Christmas Gift Ideas for Men

As I’ve said, I am creating gift guides for y’all in the hopes of giving you some good ideas and saving you a little time this holiday season. 

For this Christmas Gift Ideas for Men Guide, I surveyed all of the men in my life.

For one, I now realize that I am related to or friends with men who “aren’t the average guy” (their words).  Seriously, nearly all of them said this.  Lol. 

My best friend said, his likes are old comic books, silver coins from the 1800s, and “other stuff that nobody wants except me and museum curators.”  True story.  But, he did tell me that if you are looking for odd collectibles like these, eBay is the place! 

So that’s a tip from my BFF to you!  πŸ˜‰

So after taking in all the information and doing some more research, I came up with these Christmas gift ideas for men.  I put a lot of thought into them, so I hope you find great things!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Men

Christmas Gift Ideas for Men - Holiday GIfts - #alexawebb

Christmas Gift Ideas for Men

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means if you click on or purchase through certain links, I may receive a small commission.

  1. Yeti Rambler (30oz), also available in 20oz. – You may have heard about the coolers you can run over with a Hummer and still not break.  They are vacuum sealed and “bear proof,” and now they come in travel mugs!  They keep your drink “as cold (or hot) as science allows.”  Yeti is the Ferrari of travel mugs.
  2. Tissot Quickster Watch, here or here – Recommended by my friend Jacob, this chronograph Swiss-made watch is sure to impress!  Now, if you want a “rich man’s watch,” look for Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch and Breitling Super Avenger II (or here).
  3. Pajama Pants or here (similar, less $ similarless $/Big & Tall) – Who doesn’t love flannel PJ pants?
  4. Accidentally Skipped (this is why you shouldn’t work on your blog late at night πŸ˜‰ )
  5. Leather Cigar Holder – Perfect for the cigar smoker.  It is lined with cedar.  Also, I found a similar cigar holder that you can personalize with a monogram here.
  6. Multi-Tool – If the men (or women) in your life don’t already have a multi-tool, I highly recommend one!  I keep mine in the car.  I’ve used it to change my headlight in a Walmart parking lot, pull the plastic covers off my lug nuts so I could change my tire (why did anyone put plastic over them, seriously?), cut stray threads from a Bridemaid’s dress en route to a wedding, open beer bottles while camping, and countless other things.  I have a feeling the dudes in your life would love one of these!
  7. UGG Slippers or here (less $ similar) –  Can you ever go wrong with shearling slippers?
  8. Kindle – For the avid reader on the go (or just trying to fill up less bookshelves).  This Kindle Paperwhite is supposed to be easy on tired eyes too.
  9. Dior Sauvage, here, or here – A very masculine, strong, and long-lasting scent.
  10. Whiskey Stones – For the scotch, bourbon, and whiskey drinkers in your life.  No more watered down drinks!  Instead of ice, add these cold-retaining stones from the freezer to cool drinks.
  11. Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses or here – Classic.  Iconic.  “Top Gun.”  More than enough reasons for any man to love these aviators.
  12. Bose Bluetooth Speaker or here – Also on my personal wishlist.  12-hours of portable and quality sound.  Bose is just the best.
  13. Otterbox iPhone Case – The only phone case I use, ever.  I have dropped my phone in a toilet.  Drop-kicked it, then stepped on it (in one graceful move).  Thrown it across a room.  Oh and I dropped it, along with my headphones, in a bucket of dirty mop water.  But it is just as perfect as it was the day I bought it.  “Rugged” is an understatement.  My fiance tried to convince me that his less expensive case was just as good.  He then had to replace his cracked phone.  Bought an Otterbox Defender shortly after.  It is worth every dime.
  14. Scarf – One of my life philosophies is that you can never go wrong with giving someone cashmere.
  15. Armani Acqua Di Gio, here, or gift set–  This scent has been around for a long time and for good reason.  It is amazing!
  16. Whiskey Barrel – Perfect to age your own spirits, whiskey, wine, beer, rum, tequila, honey, vinegar.  Charred interior adds flavor or infuse with your own concoction.  This barrel can be personalized with a name or initials too!
  17. Sephora Cologne Sampler – Get 12 samples of Sephora’s most sought-after men’s fragrances + a gift certificate for a travel size bottle.  Basically, the man in your life can sniff all the best “sniffs” and then pick up his favorite.
  18. Costa Sunglasses – For the angler, sporty guy, or woodsman.  Comfortable, light-weight, and durable.  Read the guide to choose the best lens for the types of activities your man-friend likes to participate in.  Also, the Maui Jim Makaha are sleek, durable, and polarized for sporty dudes with style.
  19. Half Zip Sweater (less $ similar) – Didn’t I already talk about the awesomeness of cashmere?  And at this price, you really really can’t go wrong!
  20. Wireless Headphones or here – Once again I am showing you the best of the best.  If your man wants to hear the sweat drop from Jonn Bonham’s forehead during the drum fills of a live recording of Stairway to Heaven WHILE headbanging with no wire-restriction, then these are the headphones for him!  There are less expensive options, like these.
  21. Leather Flip Flops – These come highly recommended to me.  They are comfortable and durable.  Again, the best of the best!
  22. Gucci Guilty, here, or here –  Currently my favorite scent on a man, so I had to include it.

More Gift Ideas for Men

You can find more gift ideas for men here.

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Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means if you click on or purchase through certain links, I may receive a small commission.

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