Plus Size Lounge at Home Outfit

A plus size lounge at home outfit for having a “Netflix & chill” kind of day or working from home.  An easy outfit for staying cute and comfy!

Plus Size Lounge at Home Outfit with Joggers, Cami, Bralette, Sweatshirt, and Ugg Slippers - Alexa Webb #plussize #alexawebb #loungewear

When I saw these adorable navy and pink joggers, I knew I had to create a look around them! 

And what’s better than an off-the-shoulder neon pink sweatshirt?  Not much.

The exposed shoulder allows you to show off a cute lace bralette.  Love that combo! 

To see another similar idea, go here.

Of course, add some hot pink shearling slides.  I noticed a lot of people wearing them on TikTok.  And when I investigated, I discovered UGG makes shearling slide slippers!   And they come in a bunch of fun colors.  I am sort of dying to try them!

Little Luxuries

As always, I threw in some of my favorite items for lounging at home.  These are items that I have and love or from my personal wishlist.

I had to include my favorite tinted lip balm.  Add a little color while you moisturize!  This less-expensive balm is also a good option.


And a good candle makes everything better.  This one smells like roses and rain.  Oh la la!

And although I use my diffuser a lot these days, I still enjoy candles. 

In fact, I was recently gifted with some of the amazing aromatherapeutic candles from Aluminate Life that I love!

Aluminate Life Defense Candle with Smoky QuartzI am currently obsessed with the Defense candle.  It is so luxurious and smells amazing with Frankincense, Sage, and Neroli.  It has crystals in with the wax and after you’ve burned the candle, you can keep the crystals and re-purpose the jar as barware.

Aluminate Life was started by a friend of a friend, Dr. Liz Lehman.  She makes all-natural wellness products that combine “healing scents with the powerful vibrations of crystals.”

Liz is a physician who after an injury had to learn to slow down to heal and became curious about holistic healing.

Many of the items Liz sent me to try have become my favorites, including her aromatherapy rollerballs.  I keep the Energy one by my desk and the Calm one by my bed.


And I am also obsessed with insulated tumblers!  I use them daily.  They keep my drinks hot or cold for hours and hours!

I have two Yetis and three Bubbas.  I used to be all-Yeti, but then I discovered the Bubba and think it’s actually better.  But, there’s a tradeoff.  The Yetis are easier to clean.  The slider on the lid is magnetic and snaps off for optimum cleaning.

However, Yetis are missing some of the key things that I love about the Bubbas.  For one, the Yeti lid tends to pop right off if you drop the tumbler.

You might not think this is a big deal, but if you’re accident prone like me, you will end up with a rug soaked in iced latte if you’re not careful.  I know it because I have lived it, several times.  LOL.

The Bubba’s lids are very secure and you have to basically pry them off.  Also, the Bubba keeps drinks colder for longer.  I haven’t done experiments, but in my experience, this is the case.

But, the Bubbas use plastic straws which are a pain in the A to clean.  I recommend getting some of these.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

I have these blue light blocking glasses, which I am currently wearing.  I want to try some trendier styles like these.  So cute!

If you haven’t heard of this latest “trend,” these types of glasses block the blue light that comes from screens.  They are supposed to help prevent eye-strain, headaches, and other ill-effects of staring at screens all day.

Blue light can also affect your circadian rhythm.  If you are using screens (tv, computer, phone, etc) at night, theoretically, the blue light, which signals it’s daytime to your brain, can cause delayed sleep and insomnia.  That is my main reason for trying blue light blocking glasses.

I work late at night and have always struggled with my circadian rhythm.  I will try anything that might help.

So far, I think they do reduce my eye-strain and I have noticed fewer issues falling asleep.  I can’t say it is definitively the glasses, but they can’t hurt.

Plus Size Lounge at Home Outfit

Plus Size Lounge at Home Outfit with Joggers, Cami, Bralette, Sweatshirt, and Ugg Slippers - Alexa Webb #plussize #alexawebb #loungewear

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14 thoughts on “Plus Size Lounge at Home Outfit

      1. Heavens no! They were all fabulous. I was just trolling through them on Pinterest and hoped the items might still be in stock. Just thought it would be fun to have them revisited 2 years later. Thanks for replying. Candy Kassow

  1. Hi Alex,
    One of your fortes is that you are a pro at accessorizing. Nordstrom has a ton of watches marked down, and I wondered if you could pick some favs that would be fashionable now. and if you want to add necklaces or earrings, etc. I won’t complain! I wore one of your (from 11/28/19) workout outfits this morning with my daughter. She said I looked great! I am usually pretty frumpy in sweats.
    Thanks for making me feel fantastic!

    1. Hi Carole,
      Thank you! I think this watch and this watch are both great finds. I’ve featured them in some of my #NSale posts.
      As for necklaces and earrings, I’ll have to go through them and see. I know some of the pieces I loved sold out.
      So glad to hear you’re looking and feeling great! ❤

  2. Hi Alex,
    What other tops could you pair with these pants? Also do you have any suggestions for where to shop for the ever so popular slip on animal print or black sneakers. I have ordered a few and had to send them all back due to being to narrow. I hate having large finicky feet, always so hard to find good shoes or boots. Don’t even get me started on mules. I really love these kinds of outfits bc i can look cute and stylish while working from home and I wont scare the fedex man LOL!! I really like the babydoll top one I found on pinterest from a few years ago.

    1. Hi Felicianna,
      You could add any neutral t-shirt or sweatshirt. Also, a graphic tee or striped tee like this one would be a great choice.
      As for the sneakers, do you need a wide width shoe? Sounds like that might be the case.

  3. sadly, simply be has decided to close. i was interested in the pink fuzzy slippers in a wide width. it does not seem like ugg carries wide width slippers. maybe i could try a men’s size since they are wider, but of course, they would not come in hot pink! just wanted to let you know about simply be.

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