Plus Size Dipped Hem Top & Jeans Outfit

Plus Size Dipped Hem TopThis plus size dipped hem top is awesome!  I’ve included a photo of it (on the left) so you can see what it looks like on a body.  It drapes beautifully, loose right where you want.  And comes down nice and long.  It’s open on the shoulder but still “bra-friendly” and covers the arms enough that I would wear it comfortably.  As you know, I have some body image issues with my arms that I’m working on.  Side note: this top is very similar to one that is in one of my most popular outfits.  So check that out too!

So in this outfit I added some statement accessories including this bib necklace, which is on sale [yes!] and piled on the Alex and Ani bangles.  So, if you’ve got a bunch of bangles, it’s time to bust those babies out and pile ’em on!

Now let’s talk about the shoes!  Actually, I feel like we need a moment of silence for these beauties.


Ok, so they are wedges, which are more comfortable.  They lace-up, which is just bad ass.  But that color though!  Port wine suede.  Oooooo.  They “go” perfectly because of their complementary color relationship with olive green.  Normally I try to give similar options for shoes that cost less and/or are lower height and/or are wide width.  But, these shoes are really unique- that color is impossible to find.  I looked!  In fact, Nordstrom is the only place you can get this style in that color.  Other stores carry the shoe but neutral colors.  So, I am sorry that I don’t have alternatives for you.  🙁  But, a neutral shoe would work too.  It’s just that these sandals will make everyone you encounter jealous.  Maybe that’s just something I enjoy.  😉


Plus Size Dipped Hem Top & Jeans Outfit - Plus Size Fashion for Women - #alexawebb

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5 thoughts on “Plus Size Dipped Hem Top & Jeans Outfit

  1. This is beautiful! I’m loving all the outfits you put together! I’ve been looking for a website where they show complete outfits and also show where you can get each piece, this is genius! Thank you for your wonderful blog!

  2. Hi Alexa

    Love your style (s) can you please help me find a similar top ? These links don’t work any longer

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