Plus Size on a Budget – Aztec Cardigan

I know “Aztec cardigans” were all the rage about 4 or 5 years ago.  But, if you’re into boho chic, they never go out of style!  So for this plus size on a budget, I found this fabulous cardi for under thirty-five bucks.  It comes in sizes 0X – 5X.  Woot!  But, before getting into the details, I want to prevent some anticipated feedback.  So please keep these things in mind:

My “Disclaimer”

  • “Budget” is relative.  Some people easily spend $300 on sunglasses, while other people allocate $300 for their annual clothing budget.
  • You may be able to find these items elsewhere for less.  These are just some “budget-friendly” finds I have come across.  And I typically don’t link to clearance items because they sell out and then people are disappointed.  Also, I have no way of linking to thrift stores, but obviously if you want to check out your local thrift stores, I think that is a great idea!
  • Recycle & reuse.  As with all of my posts, I hope that you can use pieces you already have in your wardrobe.  Additionally, I assume that you can reuse all of the pieces below in other combinations with things in your closet to create a variety of looks.  Meaning, I think it is unfair to judge the expense of one outfit as though that is the only way to wear the pieces.

Plus Size on A Budget Aztec Cardigan - Fall Outfit Idea - Alexa Webb #plussize #alexawebb

Plus Size on a Budget – Outfit Details

And the Aztec cardigan is easy to style!  Simply layer it over a neutral t-shirt, tank, or cami.  Wear it open or belted.  Add a pair of jeans.  In this case, I chose black denim, but any denim will do!  Add some booties with a Western vibe.

For the accessories, you can’t overdo it if you’re going for a true boho look.  Layer on necklaces, bracelets and rings.  I kept things more simple for the sake of being more wearable and sticking to a budget.  I just added some large hoop earrings, a layered necklace, and a wrap bracelet.  A floppy wool hat and a bucket bag complete the look.

Plus Size on a Budget – Aztec Cardigan

Plus Size on A Budget Aztec Cardigan - Fall Outfit Idea - Alexa Webb #plussize #alexawebb

Shop the Look

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Plus Size on A Budget Aztec Cardigan - Fall Outfit Idea - Alexa Webb #plussize #alexawebb

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2 thoughts on “Plus Size on a Budget – Aztec Cardigan

  1. Darling look, once again! I thought for sure the boots were the new Frye style I was looking at just this morning. Imagine my surprise when they linked to Target! another bullseye, well done Alexa! and Thanks <3

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