Plus Size on a Budget – Work-from-Home Outfits

While I usually post outfit ideas in my “plus size on a budget series,” this time I created a mini-capsule of work-from-home outfits. 

Nine looks.  All appropriate for Zoom meetings. 

Leggings and slippers for in the house and jeans with booties for errands and such.

Plus Size on a Budget – Work-from-Home Outfits

Plus Size on a Budget – Work-from-Home Outfits and Mini-Capsule - Alexa Webb

Plus Size on a Budget – Work-from-Home Outfits and Mini-Capsule - Alexa Webb

Plus Size on a Budget – My “Disclaimer”

I want to prevent some anticipated feedback.  So please keep these things in mind:

  • “Budget” is relative.  Some people easily spend $300 on sunglasses, while other people allocate $300 for their annual clothing budget.
  • You may be able to find these items elsewhere for less.  These are just some “budget-friendly” finds I have come across.  And I typically don’t link to clearance items because they sell out and then people are disappointed.  Also, I have no way of linking to thrift stores, but obviously, if you want to check out your local thrift stores, I think that is a great idea!
  • Recycle & reuse.  As with all of my posts, I hope that you can use the pieces you already have in your wardrobe.  Additionally, I assume that you can reuse all of the pieces below in other combinations with things in your closet to create a variety of looks.  Meaning, I think it is unfair to judge the expense of one outfit as though that is the only way to wear the pieces.

Business casual on top & comfy on bottom

A t-shirt or knit top might not seem Zoom appropriate for everyone who is working from home.

But as you can see, when topped with a floral scarf and some nice earrings, the look is really leveled up.  Even if you have fuzzy slippers and leggings on the bottom.

As usual, I added some more WFH essentials, including blue light blocking glasses and a good smelling candle.  On a budget!

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

I have these blue light blocking glasses, which I am currently wearing.  So cute!

If you haven’t heard of this latest “trend,” these types of glasses block the blue light that comes from screens.  They are supposed to help prevent eye-strain, headaches, and other ill-effects of staring at screens all day.

Blue light can also affect your circadian rhythm.  If you are using screens (tv, computer, phone, etc) at night, theoretically, the blue light, which signals it’s daytime to your brain, can cause delayed sleep and insomnia.  That is my main reason for trying blue light blocking glasses.

I work late at night and have always struggled with my circadian rhythm.  I will try anything that might help.

So far, I think they do reduce my eye-strain and I have noticed fewer issues falling asleep. 

I can’t say it is definitively the glasses, but they can’t hurt.

Look 1 – Version 1 – Working-from-Home

Plus Size Work-from-Home Outfit with Zoom appropriate scarf, t-shirt, and cardigan. Plus, leggings and slippers on the bottom. Alexa Webb

Then get ready for running errands by swapping the leggings for jeans and the slippers for ankle booties. 

Add an olive green crossbody camera bag.  So trendy!

Look 1 – Version 2 – Errands

Plus Size Work-from-Home Outfit with Zoom appropriate scarf. t-shirt, and cardigan. Plus, jeans and booties for running errands. Alexa Webb

Then I saw this adorable knit dress, so I had to include an additional look with it.

Look 1 – Version 3 – A Dress

Plus Size Work-from-Home Outfit with Zoom appropriate scarf with knit dress, and booties for running errands. Alexa Webb

Look 2 – Version 1 – Working-from-Home

Plus Size Work-from-Home Outfit with Zoom appropriate scarf, lavender top, and grey cardigan. Plus, leggings and slippers on the bottom. Alexa Webb

Look 2 – Version 2 – Errands

Plus Size Work-from-Home Outfit with Zoom appropriate scarf. t-shirt, and cardigan. Plus, jeans and booties for running errands. Alexa Webb

Look 3 – Version 1 – Working-from-Home

Plus Size Work-from-Home Outfit with Zoom appropriate scarf, wine t-shirt, and grey cardigan. Plus, leggings and slippers on the bottom. Alexa Webb

Look 3 – Version 2 – Errands

Plus Size Work-from-Home Outfit with Zoom appropriate scarf. t-shirt, and cardigan. Plus, jeans and booties for running errands. Alexa Webb

