24 More Plus Size Sequin Dresses

24 Plus Size Sequin Dresses - Plus Size Holiday Party Dress - Plus Size Fashion for Women - alexawebb.com #plussize #alexawebb

Yes, 24 MORE plus size sequin dresses to rock this holiday season!  In case you didn’t see my first 24 picks, go here to check out those beauties!

As I said in that post, when I see sequined plus size frocks that I like, I grab them!  They are a rarity and sell out quickly.  And let’s be honest, when it comes to plus size party dresses, modern, chic, and unique dresses are hard to come by.  That said, I believe it is never too early to start shopping for NYE or holiday parties!  No more “old lady” dresses for us!

Every Size, Shape, and Budget

No matter your size, shape, or budget, both of these “round ups” have you covered. All of these plus size sequin dresses range in sizes from 8 to 46.  Yes, CurveGirl‘s entire collection goes up to size 46!  Some of the dresses only go to size 20, while others go to 24 or larger.  And some are great for apple shapes, like this one and this one.  For tips on picking dresses for apple shapes, go here.  These dresses range in price from $60 to $250.

Are you looking for more plus size party dresses?  Be sure to follow my Plus Size Party Dresses Pinterest Board that I am always updating.  And you can also check out more “round ups” here.  Also, go to the cocktail dresses section in my plus size shopping guide for more places to shop party dresses.  And lastly, if you want to get new posts delivered to your inbox, go here to subscribe!

24 More Plus Size Sequin Dresses

24 More Plus Size Sequin Dresses - Plus Size Holiday Party Dress - Plus Size Fashion for Women - alexawebb.com #plussize #alexawebb

24 More Plus Size Sequin Dresses

Just click the images below to go to the dress’ retailers page.  Email subscribers may have to visit the blog post to click through.

More Plus Size Sequin Dresses

24 Plus Size Sequin Dresses - Plus Size Holiday Party Dress - Plus Size Fashion for Women - alexawebb.com #plussize #alexawebb

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10 thoughts on “24 More Plus Size Sequin Dresses

  1. Alexa, I feel like a magpie! So many shiny things, so little time. I am loving these dresses, but I don’t really have a place to wear to them too. I’m not a party type of gal. Thanks for writing this awesome post.

  2. So many of these are cute! Alas, what is with this trend of super-short dresses? I’m 5’7″ and would probably get arrested for indecent exposure in most of these dresses. I’m in a Venn diagram from hell, looking for dresses with sleeves, some length, enough coverage to wear supportive undergarments beneath it, not showing acres of cleavage, professional enough to wear for work functions, and cost less than my firstborn. Where can I find this unicorn of a dress?

    1. Hi Tianja,
      Indecent exposure aside, some gals can pull off those short dresses. I’m not one of them either, but I love the idea! Lol.

      A unicorn, huh? That is a tall order (see what I did there? Lol). I think you best bet, especially on a budget, is eShakti. I always recommend spending the extra $10 to customize and custom-size. Their prices are incredibly reasonable for the quality! And you can add a sleeve to pretty much any dress. Change the length of the dresses, neckline, etc. Basically, build your dream dress then give them your measurements and you’ll never have a better fitting garment in your life. You’ll feel so extra!

      My second suggestion is Kiyonna because they also meet all of your criteria, except they can be pricey. But, well worth it in terms of quality. If you catch a sale, take advantage! You won’t regret it!

  3. Alexa, I HAVE to ask… Is there a “catch” with the dresses on Boohoo? They are SO reasonably priced, I’m going, “There has to be a catch… Months to ship… Worst quality ever… One of those companies housed somewhere in a sweatshop over seas….?” Not that I’m questioning your judgement whatsoever, or insinuating that you would promote an unethical brand, but they seem too good to be true!

    On another note, I just discovered your blog and I’m SO hooked. I think you’re living my best life! Lol! I LOVE your style and I appreciate this blog SO much. I’m a southern girl and I adore the southern styling options! Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Amy,
      Welcome! Thanks so much for reading and giving feedback!

      So, yes, the Boohoo dresses are insanely inexpensive, especially when on sale! A few things:
      1) I think the quality is ok, meaning if you want a cute trendy sequin dress for a party to wear once, maybe twice, it’s a good choice.

      2) I try to keep in mind that some readers don’t have more than $30 or $40 to spend on a party dress. And I want to, when I can, include options for everyone. It’s sort of how I always include the “less $ similar” options in my regular posts.

      3) I haven’t bought from Boohoo in years, mainly because I haven’t been a size 20 in quite some time. But, if I could fit into them, I would certainly buy for certain occasions.

      4) From the feedback I have received, the Boohoo items are still as expected with no crazy shipping situations like that of SheIn or Romwe, which I am a bit more skeptical about. I have heard a lot of problems about inconsistent sizing and items taking forever to arrive.

      5) As for sweatshops, I really don’t know, honestly. I know A LOT of things are made in China and Asia and the regulations there are much different. I would love to only promote certified fair trade and fair labor companies, but I think that is damn near impossible these days, especially when it comes to the already under-served plus size market.

      If you are looking for amazing quality, ridiculously reasonably prices, AND fair labor practices, I would recommend eShakti, which is based in India. I am shocked at what they can do for the prices they charge and still have fair wages!

      Not sure if any of that was helpful 😉

      1. SO very helpful! This is GREAT information. And don’t get me wrong… I LOVE that you offer so many options! It’s definitely one of the best parts of your blog. Something for everyone! I’m so appreciative! It is SO hard to find cute stuff in plus (especially that is reasonably priced), so I appreciate you doing all the leg work for me!

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