Plus Size Black Pleated Skirt Outfit Ideas

Two plus size black pleated skirt outfit ideas that are a little unexpected.  After all, it is easy to think of ways to wear a black midi skirt to work.  For some ideas go here.

These looks are a little more casual and a lot trendier.

Plus Size Black Pleated Skirt Outfit Ideas

Plus Size Black Pleated Skirt Outfit Ideas with a cap sleeve blouse, and biker jacket or denim jacket - Alexa Webb #plussize #alexawebb

Same Base

Much like several of my previous posts, both of these looks have the same “base,” a black pleated midi skirt and white cap sleeve blouse. 

I also reused some of the same accessories.  Starting with what have become my current favorite sunglasses.  These sunnies look similar to the much pricier Celine shades.

And the same with the jewelry.  Both outfit ideas share a bold curb chain necklace.  Totally on-trend. 

And a curb chain bracelet with a claw toggle clasp.  Wow, I love that!

The earrings are also as trendy as can be!  Crystal stud earrings with chain accent. 

Then I added several ear cuffs.  I own all of these ear cuffs and love them! 

I usually wear 2 to 3 pairs at once.  Adding some to my upper cartilage area and one or two to my mid-ear.  

You can find more of my favorite inexpensive jewelry in my Amazon store!

Look 1 Details

Look one differs from look two with a biker jacket. 

And if that’s not enough ‘edge’ for you, add a platform lug boot.  You might remember I paired a similar lug boot with some mom jeans and a plaid blazer in this post.

Point is, thick lug soled boots are trending and go with nearly anything.

I love adding them to a more conservative skirt for a statement.

Carry a designer crossbody like this quilted YSL bag.

Matte Lippies

And lastly, add a matte lip in a “90s shade,” like Nars’ “Done It Again.”  For most matte lipsticks, I go with my favorite liquid lipstick, Sephora’s Cream Lip Stain Liquid Lipstick.  

They are matte and long-wearing but don’t dry out my lips.  I’ve been wearing these lippies for years and this still shocks me! 

They are mostly transfer-proof.  I say ‘mostly’ because I recently discovered some shades do have a little transfer.  But, nearly all of them dry down to a completely locked-in status.

Anyway, “Pretty Auburn” looks quite similar to Nars’ “Done It Again.” I highly recommend!

Plus Size Black Pleated Skirt Outfit – Biker Jacket

Plus Size Black Pleated Skirt Outfit with a Biker Jacket, White Cap Sleeve Blouse, Lug Boots, and YSL Crossbody Bag - Alexa Webb

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Look 2 Details

This second look is even more casual with a denim jacket and sneakers.

These kicks are classics.  The Adidas Superstars, which I have heard called “Clamshells,” have also been nicknamed  “clamtoe,” “shelltoe,” “shell shoes,” “shell tops,” and “sea shells,” according to Wikipedia.

And the final piece is the red super-trendy “pouch” clutch.  I am seeing these everywhere right now. 

And so many brands are coming out with this style.  I found some great options for a much more reasonable price.  

Plus Size Black Pleated Skirt Outfit – Denim Jacket

Plus Size Black Pleated Skirt Outfit with a Denim Jacket, White Cap Sleeve Blouse, Red Clutch, and Adidas Sneakers for Spring - Alexa Webb

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8 thoughts on “Plus Size Black Pleated Skirt Outfit Ideas

  1. Love these cute outfits! The biker jacket at WalMart is very convincing and looks great with the feminine pleated skirt! Hope you have Happy Holidays!

  2. The pleated black skirt is perfect for the office. That red bag is sooo cute with it! I will be wearing this back to work in January..


  3. What a great look! This is my favorite type of outfit to wear, so versatile, Two looks that I would both wear.on the same day! Work then out later with a jeans jacket. Thank you for putting these outfits together. I keep checking back to see what other great outfits you will be putting together.!

    Thank you,


  4. Thank you for posting and making this the best fashion blog ever. I appreciate everything that you do and pt together,


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