Look 4 – Version 1 – Working-from-Home

Plus Size Work-from-Home Outfit with Zoom appropriate scarf, lavender top, and grey cardigan. Plus, leggings and slippers on the bottom. Alexa Webb

Look 4 – Version 2 – Errands

Plus Size Work-from-Home Outfit with Zoom appropriate scarf, lavender top, and cardigan. Plus, jeans and booties for running errands. Alexa Webb

Plus Size on a Budget – Work-from-Home Outfits & Mini-Capsule

You can see the whole mini-capsule here:

Plus Size on a Budget – Work-from-Home Outfits and Mini-Capsule - Alexa Webb

Shop the Capsule

Plus Size Grey Cardigan {sold out} (similar, similar, longer)

Plus Size Lavender Top {sold out} (similar, similar)

Plus Size Wine T-Shirt {sold out} (similar, similar)

Crossbody Bag {sold out} (similar, similar)

Light Grey Ankle Booties, here or here (similar/wide, lower/wide)

Lavender Floral Scarf {sold out} (similar, similar)

Linear Earrings {sold out} (similar, similar)

Lavender Hoop Earrings {sold out} (similar, similar)

Grey Floral Scarf {sold out} (similar, similar, similar)


Plus Size on a Budget – Work-from-Home Outfits and Mini-Capsule - Alexa Webb

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Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means if you click on or purchase through certain links, I may receive a small commission.

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  1. First of all, thank you so much for doing these capsule posts. I know you have stated that you are a maximist (lol) instead of a minimalist so I know this is probably hard for you to do.

    Secondly, I love this. I’m an essential worker so although I don’t get to stay at home, anything that takes the guesswork out of getting dressed is a win for me, especially in these challenging times. And your blog always helps when I can’t think of an outfit idea.

    I appreciate you.

    1. I love the ideas for stay at home work outfits. Sometimes you want to look professional but be comfortable at the same time.

    1. I really love the colors of this collection❤️ Most of the fall colors look horrible on me. Burgundy is a perfect choice!

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    1. Agreed! I’m also older and if I think an outfit is too young looking for my personal preference, I focus on the intention of the design and color flow. You’ve helped me elevate my professional and personal style, as well as challenged me to be bold with color. Thank you!

    2. Agreed! I follow your advice on styles and colors. It’s challenged me to be bold and has elevated my professional and personal outfits.

  4. I love this wardrobe! I can be ready for my zoom meetings, a quick run to the store, & even an unexpected knock on the door!

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  6. Alexa I love this mini capsule!!!! Before 2020 my wardrobe consisted of work clothes and weekend clothes that are great for working in the yard or cleaning the house 🙂 Reading your posts has helped me incorporate some work from clothes into my closet without buying a whole new wardrobe. Keep up those great posts!!!!

    1. I love your plus size on a budget series and I love capsules. This is a win-win for me! Thanks for sharing this with us!

    1. Bras! I just want someone to help me find a bra that fits my body, doesn’t roll up around the band and has support. That will be my #1 question.

      1. I found Wacoal Basic Beauty and Wacoal sports bras a few years ago and wear nothing else now. I have recommended them to a few friends that now wear them. For me they don’t roll, give good support w/o a double bubble and find their sizing consistent. I get them at Nordstrom, occasionally I’ll find them at Nordstrom Rack.

  7. Love. Love. Love these WFH combos❣
    The purples and lavenders with the grey and/or jeans are perfect transition from chilly mornings to warm days and back to the nip of fall in the afternoon again.
    I’m in❣?

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      Going to your blog has been my nighttime treat for over a year and for so reason, I never subscribed. But now I have. It’ll be nice to have something I love in my email on a regular basis. ❤️❤️

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    I almost called you Alexa, since I’ve been following you for quite some time I feel like I know you. I really like how you structure your site. I struggle with knowing my body type. But I do know what I feel comfortable in, and you always have an option for my taste. Thank you for sharing your gift, I really need the help.

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    Yet another great capsule! The colors work great together and the prices are amazing! You have done it again!


