Plus Size Fall Capsule Wardrobe

Today I bring you a plus size fall capsule wardrobe that is a small collection of monochromatic basics.

I get frequent requests to create posts of capsule wardrobes and lists of basics that everyone should have. 

I hear you! 

While this is a mini-capsule or collection, it is a great mix for casual wear that can get you through fall and into winter.

Plus Size Fall Monochromatic Basics Capsule Wardrobe - with Denim and Leather Jackets, Cardigan, White and Striped Tees, Camisole, Jeans, Scarf, Heeled Sandals, Sneakers and Booties- Alexa Webb

I am a “Maximalist”

As I have explained, I am not the best at these “minimalist” collections because, as I talk about frequently on Instagram Live, I am anything but a minimalist. 

I am a “maximalist.”

I’m a clothes-hoarding fashionista who has filled every closet and cranny of her home with garments.

For example, right now the top of my dining room table has become “storage overflow” for clothes I need to find permanent storage for.  The clothes are stacked in clear bins so I can theoretically find what I am looking for.  [I never do].

Point being, if you had to ask me to choose only the basics I could wear on repeat, I’d have some kind of nervous breakdown and you’d have to remove a f*&k ton of clothes from my house.

So even just having to come up with a list is a struggle. 

But, I do it for you, dear readers.  All for you!  🙂

Plus Size Fall Monochromatic Basics Capsule Wardrobe - with Denim and Leather Jackets, Cardigan, White and Striped Tees, Camisole, Camo Pants and Jeans, Scarf, Black Purses, Aviators, Heeled Sandals, Sneakers and Booties- Alexa Webb

You can easily mix and match these 21 pieces to create a multitude of looks! 

To add a little extra variety, I included a heeled sandal and clutch to transform basic looks into date night outfits.

Plus Size Date Night Outfits

While I show these evening ensembles with the faux leather jacket, the denim jacket and long cardigan could also work depending on the vibe and weather.

And by the way, if you’re looking for a strapless bra, I recommend this one.

Switch the Shoes to Switch the Look

Another great thing about this collection is the booties and sneakers are pretty much interchangeable.

If you’ll be walking a lot or just want to have that chill retro sneaker look, choose the Adidas.

If you want to look a bit more polished, go with the booties.

And add a scarf to switch things up!  So many variables, but they all work together.

Add more interest with some camo pants.

Plus Size Camo Pants Outfits

You can probably find most of these basic pieces in your closet.

You can also find shopping links below.

Plus Size Fall Capsule Wardrobe

Plus Size Fall Capsule Wardrobe with Denim and Leather Jackets, Cardigan, White and Striped Tees, Camisole, Camo Pants and Jeans, Scarf, Black Purses, Aviators, Heeled Sandals, Sneakers and Booties- Alexa Webb

Shop the Pieces

So how did I do? 

Would you like to see more posts like these? 

Please let me know in the comments below!

Plus Size Fall Capsule Wardrobe

Plus Size Fall Monochromatic Basics Capsule Wardrobe - with Denim and Leather Jackets, Cardigan, White and Striped Tees, Camisole, Camo Pants and Jeans, Scarf, Black Purses, Aviators, Heeled Sandals, Sneakers and Booties- Alexa Webb

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50 thoughts on “Plus Size Fall Capsule Wardrobe

  1. You mentioned being anything but a minimalist. I’d love you to bring back some of the flair of your posts of the past. I miss the play with colors and patterns. I started following you because you were so good at that, but lately your pasta seem more basic. Maybe that’s what everyone else wants. I just personally miss some of the playfulness of the past.

