Plus Size Gifts for Her from Torrid

This is a post sponsored by Torrid and contains affiliate links.  All opinions are my own.

Ladies! This is a post to pass along to your family, loved ones, significant others, gentleman callers, boo thangs, shorties on the side, or anyone interested in giving YOU some amazing gifts.  Of course, you can also “gift” yourself.  Ain’t no shame in the self-gifting game, at least, that’s my philosophy.

Torrid, one of my favorite brands, approached me about curating a gift guide and I was like, “No problem, I literally already have a running list of wants!”  Some items, like this sequin jacket, didn’t make the cut from my personal wish list, as I know not everyone is as obsessed with sequins as I am!  So I think pretty much any woman would be happy to receive any of these gifts.  And just to be clear, for my loved ones reading this, I would be very happy to receive any of these!  (Hint hint, wink wink).

Plus Size Gifts for Her from Torrid

Plus Size Gifts for Her from Torrid - Plus Size Cozy Gift Ideas - #plussize #alexawebb

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If you’re looking for more gift ideas, go here.  I recently updated last year’s Gift Ideas for Men. I did A LOT of research and polled all of my male friends (sorry guys).  And don’t forget to check out my “one stop” Holiday Guide.  Now on to the cozy gifts!

Plus Size Gifts for Her from Torrid

Women's Gift Ideas - Plus Size Gifts for Her from Torrid - Plus Size Cozy Gift Ideas - #plussize #alexawebb

  1. Beanie – A great stocking stuffer!  You really can’t go wrong with a pink beanie.
  2. Plus Size Henley Tee –  Adorable.  I would wear this to sleep in with those adorable shorts (#16) and add some knee socks (#17) on cold nights.
  3. Glitter Slippers (Wide Width) – These is a “no brainer.”  Who doesn’t want glitter and faux fur slippers?  They are so festive for the holidays!
  4. Stud Earrings – Another great stocking stuffer.  These stud earrings go with any ensemble and sure to bring a smile to any woman’s face.
  5. Scarf – A trendy oversized scarf is perfect for any fashionista.
  6. Plus Size Bra – A little sexy, but still practical, this plus size full coverage bra is stunning in dusty pink.  It goes perfectly with these cheeky panties (#8).
  7. Plus Size Cable Knit Leggings –  These are SO cool!  You can lounge in them or wear them under tunics and dresses with boots!
  8. Plus Size Cheeky Panties – A sexy panty any gal can appreciate.  Pairs well #6.
  9. Faux Fur Bootie (Wide Width) – These booties are so cute with their lace-up back, but their faux fur lining is what really got me!
  10. Plus Size Soft Sweater – Light weight, ultra soft, and 3/4 sleeves.  Every woman needs this sweater in her life!
  11. Plus Size Striped Legging – These striped leggings are just adorable!  Seriously.
  12. Layered Necklace –  This on-trend layered necklace is perfect for those of us with larger necks or don’t like bringing attention to our necks.  The shortest layer is 17.5″ but extends to 22.5″!
  13. Earring Set –  This is such a great collection of double-ball stud earrings.  These would make great stocking stuffers!
  14. Chunky Beanie – This chunky knit beanie is simply beautiful!
  15. Faux Fur Lounge Cardigan – I love the idea of this faux fur hooded cardigan.  It is super soft and has pockets!
  16. Plus Size Lounge Shorts – So cute!  Pair these shorts with any of the tops in this guide for an adorable lounging and sleep set.
  17. Cable Knit Knee High Socks (Wide Calf) –  Wide-calved girls know, finding cute knee high socks is nearly impossible!  Torrid has solved this problem!
  18. Plus Size Lounge Cami –  This lounge cami is long (31″), thank you!  And would pair perfectly with any of the bottoms in this list!

Well, I hope you have found something for yourself or your loved ones!

Disclosure: This is a post sponsored by Torrid and also contains affiliate links, which means if you click on or purchase through certain links, I will receive a small commission.

