Plus Size Fall Wrap Dresses

For work, play, or holiday, look fabulous in a flattering plus size fall wrap dress. As I’ve said, wrap dresses are workhorses.  They can be worn to work and both day and evening events, such as graduations, wedding/baby showers, or dinner parties.  The wrap dress is an easy choice for a date night.  And can be dressed up with accessories for a wedding.

Aside from looking classic and polished, they are also very flattering.  Apples will especially like the tie just under the bust to create that faux waist that I talk about in my Styling Tips for Plus Size Apple Shapes post.

Because you can get so much use out of them, I recommend investing in a wrap dress that is high quality.  You will absolutely get a return on your investment and then some.  When possible, choose a “true” wrap rather than “faux” wrap dress.  And lastly, look for dresses that are easy to care for.  Meaning, avoid dry clean only fabrics.

“True” vs “Faux” Wrap Dresses

To clarify, a “true” wrap dress is one in which the tie, neckline, and fit, can be adjusted when the dress is tied closed.  Where as a “faux” wrap dress looks similar in style but can’t be adjusted because the pieces are sewn together in such a way as to create the illusion of a wrap dress without the adjustability.  Often you will see inexpensive or budget options in this “faux” wrap style.  One of the reasons is that the “faux” wrap dresses cost less to make as they use less fabric and they take less time to sew.  So, if you can afford a “true” wrap dress, they are totally worth it!

Plus Size Fall Wrap Dresses

Plus Size Wrap Dress for Fall - Plus Size Workwear - #plussize #alexawebb

You might recognize this beautiful coat with faux fur from my recent post featuring a coordinating plaid skirt.  You may also see that these gorgeous patent pumps and croco bag are also from another post with coordinating pieces.  So be sure to check those out!

Plaid and houndstooth are trending but they are also classics that never go out of style.  Pro tip: come spring, swap the burgundy pumps and bag for a bright red bag and shoe.  These plus size wrap dresses are all season!

Plus Size Fall Wrap Dresses – Houndstooth

Plus Size Fall Wrap Dresses - Plus Size Workwear - #plussize #alexawebb

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Plus Size Fall Wrap Dresses – Floral

Plus Size Floral Wrap Dress for Fall - Plus Size Workwear - #plussize #alexawebb

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4 thoughts on “Plus Size Fall Wrap Dresses

  1. Hi Alexa,
    I love your ideas – you have really inspired me to up my accessories and jewelry. I love the choices you give that are lower price dupes. Can you do a post on the best accessories to have in your wardrobe? Like a shoes post, a jewelry post, a belts and scarves post, etc? I’d love to see what you have in your own wardrobe, too! A selection of your personal picks would show us not just what looks/sounds good but what really works in real life.
    I’ve gone through a long adjustment to weight gain and it was tough to make myself feel beautiful and stylish again. When I decided to look for resources to help me increase my confidence in my look, yours was the best blog I found! You really set the bar. Thanks for all you do for all women, everywhere! You should be really proud of your accomplishments!

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