Plus Size on a Budget – Midi Dress Outfit

A beautiful plus size floral midi dress outfit with boho vibes is next in my “plus size on a budget series!” 

This look is perfect for a beach vacation or just a mimosa brunch with the girls.

Plus Size on a Budget – Midi Dress Outfit with a Denim Jacket, Espadrille Wedges and Straw Tote Bag - Alexa Webb

My “Disclaimer”

I want to prevent some anticipated feedback.  So please keep these things in mind:

  • “Budget” is relative.  Some people easily spend $300 on sunglasses, while other people allocate $300 for their annual clothing budget.
  • You may be able to find these items elsewhere for less.  These are just some “budget-friendly” finds I have come across.  And I typically don’t link to clearance items because they sell out and then people are disappointed.  Also, I have no way of linking to thrift stores, but obviously, if you want to check out your local thrift stores, I think that is a great idea!
  • Recycle & reuse.  As with all of my posts, I hope that you can use the pieces you already have in your wardrobe.  Additionally, I assume that you can reuse all of the pieces below in other combinations with things in your closet to create a variety of looks.  Meaning, I think it is unfair to judge the expense of one outfit as though that is the only way to wear the pieces.

Outfit Details

Like I said, this plus size floral midi dress  is paired with some quintessential summer accessories like a straw tote bag.

Some delicate bracelets, layered necklaces, and a pair of trendy rattan earrings are summer staples that add to this look.

And oversized designer-inspired square sunnies (I have these and love them!) will give you that rich b!tch look that I love!

Add a denim jacket as needed. 

Lastly, a tinted balm goes a long way in the heat.

While not “on a budget,” if you’re looking for a good strapless bra, I recommend this one (or here) or this one.

Plus Size on a Budget – Midi Dress Outfit

Plus Size on a Budget – Midi Dress Outfit with a Denim Jacket, Espadrille Wedges and Straw Tote Bag - Alexa Webb

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Plus Size on a Budget – Midi Dress Outfit with a Denim Jacket, Espadrille Wedges, Straw Tote Bag - Alexa Webb

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4 thoughts on “Plus Size on a Budget – Midi Dress Outfit

  1. I just love a floral dress for the beach this summer, the shoes are a great touch as well. Gotta have a jean jacket too!

  2. Hi Alexa,
    I am a big fan and look forward to your posts! Would it be possible to add another non-denim option to cover arms for sleeveless tops? I live in Texas so denim is not a comfortable option more than 3-4 months a year and I am super self conscious about showing my arms. I REALLY appreciate the way you include a cover up option or tanks/camis/spaghetti straps though, so thank you!

  3. Hi Alexa (best name! My daughter is an Alexa, too!),
    I love this floral dress! So much that I bought it (even though I don’t like shopping at Walmart). The dress is even prettier in person. I’ve worn it three times and received many compliments from strangers when I’m out and about. I recently received the J. Crew denim jacket and looking forward to wearing it with this dress.

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