Plus Size Street Style Outfit

A plus size street style outfit inspired by a recent journey through Pinterest

I am OBSESSED with these simple looks featuring a chunky scarf, biker jacket, midi length skirt or dress, and sneakers. 

Take a look at some of the inspiration outfits:

Inspiration – Street Style Outfits

Street Style - Scarf, Midi Skirt, Biker Jacket, Sneakers - Alexa Webb

Source: 1 // 2 // 3

As you can see, these edgy and chic outfits are also all about comfort and ease. 

I found a midi skirt in grey knit, but obviously, you could also choose black

Side note: one of the keys to wearing an all-black ensemble is to vary the textures. If however, you want some color, check out this outfit with unexpected pops of pink!


But ultimately I went with a monochromatic look. 

I chose a studded biker jacket, which has a little bit more “edge.”  Go here to see another monochromatic plus size outfit with a biker jacket. 

I paired it with some hot accessories, like this oversized scarf, with great texture, and the trending Céline Shadow sunglasses.

Elevated Sneakers

As I’ve said, a look like this really needs an “elevated sneaker.” 

And by that I mean your kicks need to be classic or trendy, clean, and in good condition.  If you wear your everyday gym sneakers or the dirty old tennis shoes that you wear to walk the dog, you’re not going to look chic.

I chose to go with the classic adidas Samba sneakers.  I’ve been wearing them since the ’90s.  They are technically unisex/mens, so they run wide.  If shopping for them, make sure you read instructions left by the retailer regarding sizing. 

The iconic adidas Superstar is also a great option.  You’ll want to wear any sneaker with no socks or no-show socks.

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Plus Size Street Style Outfit

Plus Size Street Style Outfit - Plus Size Biker Jacket, Midi Skirt, and Sneakers Outfit Idea - Alexa Webb

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8 thoughts on “Plus Size Street Style Outfit

  1. I’ve only recently realized that its OK for me to wear sneakers other than to the gym! Starting to experiment more with a sneaker based outfit. And this is one I will try for sure. I am all about the edgy biker jacket. SWOON. Thanks for sharing this great outfit idea.

  2. I love your blog. The only thing thing I find a little aggravating is promoting a plus size outfit but showing pics of small models wearing such outfit. A lot of the outfits will not look good on a plus size person although they are super cute outfits. I mean we wall want to be comfortable but clingy and tight fitting may not be the thing for a plus size person. This skinny skirt is just a MISS, plain and simple.

    1. Hi Ton,
      Thank you. I can’t do much regarding the image availability at this time, aside from stop sharing my outfit ideas/inspiration, which I am unwilling to do. It’s not perfect, but I think it works. However, I can always suggest other bloggers with images that may suit you better. Please let me know if you’re interested and I’ll give you a list.

      As for the choice of skirt, I think we’ll have to agree to disagree.

      There are many shapes and sizes within the plus size community. As a former hourglass, size 18/20, now “new apple,” I used to rock skirts like this and killed it. Further, even when I became heavier and more rounded with age and changed into a “new apple,” at a size 24/26, with a nice pair of Spanx shorts I still wear and look great in tight skirts, especially pencil-shaped that hit at the knee or just below.

      Not everything posted works for everyone. I try to add educational tips within posts and have a Style 101 section, with educational posts dedicated to helping people decide what is most flattering to their shape or how to make choices within their own wardrobes.

      But, my biggest message has always been that nothing should be “off limits” and to experiment. It is true, some items will look amazing on some and not as great on others. And that fact is true regardless of size.

      So on this blog, you will see items that may not work as well for you personally. You may also see items that might be worth a try and stepping outside of your comfort zone.  I am here to push my readers to try new things. And most importantly, to find joy and self-expression in fashion.

      And we’re definitely NOT going to achieve any of those goals following some BS “rules” that the fashion industry set for us. Or by trying to fit into the “beauty ideal” of the young, thin, white, hourglass, etc.  And it is extremely difficult to challenge our ways of thinking when we have been essentially brain-washed that these rule and ideals are truths.  When in actuality, they are just opinions and marketing plans to sell diet plans, cosmetic surgery, and more expensive clothing that is “exclusive” because the average person literally can’t wear it.  I say F&CK that!

  3. Hey girl!!
    I love your style and your blog! Just wanted to drop by and holla. ?
    I love this outfit! Plus I weigh 250 lbs (gained 70 lbs this yr ?) & skirts like this look great on me!! So it’s definitely not a “MISS” for everyone! JS!
    Keep doing what you do & I’ll keep clicking links & likes!
    Much love ?

    1. Amen! I have several skirts like this and I love them all! BTW I’m 5’9, 260, pear shaped, and a pooch. Alexa has so many postings and with so many ideas, so yes, naturally not everything will appeal to everyone. I love her site! I think I the bigger picture her goal is to help us feel better about ourselves, no matter our size/shape! You go girl!!

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