Plus Size Coral Sweater Outfit

Plus Size Coral Sweater Outfit - Plus Size Summer into Fall Outfit Idea - Plus Size Fashion for Women - #plussize #alexawebbThis plus size coral sweater outfit is perfect for transitioning from summer into early fall.  And as the weather gets cooler just  swap the sandals for booties.  The pops of aqua chalcedony in the earrings and ring, which I am totally obsessed with, give this look a summery feel.  So to keep the same aesthetic in colder temps, switch the chalcedony for some labradorite.  With some minor changes. this look can take you all the way to winter.

A few things about this adorable plus size coral sweater, which comes in  sizes 18W – 28W here and sizes 00 – 16W here.  Although I haven’t tried it, I am fairly sure the sweater can also be worn off one shoulder.  Love that idea!  If you’re concerned about the front knot drawing attention to your midsection, I found some other great options.

Plus Size Coral Sweaters


These plus size distressed jeans are cut for apple shapes.   Based on reviews, you should size down as they run large.  You can also find them here.  I also want to mention that I found these similar distressed boyfriend jeans for a great price!

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Plus Size Coral Sweater Outfit

Plus Size Coral Sweater Outfit - Plus Size Summer into Fall Outfit Idea - Plus Size Fashion for Women - #plussize #alexawebb

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7 thoughts on “Plus Size Coral Sweater Outfit

  1. I always like your combinations In todays post I’m wondering about the bracelets…the actual links don’t look like the bracelet/s in your post. Are they the correct links?

    1. Hi Marcia,
      Yes, it is a bracelet set of 3 plus an additional Kendra Scott bracelet. I used the image of the Baublebar bracelet set from another website, but when I went to post this, they were sold out there. So although they look different, they are the exact same item from the same brand, just photographed differently from a different retailer. You can see the original image here:

  2. Why do you put a sweater that only going to size 16 on this page. We know how, where, and what comes in size 16 and under. We need to be able to find cute, fashionable, well priced items in 16 and above.

    1. Hi Diane,
      Great question! I linked to the identical sweater, which comes in sizes 00 – 28W, but located in two places. The first, in the plus size department, starts at 18W. But I try to make sure I am inclusive to those who are 14W & 16W, which is found in the straight size section in this particular instance. So I needed to include 2 links to the same sweater so that everyone size 14 & above (plus size) can find their correct size. I hope that clears it up. Thanks!

  3. I am a big fan and am always so happy to see your emails in my inbox but I wish you would not encourage people to purchase counterfeit items. For counterfeit goods to be made at cheap
    prices it means that someone producing them is being being exploited and subjected to unethical labor practices. Child labor is often used for counterfeit goods. It is important that we consider the welfare of the people making our bags/clothing and value them. It is not worth exploiting someone to make yourself look like you have more. It is imporatant to remember that not just the wealthy luxury corporations that are hurt by counterfeit goods- it is also the people who are used and abused in the production of countertfit items. We can do better.

    1. I completely agree with Lynn. I typically love to read your posts, but was very disappointed with this one and your apparent approval of purchasing counterfeit products. Lynn’s comment is right on the mark regarding exploitation and unethical labor practices. Additionally, counterfeit luxury items are ILLEGAL! If you cannot afford the real thing, there are plenty of less expensive alternatives that look good. They may not have the logo, but you will not be supporting illegal and unethical practices.

      1. I for one appreciate the inclusion of the fakes & I’m curious if anyone has purchased from this Amazon seller for the LV knockoffs. Would love to hear your experience. I love the look of an expensive handbag. I do wish that more of your posts would include cheaper handbag alternatives that look identical. I know you include the “lesser similar” but when you show a gorg pastel LV & the cheaper option is some gross JC Penny special….just not even close to the same.

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