Where to Shop Plus Size Belts

Wondering where to shop plus size belts?

Where to Shop Plus Size Belts

Where to Shop Plus Size Belts - Alexa Webb

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Where to Shop Plus Size Belts

In alphabetical order, here are my top places to shop for plus size belts…


Sizes S-3X


Sizes 12-24


Sizes 14-28


Sizes up to 20

As I’ve said, I haven’t personally tried the Double G Gucci belts.  Sadly, they aren’t large enough for me.  

However, they come as large as a size 20 (or 44″ waist)! 

Reader Tip

Lynn Paullus, a frequent blog reader, says “I bought 2 belts.  I took them to a shoe repair shop to have them joined in the back (usually covered by my jacket or sweater).  And instantly I have a belt that fits.  Ta Da!!”

A great tip!  Thanks, Lynn!

Lane Bryant

Sizes 14-40




Sizes 1X-4X

Old Navy

Sizes XS-4X

Ralph Lauren

Sizes 1X-3X


Sizes 10-30

Honorable Mentions


Amazon also carries brands such as Lands’ End, also mentioned on this list.


Various sellers make products to order 


Sizes 1X-3X

Lands’ End

Sizes 1X-3X. Amazon carries Lands’ End as well. 


Sizes S-2X


Sizes 2-28

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