4 Tips for Wearing Plus Size Faux Fur Vests

I’m loving the faux fur trend this season!

However, it isn’t something all ladies feel they can pull off.  Faux fur can be tricky, no doubt.  But, as I always say, you can wear [and look damn hot in] anything.  Sometimes it just takes considering the finer points or details to get to the “damn hot” level.  So let’s analyze this, what is the “problem” with faux fur?  Well, visually, it adds a lot of bulk, and much like one of my Pinterest followers pointed out, there’s fear of “looking like a grizzly bear” [not hot, unless you’re looking for bear action, in which case, carry on].  So what can one do?

Tips for wearing plus size faux fur vests:

  1. Choose a a vest or cardigan that has faux fur only on the front, which means 1/2 the bulk!  This plus size faux fur cardigan (pictured below) has only fur on the front.
  2.  Think about proportions and choose a vest where the length stops just above or at the widest part of your hips.  Trust me, below the hip is grizzly territory, ladies: beware!
  3. Don’t be scared of the belt, tame that grizzly!  [I could make puns all day, seriously, all day!]  I belt practically anything that needs to be reminded of my shape, this includes blouses, button downs, jackets, you name it.  Belt the smallest part of your torso, which may be just under the boobs or lower.  A thin to medium width belt will probably be best, but try belts on to see which style and placement looks best.
  4. Consider the neckline.  Chances are, you are going to wear your vest open, belted, half zipped, etc., but the neckline is still crucial.  Look for vests that are V-neck or more open at the top, which will draw the eye up to your lovely decolletage and/or fancy necklace.  If you choose a zipper vest/cardigan, create a V by zipping 1/2 way, again look in the mirror to see where best to stop the zipper.

Some outfit inspo for you:

Plus Size Fashion - Plus Size Faux Fur Cardigan - Alexa Webb - alexawebb.com

You can shop the outfit here: Plus Size Faux Fur Cardigan // Plus Size Jeans // Plus Size Wide Calf Boots // Handbag // Earrings // Sunglasses 

Shop more plus size fur vests:

Let me know if you have any other pointers for wearing plus size faux-fur vests!

2 thoughts on “4 Tips for Wearing Plus Size Faux Fur Vests

  1. Do you think the belt idea would work well for Apple shaped bodies? I’m worried about the jacket puffing out under the belt right where my problem areas are.

    1. Hi Lesa! I understand your concern. My mother is an apple shape as well and looks good with belts just under her bust. But, she looks best in empire waist tops and dresses (fitted chest/bust with loose or flare-out from just under the bust) topped with structured blazers with a nice shape, usually left open. So, that said, I think that you may want to wear something belted or with an empire waist under the fur vest. Choose an under-layer and a fur vest with a V-neck to draw the eye up. Look for a vest with structure and shape. And wear the structured vest hanging open. Hope this helps! Please let me know if I can help any further!

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