Plus Size Striped Sweater Dress Outfit Ideas

Plus Size Striped Sweater Dress - Alexa WebbTwo styling ideas for this adorable plus size striped sweater dress. 

Both looks are perfect for fall!

Oh and for those of you in the South, these looks could also work with a simple striped t-shirt dress.

And speaking of my Southern readers, I haven’t forgotten about you!  I will be including “Southern Editions” of my Thanksgiving outfit posts again this year.

If you have any suggestions or specific things you’d like to see, please let me know in the comments below. 

And if you missed last year’s “Southern Editions,” you can see them here.

Life is Short, Wear Stripes

If you’re a regular reader, you know I love stripes. 

As I’ve said, I am a stripe-aholic.  Sorry, not sorry. 

But, if you’re unsure about stripes, please read this post “Are horizontal stripes REALLY making you look fat?,” written by Melissa at Suger Coat It.  She does such a fantastic job at breaking down this outdated “rule.”

And both of these outfit ideas mix prints!  Yay for print-mixing! 

If you’re looking for help on how to mix prints, see this post

Ok, now on to the outfit ideas!

Plus Size Striped Sweater Dress Outfit Ideas

Plus Size Striped Sweater Dress Outfit with Scarf, Mules or Boots, Denim Jacket or Trench, Madewell Tote or Red Satchel- Alexa Webb

It’s A Vibe

This first look has that effortless vibe, but at the same time is so on-trend that people will be simultaneously jealous and confused. 

Seriously.  Strangers on the street will be secretly studying you to figure out your magic:

“Did she accidentally put that together?  She really looks great in stripes.  I wish I had her confidence.  I never wear my denim jacket, why?  And I really need to try some mules.  Why don’t I have any skinny scarves?  That’s cute.”

True story.  So, prepare yourself.

In the Details

As for the skinny scarf, you can wear it around your neck, your head, a ponytail, your wrist, or even tied to your tote’s handle. 

And I chose more trendy pieces, like thick hoop earrings, square sunnies, and heeled mules.  Yes, block heels are back!

But, a flat mule is just as cute if you need a more comfortable option.  And if you don’t want to jump on the mule trend, a black ankle bootie is also an option.

See another plus size look with a heeled mule here

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Plus Size Sweater Dress Outfit – Dots & Mules

Plus Size Striped Sweater Dress Outfit with Polka Dot Scarf, Mules, Denim Jacket, Madewell Tote - Alexa Webb

Shop the Look

Dot Scarf {sold out} (less $ similar, less $ similar)

Plus Size Striped Sweater Dress {sold out} (similar, similar, solid black, short sleeve)

Mules {sold out} (similar or here, less $ similar, less $/flat, less$/wide, less $/wide)

The Classics

This second outfit idea if far less trendy than the first.  But it holds its own with a mix of chic and classic pieces. 

I mean you just can’t go wrong with an iconic Burberry check scarf, even a modern version like this “half mega check.”

The Burberry check is forever synonymous with luxurious style.  But, if designer cashmere is not in your budget, here is a less expensive option  similar to the classic check.

Top with a traditional trench, which is also a classic piece, and some oversized Gucci sunglasses.  Swoon!

The Boots

Then add a block heel knee-high boot.  These beautiful boots are from my favorite cordwainers, Duo in the UK.  Duo makes boots to fit your specific calf size, up to 50 cm or about 19.7″ in circumference.

And although I can’t find it on their website now, I do recall that over a certain calf size they do make the foot of the boot slightly wider as well.  I have a pair of their boots and they fit my wide feet.

If you want help figuring out how to measure your calves and wide calf boot shopping in general, see this post

And lastly, if genuine leather boots aren’t in your budget, these are a nice alternative.

Plus Size Sweater Dress Outfit – Plaid & Boots

Plus Size Sweater Dress Outfit with Burberry Plaid Scarf, Trench Coat, Wide Calf Boots - Alexa Webb

Shop the Look

*Duo Boots are custom sized.  If you’re not sure how to measure your calves, go here for help.

More Plus Size Outfit Ideas

To see more outfit ideas with similar pieces, check out this one, this one, this one, and this one.

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One thought on “Plus Size Striped Sweater Dress Outfit Ideas

  1. I used to LOVE Duo boots but then their company became Ted & Muffy and there was something lost in the rebrand (quality being a large part, but also styling available for wider calves). I’m surprised they’re back to being called Duo now and I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Thanks for your awesome posts!

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