    1. Hi Michele,
      Thanks for the feedback. Yes, people seem to prefer the basics and less colorful/print-mixing looks. Those are my more popular posts. But, I do love color and print! So, I will try to add some more of those posts for those who miss them! 🙂

  2. Pop Quiz…this story is about Plus Size, yet NONE of the items shown are plus size garments!! Why would you show clothes that are NOT the larger sizes? Please don’t give me the crap line that a size 10 or 12 is a PLUS size?? Please don’t think that we BBW will keep putting up with stories or ads for Plus Sizes but only showing SMALLER SIZES! Show the correct sized items that you are speaking about, do not waste our time! Stores are finally using more “real life” sized mannequins, so start doing the same when doing a story or ads about Plus Sizes…

    1. If you are referring to the City Chic items, their sizing is vastly different. An XL there is a 22/24 US size. All of the other links I clicked offered plus size options. The cami you had to scroll past the regular sizes but there were plus size offerings there.

      1. No Annie I did not even bother with the links. My point is hat the story is about Plus Size clothes but the clothes pictured are not Plus sized in the least bit! I feel it is a slap to see that the pictures cannot be anywhere near the correct sizes! The leather jacket is probably a size 10 at the largest! Show the right sizes to the larger ladies reading the article!!

        1. I cannot agree with you, Ronnetta. These posts show the article as it is illustrated in whatever web site it comes from. Some places use larger plus size models than others. A lot of plus-size models seem to be about a 14-16, which is “plus size” to the starved and scrawny fashion icons. But I have no problem at all with how these are pictured in Alexa’s posts. And I have NEVER found an item from her posts that was NOT plus size, (not counting bags, shoes, etc.) It seems, though, that most plus-size collections stop at size 24, and if you are looking for larger sizes, you might want to use Alexa’s posts for ideas but see what you can find at places like Catherine’s or Full that carry some items in sizes larger than 24.

          Otherwise – Alexa – this capsule is a home run! SO SAD that the scarf is sold out!! It’s beautiful. Please let us know if you see where it has been re-stocked! Thanks.

    2. Ronetta, maybe you could put your request in a more positive way like, asking her to show the outfit in a couple of different sizes. I agree with you that it’s nice to see clothes that look like you could wear them. Alexa has people who follow her in a wide range of sizes. It would be helpful if women could see it in something close to what they wear. I believe she has done that in the past. She might be open to doing it again.

    3. My response will reiterate what Lori K says below…

      This is an industry-wide problem. Much like straight sizes are shown/modeled in size 0 and 2, plus sizes are shown/modeled in 10/12/14. I don’t condone it and it IS a problem, but it just how things are at the moment. I have to rely on the images I get from brands and retailers. Sometimes they don’t even have images in a plus size if the garment is also available in smaller sizes. It’s very frustrating!

      But I have been looking for what are called ghost mannequins. They are used to create the types of images I use, which would help me to have more control over the images by creating them myself. However, I have had a hard time finding any ghost mannequins above a size 14/16!

      And still, even if I can find my own ghost mannequin, then learn how to use it, and properly edit the photos, I will not be able to purchase all of the clothing necessary to post as frequently as I do now. It just isn’t financially possible. Plus, it will take a lot more time to produce content having to photograph and edit each garment’s image. So, I would have to post less frequently.

      And my concern is, if I were to do post less frequently, would I be able to continue to do this financially? Less posts = less clicks = less commission. And if I can’t make enough to support the blog’s expenses and myself (which is a struggle already), I will have to get a 9 – 5 and that would mean very infrequent posting or possibly shutting down.

      And so I ask myself, would my readers be happier with trading more inclusive images for far less content? I wouldn’t think so, but everyone has different opinions.

      Bottom line, there is A LOT that goes on behind the scenes to make this blog functional and financially viable. I don’t make these decisions lightly. I do very much believe that representation is important. And as a plus size woman, it is very frustrating to see straight-sizes and smaller plus sizes modeling for plus size brands. But, I am just one person trying to share style tips and ideas in a very imperfect world. We are all just doing the best we can. If this blog is not for you, I completely understand that.

  3. I enjoy your take on basics as well as the outfits that bring in more colors and patterns… Keep up the good work ??

  4. I agree, I love your capsules! A little more color would be great! It livens up the clothing and makes it more fun! I was looking back at some of your older outfits and they are all so beautiful and put together. Maybe a work capsule with more color and patterns? Thank you for all that you do! You are truly talented and awsome!


