Dog Days of Summer with Walmart

This is a post sponsored by Walmart and contains affiliate links.  All opinions are my own.

Taking a quick break from fashion to talk to you about how Walmart has everything you need for your pets this summer.

And with Walmart, you can have summer fun with your dog without breaking the bank!

Dog Days of Summer with Walmart

Dog Days of Summer with Walmart - Alexa Webb

My Dog June

If you follow me on Instagram, you likely know that I adopted a dog last summer.

Her name is June and you can learn about her adoption story here.

I am going on vacation soon and she is headed to “Grandma’s” house.

So I needed to get some essentials for her to take on her trip.

Plus, I wanted to get her something fun to do with the grandparents.

My Top 10 Summer Essentials for Dogs

Walmart has all the dog supplies you could need.

Plus, some amazing things you’ll want like this dog pool and pet splash pad.

Check out the brand Vibrant Life at Walmart.

They have all the essentials and have made them cute!

Below are my top 10 items to keep your pooch [and you] happy this summer.

My Top 10 Summer Essentials for Dogs

Dog Days of Summer with Walmart - Alexa Webb

Shop the List

1 – Pet Splash Mat  – For the dog that loves to play in water.  It’s puncture resistant so your pets should be able to enjoy it again and again.  Pro tip:  Put a folding chair at the edge and let it splash your legs while the dog plays! 

2 – Self-Cleaning Brush – If you have a hairy dog like me, a self-cleaning brush is an essential.  June is still shedding and this brush has helped so much!

3 – Floral Collar – A gal has to look fresh for the season, no? 😉

4 – Rope Dog Leash – A leash in sherbet colors.  Love it!

5 – Dog Collar Light – This little light easily clips to your dog’s collar and lights up.  Allowing you to keep an eye on your pup while also being a fun accessory for summer nights.

6 – Dog Pool – This pool is easy to store and easy to put up because it has hard sides that easily fold up.  No air pump required.  Fill with a hose and voila!  It is also puncture resistant.

7 – Dog Poop Bag Dispenser – This is my second one!  One for my house and one for the grandparents.  This dispenser velcros to any leash.  You’ll always have environmentally friendly poop bags on hand!

8 – Camo Pet Bed – I needed a bed to take to the grandparents.  Enter Gap Pets at Walmart.  They have adorable pet beds and accessories at amazing prices.  How cute is this lavender camo dog bed with sherpa lining?

9 – Pet Hair Remover – As someone who has used way too many tape lint rollers, this highly effective and environmentally friendly hair remover is where it’s at.  No more throwing away pieces of hair covered tap.  This hair remover has a little built in pan you empty into the trash when you’re finished.  And it’s so effective!

Here is the result of just a few swipes!

Dog Days of Summer with Walmart - Alexa Webb

10 – Double Dog Bowls – These metal bowls come with a bone-shaped silicone mat.  Very handy for protecting your flooring from water and food.   And it’s very easy to clean!

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Disclosure: This is a post sponsored by Walmart and also contains affiliate links, which means if you click on or purchase through certain links, I will receive a small commission.

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