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  70. Alexa,

    Thank you for taking the time to create and share your looks. Your posts have made me become interested with fashion.

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    I can’t wait until we can go back out again. I’d wear any of these styles effortlessly.

    Thanks for putting this together!!

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    Congrats on the blogiversary! And fingers crossed for the styling tips!

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  113. Can i just say how amazing you make me feel with every idea and post that I’ve seen you do!! You empower real women with real bodies every single day!! Thank you!?

    1. Love you blog and the outfits you post! This one is especially good for those working at home, but still want to take the wardrobe up a notch and not work in jammies. Keep the blog coming and happy anniversary!

  114. I love your blogs! I can’t tell you how much you have helped me over the past two years to put outfits together for both work and casual weekends! I check everyday to see what is new!!! I also love when I already have a piece or two similar and put together what I have from previous posts and purchases according!

  115. I discovered your blog about two years ago and it has changed my wardrobe! I love your style and the items you put together. Thank you!

  116. You always have the most amazing outfits on your posts. I’ve gotten quite a few of your pieces that you have Posted but I would love to have a one on one session with you!

  117. The only reason I shop the Nordstrom sale, and the only
    Person who can give me size appropriate outfit ideas ❤️❤️

  118. Congratulations on your anniversary! I just wanted to say thank you for all you do. When I see your posts on any of the socials I follow you on-I am finally not ashamed of being plus size because you post makes me feel like plus size ladies can be fashion forward too! You content has truly inspired me to step up my closet! Thank you so much!

  119. Love you professional outfits. It’s so easy to fall into looking slouchy, but your ideas are always fresh, modest, and look so great!

  120. Alexa – I love your style and appreciate you sharing your talent with us! Not only have I purchased countless outfits based on your recommendations – you have also inspired me to work new items into the items I already have to extend my selection of outfits! Thanks for Ll you do!

  121. Your plus size work capsules have been so helpful! Would love to win so I could complete the fall work capsule you put together ? thank you!

  122. I love these capsule wardrobes you do, even though I wear scrubs to work, they give me ideas about mixing & matching patterns and colors I wouldn’t have otherwise thought to do. I enjoy all of your content even if something isn’t my style. Thank you for your commitment to styling plus size women!

  123. I have followed you for a while now and love your design eye! Your mix of patterns is my favorite and pushes me to think outside my typical jeans and t-shirt outfits. I also really appreciate all the sales information in your posts and updated links! Thanks for keeping us all beautiful!!

  124. Thank you so much for all the collage inspiration and always being responsive via DMs. I love the capsules. Sometimes I wish I could just throw out my entire closet and by the whole dang thing! One day… one day! ??

  125. I absolutely Love Your Blog and have sent some fashionable divas your way. I recently purchased the latest lounge outfit posted and I am just waiting for 2 more pieces and I cannot wait to take a picture and tag you. IG @amurphyflores

  126. I’m secretly trying to sneak in my bright pink before transitioning to the fall wardrobe, but I Love love love these looks & inspirations!

  127. The company that makes Alia and Tan Jay has closed. Where is a good store that offers similar clothing. Specificaly elastic waist pants.

  128. You have been my “go to” influencer for the last 2 years! You are always so body positive, and I love how you provide different options for different price points. And you never forget the accessories! Love the Fall colors in this post!

  129. I truly appreciate the time you spend putting these amazing wardrobe capsules together!
    A lot of the pieces you can easily dress up or down. Thank you for the suggestions, a lot of my wardrobe pieces have been inspired by your blog! Can’t wait to shop for your new suggestions 🙂

  130. Thank you….thank you! I am so excited to follow as the styles are truly on point and flatter the more curvest of us ladies. Not only do you find up-to-date styles but you give us alternatives when it comes to pricing. I think I speak from all of us followers when I say you have saved me from my forever shopping nightmare of being plus size and being disappointed when nothing cute would fit and leaving shopping centers emptied handed and feeling defeated from my body type.
    Much love!

  131. Capsules make it so easy to put endless outfits together. Thank you so much for inspiring me and giving me ideas for fashionable, flattering clothes.
    Happy 5 years!

