Plus Size Military Coat Outfit

I’m feelin’ this plus size military coat.  I have a little bit of a crush. 

But, I recently purchased three, yes three more, coats that I absolutely don’t need.  I am out of control!  I have put myself on a buying freeze this month, with the exception of a few items I actually need.  Otherwise, I’ll be out on the street sleeping in a tent made of gorgeous coats.

So, I worked out my feelings by coming up with a look for this coat, which is available in sizes 10 – 30, and also comes in teal blue

I know I have been on a monochromatic kick lately.  I promise, more colorful ensembles are coming soon!

A Special Request

If you follow my blog on Facebook, you probably have already heard my request.  But, in case you haven’t, I have a favor to ask…

A quick summary (TL;DR): Help me represent the plus size community at an upcoming educational program for influencers by telling the admissions committee why you think I should get the opportunity.  

More details:

  • I applied for an amazing program for “influencers who typically have been excluded by the industry.”  If I were to be accepted, I would get to travel to NYC to meet with some top influencers, take a day of classes, and be given a mentor to help me do what I do better. Basically, it’s an incredible opportunity!
  • If I am totally honest, this also sounds intimidating to me.  But, there are way too many benefits not to be brave.  And I also really want to go and represent for the plus size gals!
  • Part of the application process asks that I get testimonials from my audience (y’all) about how I have impacted my community.  These testimonials will be used to judge my application.  So, if you want to share why you are a fan of my work or ways that you think I have helped the plus size community, please add your testimonial here.

Thank you SO much in advance.  And if you don’t have the time or interest, I completely understand.  More than anything, I just appreciate that you come and read my blog!

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Plus Size Military Coat Outfit

Plus Size Military Coat Outfit - Plus Size Fall Winter Outfit Ideas - Plus Size Fashion for Women - #plussize #alexawebb

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14 thoughts on “Plus Size Military Coat Outfit

  1. You must have ESP as last night I was online looking for a military inspired top to go with a pair of navy pinstripe wide leg pants! Wasn’t sure if military-inspired stuff was still “in” so happy to see your post 🙂 Did you by any chance come across something in a red or ivory as a blazer?

    1. I think military becomes hot from time to time and we see it everywhere. But, I also think it is a pretty classic look (when done right) and never really goes out of style. So you’re looking for a military style red or ivory blazer?

  2. Made an entry on behalf of you and your blog on the Fohr site! You and your blog are amazing and absolutely deserve to be a part of the program!

  3. This is so chic! I love this outfit, and omg that jacket is so gorgeous! Alexa, you come up with the best outfits, to be honest. Also, I need those glasses in my life. I can put them on and pretend that I’m Miranda Priestly for a day.

  4. I love this look! I never knew about the web site CityChic so thanks for the intro. Props to you Alexa, some of the outfits you post are really great. Being a large apple shape finding longer tops to wear with leggings is tough. When plus size meets big girl big boobs big belly its hear to find a good fit. So I am always on watch for those apple shape ideas 🙂

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