8 thoughts on “Plus Size Gifts for Her from Torrid

  1. Alexa,
    First, I want to express my gratitude. You’re doing a fabulous job of helping real women, who need real help in upping their fashion game in clothing that fits them. I am one of them, and look forward your posts and have purchased several items you’ve recommended. You are easily my favorite go-to fashion writer/influencer. I believe in you and know we need you in the market you’re trying to reach. I’ve written a recommendation letter at your request to help you attain an invitation to training on building your online presence and sphere. In short, I’m a fan and appreciate you immensely. My life is better, because you’re inspiring the fashion I wear. I thank you, and know I’m not alone in valuing what you do.
    You’re a great writer, and you put together stellar outfits that inspire me. I’ve enjoyed your conversational, classy style and the clothing and accessories that reflect that.
    Today I was caught by surprise. Reading this post intro honestly felt like someone hijacked your blog… It doesn’t sound like your writing voice, and it doesn’t match your sleek, polished and classy style, nor the majority of the fashion items you recommend and link to.
    Shorties on the side? When people use that phrase, the most common meaning is a F***buddy or someone they cheat with.
    The “Boo Thang” thing? I’m torn between sadness, laughing and shaking my head over here!
    Definitely a distinct departure from your voice, and it doesn’t ring true. If I’m wrong, and this is you and you’ve been hiding out, then by all means, let it rip. As you grow your business (which I hope increases beyond your wildest dreams!) my encouragement to you, on behalf of all women who don’t have a platform to influence others: please stay true to who you are. We need authentic voices, and we need yours.
    With respect and gratitude,

    1. Hi Sher,
      I appreciate your support and was happy to hear that you find the blog helpful. But I am truly confused and disappointed that you didn’t find this post to be “authentic.” And while I’m not sure that I understand, I will try to address your comments.:

      I think it’s a bit odd to justify my word choice, but I will explain that “Boo” and “Boo Thang” were what my fiance and I used to call each other as a term of endearment. It is a pet name that is very dear to my heart. Well, it used to be. I’m not sure why you find this phrase sad and even humorous, but obviously people have different meanings and contexts for things.

      Which brings me to “shorties on the side,” which typically is used by men to describe the women they cheat with. In this instance, I was using it in jest, to emphasize that no matter who you have in your life, this guide guide is relevant to them.

      Further, I always like to “flip the script” when it comes to sexist language because why can’t women have “shorties on the side” if that is something they want? I guess I just didn’t take it all that seriously in terms of my stance on cheating. But typically, I try not to be judgmental and understand that all people are capable of having complicated relationships.

      Bottom line, much like referencing the antiquated phrase “gentleman caller,” I thought it was comical and furthered my point of inclusiveness. Whether you are in a ultraconservative situation where you have supervised dates with a “gentleman caller,” a casual sex “no strings” affair, or you are alone. This list is for you.

      That was my point. I thought it was effective and didn’t think it was offensive as we are all adults here.

      But most importantly, I’m not sure how this doesn’t “ring true” for my voice. If you read through the past 3 years worth of posts you will probably find every tone and mood that I experience. It comes through. In this case, I was happy and excited about this post idea. Personally, I thought it was great. So, it is disheartening to hear that it was not well received.

      And as for your issue with items featured, I actually find that surprising as I was worried this gift guide was too similar to my last. Plus I keep referencing my desire for glittery slippers and lounge wear, which I was worried everyone was sick of seeing. But you find it to be different from my other content, so I am actually relieved to hear that it seemed fresh.

      I do hope that you will continue to read and enjoy the blog and it’s tone with all of my many moods!

      Thanks for your support!

  2. Great post! I love Torrid, the people that work there are always so friendly! I love how your list celebrates the coziness and “hygge” notion that everyone wants to embrace this time of year. But instead of $100 candles and $300 angora tights you found gifts people can afford! The wide calf cable knit socks and and back lace boots are calling my name. I never ever stopped to think about how much sense wide calf knee socks make! No more uncomfortablly tight socks just to keep warm! How many pairs of slippers is too many? I want faux fur glitter slippers!

  3. I have a hard time putting together looks for myself and this collection is so versatile but approachable I feel like I could 1) use all of these pieces in a ton of different ways 2) not feel like I was wearing garanimals for adults and 3) put these on my own Christmas list for able for my mom to my fiance to gift to me!! The variety of price points and tips on gifting are crucial this time of year. I love The wide calf options the most, as even at my skinniest I have what is referred to as “athletic calves” so socks and boots with more space make me happy and keep my legs from looking like they are being held in a vice. Thanks for the recs!

    PS: my fiance and I call each other Boo so much sometimes we have to remember not to in front of others so… Don’t stop making that reference.

  4. Alexa –
    My note had no criticism of the fashion/gift choices at all. I thought they were cute and a perfect holiday feature.
    My opinion about language and authenticity is just that, an opinion. The lines were jarring to me – every shortie on the side has someone(s) on the other side being cheated on. Not a happy or playful holiday thought for many. Maybe it felt inauthentic to me because you use your terrific fashion sense to help women feel better about themselves. Your writing can do the same.
    I’m a fan and I’ll keep looking at your styling and buying what works. I won’t comment again on what you write.
    Wishing you a happy holiday season and extraordinarily successful new year.

  5. Ah these pics are so fab! The leggings are calling for me, especially since that’s all I want to wear during the holiday season! I’ve been looking more toward Torrid lately so this post is super timely, thank you!

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