Straight Size to Plus Size – Moto Jacket

As I’ve said, these “Straight Size to Plus Size” posts are some of my most popular, but I also get complaints that the models in the images aren’t plus sized.  So I just wanted to give a little background of why I do these types of posts: We are all inundated everyday by images of thin celebrities, models, and bloggers sporting the “latest looks,” i.e. clothing that doesn’t come in our size.  So I try to take these “unattainable” images and prove that in fact, with some [often too much] effort, plus size women can put these hot looks together.  They are attainable!  And I try to take the effort, i.e. searching every where for the pieces, out of the equation.  So as always, my main goal is to inspire and empower. I hope that makes sense.

This straight sized outfit is Kylie Jenner in Brian Atwood thigh-high boots.  Although I didn’t find boots quite so tall, I found gorgeous genuine suede custom-sized over-the-knee boots that come as wide as 18″ calf, but stretch up to 20″!  They are from Ted & Muffy, formerly Duo Boots.  I have a pair of knee high boots (similar) from them that I adore!  But genuine suede boots are pricey, so I also found some faux suede wide calf boots.  A pair of microfiber boots that have 2.5″ heels and will fit up to a 19″ calf and a 3″ heeled pair of boots in E width (EEE width here) with a varying calf widths of 18.5″ – 20″, so check the size chart.  I also found this amazing genuine leather plus size moto jacket, but it is pricey.  So, check out this faux leather version.

Straight Size to Plus Size – Moto Jacket

Straight Size to Plus Size – Moto Jacket Outfit - Plus Size Fall Outfit - Plus Size Fashion for Women -

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8 thoughts on “Straight Size to Plus Size – Moto Jacket

  1. Love the outfit! I have a similar leather jacket, but it feels super bulky on my thicker upper body (I’m an apple shape, broad shoulders, thick arms, chubby back) any leather jackets you can recommend. Been looking everywhere.. hoping to find one in a wine.

    Love what you do! Thank you!

    1. Thanks, Rose! You might do better with a ponte or sometime of knit moto jacket. Here are some examples: or this one, which also comes in burgundy! (or here: )

      This vest might also be a nice option for you:

      As for a wine jacket, this one is GORGEOUS: Another one here:

      Hope you have some luck!

      1. Love the suggestions! Thank you, thank you! Been telling all my friends about your blog! I can’t wait for the fall so I can rock these grear outfits.

        How about creating a fall/winter fashion capsule?

        Sacramento, CA

  2. Love this outfit – I’m so challenged when it comes to pulling things together and styling. I’m not a fan of over the knee boots on me – would the proportions of this outfit still work with just plan old knee boots? Thanks much for all of your efforts!!!

    1. Hey Laura,
      Knee boots could work. But it is going to change the look a little. And you would definitely need to consider the proportions with a cropped/short jacket, like a moto. I would probably do a longer top/tunic under the moto to bring the line further down. Also, keep the golden ratio in mind (see: ). I say that vaguely because it sort of depends on your height and proportions too, if that makes sense. If you have really short legs in comparison to your torso, you might want to switch to an ankle bootie with a tunic.
      The best thing to do is keep those proportions in mind and then experiment in front of a full length mirror to see roughly the ratio of the visual lines. Please let me know if I’m not making any sense, lol, and I will try to explain better. 🙂

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