their sweaters. I am going to continue to look for an alternative option and will let you know once I have found sometime. Again, I am terribly sorry. πŸ™

  8. I too had all the issues with this sweater vest that Robbin Horrigan describes above. I am also curious about an alternative. I think the look is spot on, but in reality the sweater does not ever look good no matter how I tie it, nor how I drape the collar. And she is so right! there is no way to make the hem bottoms not hang like huge triangles. If you can suggest a replacement style or type, I would be grateful! I will be returning mine as well.

    1. Hi Gaily,
      Thank you for the feedback. I am on the hunt for an alternative and will let everyone know once I have found something. I’m so sorry this was your experience.

  9. I agree with Robin and Gaily about the fit . I received the vest yesterday. The material is great, but the fit is odd. I am 5’2″, a very busty hourglass shape, normally a size 16, sometimes an 18. I got the 1x, and it is huge on me. The style was not flattering at all on my shape. I really think this style is going to work best on someone taller, and much less busty. I love the styling suggestions of this vest, but I returned it to the Land’s End store in my local Sears. While there, I found a lovely Land’s End cardigan in a similar color (camel) so I am going to use it for some “Alexa Inspired” looks (hopefully not too middle-agey with the cardigan option). Keep up the awesome outfit ideas, Alexa. Thanks to you, I am embracing stripes! πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Alexa,
      I am trying an open sweater type of cardigan from LuLaRoe called a Joy that is sleeveless and my color choice was a greyish tweed. While this may be long, it will not wrap and will be open. If it is too long I will tailor it. I think the style may be better for me and I will let you know. Here is a link, I hope.

        1. The LuLaRoe Joy sleeveless cardigan is perfect!! I am so pleased with it. It does everything that the Land’s End did not do for me. I will have to tailor it by cutting off about 12 inches from the hem. I am short 5″1″ and it is a long style as it is. The cost was $60. 95% polyester, 5% spandex. The fell is very silky and it does not cling.

    2. This is such a bummer! I had a wrap sweater that I loved so much (that I wore it to death). But, looking back I realize it didn’t have a big collar and maybe that was a big part of the problem that I didn’t take into consideration. πŸ™ So glad to hear that you’re embracing stripes! Yessss! πŸ™‚

  10. Bummer – I ordered the Lands End one the other day without reading all the reviews. Robin Horrigan – did you like the Nordstrom one you ordered? Thanks!

  11. Pauline – yes! It has the structured, tailored look I wanted, with a small collar that doesn’t add any bulk. Also the knit is very tight so I don’t think it will snag on jewelry or keys. It’s more of an oatmeal color than camel.

    Maybe the Lands End wrap vest will work for you. Let us know!

  12. It arrived today. I am a 5’4″, size 18-20, with a huge bust . . . it was a disaster. The huge collar across my chest did me no favors and due to the fact it’s supposed to wrap, there’s tons of extra knit fabric so you can’t leave it open and it looked terrible on me closed. So sad πŸ™

    Will look at the one you ordered. I guess you win some . . . lose some!

    1. Oh no! πŸ™ So I am going to update the post with some alternatives because clearly this vest isn’t working for anyone. Robin gave some great suggestions and I will do some research now and see what I can find. Standby for updates!

      1. Yes please Alexa! I think a long vest with a more tailored, simple front would work for those of us who are “amply endowed” in the front! I wanted a true camel color, but haven’t found it yet. But I’d settle for a nice black one too. Did you find the Gail Birmingham suggestion? I think the link expired. Let us know what you find!!!

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