  5. Alexa does a fab job with the outfits she puts together. You can tell she puts a lot of time and thought into what she presents. All of the clothes are plus size. Some stores like Nordstrom sell items on their site that are both straight AND plus size and those options come up at the same time when you click on “size”. City Chic has their own sizing scheme. I have noticed that stores and brands usually show images of plus size clothes from the smaller size end of their plus sizes. If you read the description of the leather jacket, it says the model is wearing a size 14 in the jacket. My guess is that there are “sample sizes” for plus-size clothing that are used for print and runway just as there are for straight sizes. That is another fashion industry issue we could debate 24/7. Point is, it is unfair to say Alexa is not showing plus size clothing; she is, but she can only use the images of the clothing the stores and brands provide, which seem to be those smaller plus sizes.

    1. Thanks, Lori. I expanded on this issue in a response above. This is an industry-wide problem. And I’m not really sure how to solve it. As I explain above, I have thought about a way to solve it for this blog, but don’t think it is sustainable. Sigh.

      Thank you for your thoughtful response!

      1. Thank you for all the effort you put into this blog. I Can understand Ronetta’s frustration of not seeing pics of plus size clothes, but the reality is that you have to use the pics available to you. Rosemarie had asked about you modeling clothes so we can see how they fit and you gave her the link to your Pinterest page which is really helpful. I don’t know if you have worked with Mod Cloth before but they show the clothes worn by a straight size model and a plus size model so that you can get a better idea of fit. Love the capsule ideas, but like others I too would like to see more color. Maybe you could do a post where you take this capsule collection and add more colored and patterned pieces as a way of showing how things can go from basic to exciting with just a few pops of colors. I appreciate that most of the clothing you show has regular and plus sizes as I wear a 14/16 or 16 petite pants and 14/16W or 16W don’t fit me correctly but seeing the pics on your Pinterest page helps me get a better idea of what things will look like on my curvy but not quite plus size body will look like. Thanks again for your hard work, you are doing a great job.

  6. Hi Alexa!

    I love this wardrobe capsule! I just wish maybe that you’d modeled some of the outfits. It’s hard to tell how these outfits will look when they’re just cut and pasted.

    Do you have any suggestions on leather jackets for apple shapes?? I’m shaped like a line backer but would love s nice burgundy leather jacket.

    Thank you for all your hard work…. I love all of your outfit ideas!!

    1. Hi Rosemarie,

      Thank you! I don’t have any plans to model the clothes anytime soon. But, if you follow my Plus Size Fashion Pinterest board, I pin a lot of plus size bloggers that model clothes.

      As for leather jackets for apples, I recommend getting one that is cropped and layering it over longer flowy tops. Burgundy might be harder to find. I did find this faux leather jacket, I just wish it was a little shorter. There should [hopefully] be a much better selection as we get into fall.

      Thanks for reading! 🙂

  7. Alexa, thank you for the effort you put into this basic capsule. These posts offer more than an entire fall/winter wardrobe, but also help (for maximalists) to simply pack for travel, how easily it would be to replace one pair of the pants with a skirt or dress and have even more flexibility!!! The part I personally appreciate most is looking at new ways to wear what I already own and step them up by changing out shoes, bags, and accessories.

  8. Hey Alexa,

    I wanted to chime in that I appreciate your posts. They are a tool to assist the busy woman in not only creating a ‘look/style’ but also provide the links find the products. This person who is expecting to see full figured people in your posts obviously doesn’t understand the time, finances and energy it takes to create your content. They need to hire themselves a ‘personal shopper’ and get over themselves. Your content is offered as free so they have no business being mean when there is a bigger fight against the ‘norm’ of beauty standards.

    Also I agree that your posts used to have much more ‘flare’ and I would love to find a few select items to spice up my wardrobe. I do work in an office but like to be stylish amongst the sheep.


