36 Plus Size Wedding Guest Dresses {with Sleeves}

Tired of that shrug life?  I hear you.  I’m so sick of wearing shrugs, cardigans, jackets, and wraps to cover up.  Although I am working on loving my upper arms just as they are, I’m still not comfortable showing them off.  I’m a sleeve-lover in a sleeveless world!  But I know I’m not alone!  So as spring wedding season approaches us, I took some time, well a lot of time, actually, to find some cute dresses with sleeves!

This is a collection of thirty six plus size dresses with sleeves.  These are, in my opinion, the best of what is currently out there for us sleeve-lovers.  There are dresses for day weddings and evening weddings, in a variety of sizes, and a variety of prices.

If you would like to see more formal dresses, long dresses, and gowns with sleeves, please let me know in the comments and I will create a post if there is interest.

36 Plus Size Wedding Guest Dresses {with Sleeves} - Plus Size Cocktail Dresses - alexawebb.com

36 Plus Size Wedding Guest Dresses {with Sleeves}

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11 thoughts on “36 Plus Size Wedding Guest Dresses {with Sleeves}

  1. Thank you for sharing my love of sleeves on dresses – at least elbow length or preferably 3/4 length. I am really over the sleeveless look, and especially over the strapless look on wedding gowns. I’m old fashioned and prefer to have my shoulders and arms covered, especially in a church wedding. On the hottest of hot days, you will not find me wearing even a tank top, unless it’s covered by another shirt.

    These wedding guest dresses are all very nice, classy and appropriate. Thank you, Alexa.

  2. Alexa! I found your blog through Pinterest a while back and just had to finally speak up. Love your style and really really LOVE this post! Thanks!!!

  3. Do you have any ideas for a spring wedding guest dress but maxi length? I’d prefer some sleeve but don’t want to look like a sac either :/. Thanks, love your blog and Pinterest!!

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