24 Plus Size Sequin Dresses

When I see a sequin garment that I love and available in my size, I snatch it up!  Because, as we’ve discussed, when it comes to clothing, my absolute three favorite things are jeans, stripes, and sequins. 

And unfortunately, if you are plus sized, sequins are a seasonal phenomenon.  This is true to some extent for all sizes, but the market is far more limited when you’re above a size 14.

So when I came across some amazing plus size sequin dresses, I felt like I had to put together a little collection of my favorite picks.  No more fomo!

It may be a bit early to think about holiday parties and new year’s eve, but like I said, if you don’t look when they’re available, they’ll be gone!  Poof! 

And these plus size sequin dresses are shockingly fresh and modern!  I think we’ve all seen the typical “old lady” lace and chiffon embellished dresses.  Sigh.  Say “no” to those!

Every Size, Shape, and Budget

No matter your size, shape, or budget, this “round up” has you covered. These plus size sequin dresses range in sizes from 8 to 46.  Yes, CurveGirl‘s entire collection goes up to size 46! 

Some of the dresses only go to size 20, while others only go to 24.  But don’t worry there are some like, this one, which goes to a size 30, and this one, which goes to size 46.

And some are great for apple shapes, like this one.  For tips on picking dresses for apple shapes, go here

These dresses range in price from $27 to $270.  Plus, I included dresses you can rent!

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24 Plus Size Sequin Dresses

24 Plus Size Sequin Dresses - Plus Size Holiday Party Dress - Plus Size Fashion for Women - alexawebb.com #plussize #alexawebb

24 Plus Size Sequin Dresses

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  1. I just ordered the all black sequin from Adrianna Papell. Alexa you’re so right holiday attire will be gone before December gets her.

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