Plus Size Fall Anorak Outfit

A plus size fall anorak outfit idea with delicious earth tones. 

I received a lot of comments on my Fall Mini-Capsule post asking for more patterns and colors this fall. 

And I heard you guys, I swear. 

But, I am so inspired by mixing black and tan and rusts right now! 

More colorful ideas are coming, I promise. 

But until then, can we all appreciate this earthy color palette mixed with some stripes?

Outfit Details

I love the “pop” of muted rust in this gauzy scarf. 

While it stands out against the black striped tee, it also harmonizes with the khaki green color of the utility anorak. 

If you’re interested in learning more about mixing colors, be sure to read this post.

As for the other pieces, it is all about the trends. 

Or rather the return of trends from the 90s. 

Is anyone else getting nostalgic seeing all of these chunky block heels?  

I rocked them on the regular.  Oh how I loved them!  Lol.  I digress.

Aside from the chunky heeled mules, I added some trendy thick hoop earrings, and classic tortoise sunnies. 

Now I just need a convertible Saab or Volkswagen Cabriolet with a tape deck to complete the look, right? 

Or am I the only one getting flashes of 1996?  Maybe I just need to stop listening to my 90s playlist.

The “Southern Edit”

Plus Size Fall Anorak with Roll Sleeves - Alexa WebbAs I said, I haven’t forgotten about my Southern readers!  With some minor edits you can make this look work for warmer temps.

First, this plus size anorak is actually pretty lightweight and made in a breathable cotton. 

But, more importantly, the sleeves can be rolled up secured with tabs.  So you can adjust the sleeves as needed.

Second, swap the three-quarter sleeve tee for a short sleeve version. 

Even better, choose a short sleeve t-shirt with high cotton content.

And lastly, if you think jeans will be too hot, try a black denim skirt

I really like the style of this distressed denim skirt too.


Plus Size Fall Anorak Outfit

Plus Size Fall Anorak Outfit with Striped Top, Black Jeans, Rust Scarf and Heeled Mules - Alexa Webb


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2 thoughts on “Plus Size Fall Anorak Outfit

  1. Dear Alexa,
    What do you think of color style? How much should we be considering our best colors when looking at the outfits you put together? I enjoy your posts very much and think you have great taste!

    1. I am a believer in “Color Me Beautiful” and such. But, keep in mind that it really has to do with the color(s) close to your face. So, I do consider it. But, at the same time, when I really love something, I don’t worry about it. Life is short! 😉 Thank you for reading!!!

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