  9. I too am a maximalist ?. I love the capsule ideas. Any outfit ideas are always appreciated. I love that you have a variety of styles you showcase. I like the colourful mixed pattern outfits but in reality I probably wear more of the basics. Keep the ideas coming!

  10. Alexa I LOVE your posts!! I too am a Maximalist and plan on staying that way!! I love having options and you have helped my wardrobe immensely! Every plus size woman is different…our shapes are uniquely ours. I don’t need to see a plus size model wearing an outfit to know if it will work with my personal shape…I know what I like and I can usually pick and choose to fit my style and shape pretty well. And if I do try something that doesn’t work…I can just return it. Simple as that! Please know we love you!!

  11. I think no matter which spectrum you fall in, on the plus or straight sizing scale you have to understand your body type and know what works for you. This may take some time, trial and error and researching on ones own behalf ; one can start by identifying someone famous or a model that resembles their body type and see how they dress and style themselves. Also, the services of a personal shopper or stylist is now available to the everyday woman at a reasonable cost and is no longer reserved for celebrities. We can’t expect a blogger to have all of the resources that big brands have to showcase tons of outfits for us to look at.

  12. Alexa – don’t change a thing! Your posts are great, and they are very accessible for the average person. (Unlike some other sites I’ve seen that want you to buy $325 shirts!) I am a “maximalist – wannbe minimalist”, but most of my clothes are poorly coordinated so I find your posts to be very helpful to me for paring things down and building up a more useful closet. Keep it up!

  13. I LOVE this post. I had about half the items already and I bought the rest. I follow your blog and I am an 18-20. You almost always hit it out of the park!!!!!!

  14. HI there, I just found your blog and I really appreciate all the suggestions and ideas you post! I have a couple questions.
    1. Do you wear socks with these outfits? Things like the tennis shoes and boots I would want to wear socks but I don’t want to pull away from the look and style. Any suggestions?
    2. The bracelets, do you wear them all on the same wrist as the watch or the watch on one hand bracelets on the other?
    3. Do you have a post about how to tie a scarf in different ways? Maybe I missed it…
    Sorry if I’m lame!! Thanks again!!

    1. Hi Katie,
      Good questions! I would wear no show socks with the sneakers and a sock that won’t show with the booties too.
      The bracelets/watch is really about your preference. I tend to stack both wrists, but if I am working I get frustrated with having things on my right wrist and end up with them all piled up on my left. It really doesn’t matter. Stacked wrists are still trending, so you can’t go wrong!
      I haven’t posted about scarves, but I usually link to this video for help.
      Let me know if you have any more questions! 🙂

  15. I love this post, with a capsule wardrobe, but I LOVE color. I’d like to see a capsule that heavily features one color – say plum with grays or camel with dark red or teal with black or similar, where there is a sort of one color & one neutral in a capsule. And of course, accent with colors in the accessories.

  16. LOVE, Love, LOVEEEEEE this capsule wardrobe ! No seriously, girl, I love it ! Can you do one for fall in neutrals ? Browns and such ? Please please ??? I just bought the tunic sweater from Lands End that you posted on the alpine outfit and the straight to plus size outfit that Kate Hudson wore. I need more !!!!

  17. Alexa I want this scarf so badly. Any other alternatives you can suggest?
    If not, thats ok too!
    I have come to rely on your blog for finding and planning outfits and I really appreciate your hard work!

    1. I have been looking and keeping an eye out, but haven’t found anything too similar. It’s so unique! I’ll let you know if I come across anything as we get further into cold weather.

      Thank you so much for reading! xoxo

  18. Hi Alexa! I just started following you because of this post. I love it. I really need help with my work wear wardrobe but still need to have some casual clothes for the weekends with the family. Please post more capsules. You’re really helping a nerd learn to dress like an adult (I’m only 40, took me long enough). Thanks.

  19. I love this capsule – using it myself for fall/winter rotation. I just wanted to share that I found (and got) a great faux leather jacket from Nordstrom Rack for $39.95 and it’s still available. It is butter soft – like lambskin and fits well. It is from Catherine Malandrino.

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