Plus Size Plaid Blazer & Mom Jeans Outfit Ideas

I love creating different looks with the same “base.”  For this post, I styled a plus size plaid blazer & mom jeans outfit three ways.  

The first two looks are more conservative and the last is a little bit rock n’ roll!

Plus Size Plaid Blazer & Mom Jeans Outfit Ideas

Plus Size Plaid Blazer & Mom Jeans Outfit Ideas - Alexa Webb

As I said, all of these looks have the same “base” including a plaid blazer, which is totally on-trend.  

Mom Jeans

The “base” also includes Mom jeans, which are just as trendy. 

As I’ve said, mom jeans are back!  Remember those? 

Just watch some of the early seasons of Friends to see the classic 90s straight leg, light wash, ankle-length denim trend.

Personally, I like them distressed for a more “updated” look because I actually wore them the first time they were popular.  And I wouldn’t want anyone to think I have been rocking them ever since!  So somehow, in my mind, the distressing helps with that.

Despite their popularity, not surprisingly, they are hard to find in plus sizes.  

Good American can’t seem to keep them in stock and Asos also has some limitations.  

A Case for Distressing

For these looks, I chose distressed Mom jeans.  I hear a lot, like “a lot” a lot, of complaints about “hole-y jeans.”  And I can understand wanting to look polished and age-appropriate, I do!

But, in some cases, the distressing helps keep things from looking too “stuffy.”  Remember, that “biddy-factor” I talked about when wearing tweed?  The same applies to conservative ensembles.

Because the rest of the outfits are so classic, one trendy piece, like distressed jeans, will make you look cool rather than “too old” or “too much.”  Trust me! 

As long as you don’t have much skin showing through any holes, you’re totally appropriate.  I swear!

More Outfit 1 Details

For this first outfit idea, I chose a black cap sleeve blouse.  It makes the look conservative, but as I said above, the distressed Mom jeans help keep it from looking stuffy.

I added some gorgeous and unique black mules with gold chain.  And to my surprise, I found some very similar ones for half the price too!

Another great thing about this look is you can swap the Mom jeans for some black trousers and head into the office.

Plus Size Plaid Blazer & Mom Jeans Outfit Ideas

Plus Size Plaid Blazer & Mom Jeans Outfit Ideas with Black Top and Mules - Alexa Webb

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Outfit 2 Details

This second outfit is also conservative with a white button down shirt and classic block heel pumps

Once again, the distressing comes to the rescue.  But, swap the distressed jeans for black trousers to wear to work.

Plus Size Plaid Blazer & Mom Jeans with a Button Down

Plus Size Plaid Blazer & Mom Jeans Outfit Ideas with Button Down and Heels - Alexa Webb

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Outfit 3 Details

This last outfit is the most fun of the three looks. 

With a graphic tee and some lug booties, channel your inner 90s rock goddess.  I think this look might be my favorite of the three!

Plus Size Plaid Blazer & Mom Jeans with a Graphic Tee

Plus Size Plaid Blazer & Mom Jeans Outfit Ideas with Band Graphic T-Shirt and Lug Boots - Alexa Webb

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12 thoughts on “Plus Size Plaid Blazer & Mom Jeans Outfit Ideas

  1. Love these looks and the variety you paired with the blazer! My favorite is the AC/DC tshirt with the blazer and of course combat boots with it. Thank you so much!

  2. I like all of these outfits. I think they’re very cute. The distressed jeans just are not for me. I know they are fashionable and I understand what you are saying. It’s just not me. I would wear the outfits with regular jeans.

  3. I have been looking for a blazer like this for years — structured with button closure, plaid, lightweight wool. Perfect for travel, it makes anything you wear look pulled-together. I ordered one and I hope it holds up to its promise. And it was on a crazy sale! Thanks, Alexa.

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