Plus Size On A Budget – Coral Spring Outfit

l’m all about investing in quality pieces.  But sometimes the budget just doesn’t allow it.  If I want to try something new or trendy, I might want to save some dough so I can splurge on classic or timeless choices. The most important thing is that I feel confident in my clothes.  And no matter how cute my new shoes might be, I can’t feel that way if I’m racked with guilt about running up my credit card bill!  I’ve learned this the hard way.  Regardless of the reason, one can still look stylish on the cheap.  So I put together a cute outfit to prove my point!Plus Size Budget Outfit Idea - Plus Size Jeans - Plus Size Fashion for Women - #alexawebb

Plus Size On A Budget – Coral Spring Outfit

I’ve picked out what I like to call “rich” pieces, like these gold-capped sandals, that look expensive, but aren’t.  FYI, searching for and finding expensive-looking fashion for cheap is a favorite pastime!  More so, I love mixing these “rich” pieces with pricier classics to really look like a million bucks!
Plus Size Outfit Idea - Plus Size Jeans - Plus Size Fashion for Women - #alexawebb

Shop the look:  Necklace // Plus Size Top (similar) // Clutch // Sunglasses // Plus Size Girlfriend Jeans (similar) // Sandals

These “girlfriend jeans are like boyfriend jeans but with a more tapered leg.  Tips on wearing boyfriend jeans here.

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34 thoughts on “Plus Size On A Budget – Coral Spring Outfit

  1. I love this. I also like pairing inexpensive items that look rich. I love it that you put prices next to the pictures.

    1. I like the outfit and I too like to find items that are inexpensive (ie INEXPENSIVE not cheap like no loose stitching ..pilling..etc). For me I some pretty cool Dollar Tree sunglasses cuz I’m losing mine all the time so I never spend more than 5$ for sunglasses. Zulilly has great sandals for on a budget. I wouldn’t ever spend 50$ on a pair of jeans but then again a good well fitting pairis indispensable. I do thrift shops in certain areas of town that don’t just mark up the price by calling it vintage but get funky pieces on the cheap plus you can usually talk the price down. All in all…great job!

  2. Hi, I just discovered your Pinterest board on 3/26/16 and I love your picks. Thanks for posting the outfits and websites to purchase items. I feel so inspired to purchase something plus sized and trendy; I was just about to give up and become a yoga pants and baggy shirt type of girl.

    1. Don’t do it! Don’t give up! Save the yoga pants for yoga. You’ll look and feel so much better if you have quality well fitting basics and add on accessories and jackets..sweaters and such pieces like funky jewelry and purses.

    1. Hi Christin. I think most of the pieces (the jeans, sandals, etc) can be worn in a lot of different ways… So I wouldn’t think of $147 as “one look.” But, I guess the ultimate problem is that “budget” is relative. Some people spend $147 on sunglasses alone. To me, these are “less expensive” items that look pricier. I’m sorry you didn’t find this post helpful. Thank you for your feedback. – Alexa

      1. $147 is too much for me to spend on the pieces, but I love to see the look put together. It gives me ideas on what to look for when I hit the thrift store sales. 🙂

        1. You can recreate this look with some items that you may already own or with cheaper items. That way you get the look for not a lot of $$$.

      2. 147$ on that outfit if i was staying within the box might not seem budget minded. I may not personally spend over 50$ for a pair of jeans but if they are well fitting , can be tucked into boots, worn with booties, sneakers, sandals and heels and aren’t so trendy that they’ll go out of style next year then you could wear them at least 3x a week with different looks. I think the point is that a few quality pieces can go a long way. I was just in Vegas and looked at a 375$ pair of jeans…..hello????pass…

  3. I just found your website and Pinterest board. I LOVE how you show items together. Also, I LOVE that you post where to buy, but I can’t afford clothes from Nordstrom. Is there a separate site for items “on a budget”?

    1. Hi Paige- Glad you found my blog! I’ve been trying to add less expensive alternatives on more recent posts (see “less $ similar”) and will continue to do that. I know everyone has different budgets so I try to accommodate that best I can. – Alexa

      1. I’ve been on your site for the last 3 days! Hehe! I may never get off your site! I’ve found that you do show similar items cheaper. You do a GREAT job! Thanks. 🙂

    2. Nordstrom Rack
      TJ MAX
      Thrift shops just watch quality and wear (but is it just me or is there a trend at thrift stores to mark the prices almost as high as new)
      Zulilly online
      I buy basics at Target like tees and have you noticed even some dresses there are waayy
      too expensive. I will not buy a 100$ dress at Target.
      And don’t forget good undergarments for shaping and so bumps and lumps are curves
      and not just lumps and bumps.

  4. Love the look, but could have figured this outfit myself if i knew where I could buy it. Why don’t you disclose where you are getting that blouse for $28? Love the look. You did do a great job paring all of these elements into an awesome casual outfit.

  5. I love the outfit however due to surgeries on both legs I am unable to wear sandals. Is there any other sturdier shoes that would go with the outfit that are budget priced?

  6. I am a budget shopper too and always look for what I want at a discounted price. What I truly appreciate is the photos of the outfits together and that helps me get more ideas on how to use what I already have, what to add to my wardrobe to stretch it a little further, etc. This coral outfit….add a denim jacket and floral scarf, maybe a pair of loafers or booties (which I already own)….and you have a perfect Fall outfit.

    Keep up the good work. I love it!

  7. I love how you cordinate these pieces in to a variety of different outfits. This may be $145, but you can use them with other pieces already in your wardrobe.

  8. Sorry I have to disagree. I don’t call this cheap. I would NEVER spend $50 on jeans and the shirt is expensive too.

    1. I have to disagree…Most stores are expensive. Have you tried to purchase a pair of Danskin yoga pants lately? You would think i was buying a prom dress. I think the shirt would depend on the fabric and how many times you can wear it and then break down the math. If you wore that shirt 1x weekly with different items to change up the look…you’d easily get your monies worth. For 5-6 mos of wear you’re only paying about a dollar to wear it each time.

  9. I think you did a great job! I think the misinterpretation is that this can only be ONE outfit.
    I can see it mixed up with other

    1. Thanks, Kristy. Yes, all the pieces can be mixed into a pre-existing wardrobe. Plus, most people already have similar pieces they can use. I never intended these to be limited to one look. I’m glad you found the post helpful!

  10. I love your style in clothing. I have been searching for a plus size blogger with similar body concerns. Thank you. However I am older than you. Any posts in the future for a younger, classic 60 year old?

  11. I feel that top has too much material at the belly making someone with an apple shape look bigger in that area. Better if it was a straight blouse

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