  132. I really love the outfits you put together and the fact that you always let us know when these things are on sale.

  133. Hello! What a brilliant bounty of beautiful baubles and bedecking you’ve shared here! I have been following you for some time on the socials and find your styling to be my style! It’s refreshing and inspiring that you dance to the beat of your own drum…maybe in the streets like your our dynamic duo…when it comes to styling! 😉 Continued blessings friend in my head!

  134. I am obsessed with these color combos!! I have been such a fan of your blog for years and love recreating the looks you put together! I always feel more pulled together and confident and you have opened my eyes to the fact that you don’t have to be a size 4 to feel great in what you are wearing!

  135. The day I found your blog was the day I rejoiced knowing plus size women aren’t relegated to wearing old lady clothes or skanky stuff that shows way too much skin. I love your picks!! I marked you as “see first” on Facebook just to make sure I don’t miss your posts!!

  136. I just found your blog – I just started a new job at a school after working on a ranch …. I am loving you sense of style… Thank You

  137. I have pinned so many of your outfits on Pinterest…I just love your style! This is a great giveaway & I would be thrilled to win. Congratulations on your milestone!

  138. I just ordered the plum top. Everytime I follow your suggestions, the result is a beautiful, versatile and well put together outfit. You are exactly what I needed!

  139. Happy blogiversary! I love these posts so much. I try to be a minimalist with my wardrobe, but I get hung up on what actually “goes” with what. Your styling posts are everything. <3

  140. Congratulations! I love your blog, and follow you on Pinterest and instagram. Your stylings have allowed me to breath new life into my current wardrobe. I have been able to create outfits I would not have thought of on my own. I used to buy an item and could only think of one way to wear it. That has totally changed. I love finding an outfit or capsule on your blog that I fall in love with and then picking a couple items to add to what I already have to make my own best version for me. I am on vacation at the moments and all the outfits were put together from your blog posts. I literally sat on my bed and decided what to take by looking through your blog. Thank you, and congratulations, enjoy your accomplishment.

  141. I have just recently found you through pinterest and I have a new found desire to put together clothes better. I’ve always liked fashion but as I’ve gotten stuck on my ways with my job and home life I havent put as much thought into my clothes. Thank you for revitalizing this in me!

  142. Found you on pinterest and been following you for awhile now. I love the way you pieced the outfits together. I love the home piece with the slippers, nice touch.

  143. Love the purple and gray clothing capsule! You suggest pieces that look classy, timeless, comfortable and affordable. Thank you for helping plus size women feel like there are more options.

  144. I find your posts so helpful when it comes to thinking of new outfit ideas. I really like the color combination of this post.

  145. I’m going to go broke with all of this shopping I’m doing! But I can’t help it because you have brought such great pieces together for women who aren’t the fashion industry’s typical body type. You’ve made me feel comfortable and confident in clothes I would have been too afraid to wear normally because I wouldn’t have known how to style it.

    Thanks so much for your help!

  146. I love that you can mix and match commonly worn pieces to create several looks. Thanks Alexa for the inspiration!

  147. I love receiving your blogs post. You help give me ideas for outfit I would not have thought of. Especially color combinations.

  148. I have several of these pieces but you have put them together in new ways. I feel like I just got several new outfits but didn’t spend any money. Win!

  149. Love that you offer so many options, pricing and styles for plus-size when other companies don’t view us as a worthwhile market….so thanks for what you do.

  150. Love when I see your blog. As I try to grow my wardrobe those blog really helps me expand my ideas. Thank you for all that you do.

  151. Oh I absolutely love your blog! I’m a mom on the go and you have really boosted my confidence! Thanks and keep it up!

  152. Love, love the capsule idea! Planning my fall capsule now. I have always loved clothes, shoes, and accessories but I’m a widow, living on a teachers salary. This will save me so much time and money and it gives options for looking presentable, but comfortable when we’re quarantined and working virtually.

  153. Alexa,
    First, wishing you your family and business team, continued health and safety during these times.
    Great work from home suggestions for the virtual meeting room. As a plus size girl, you have introduced me to retailers I never new existed. Your outfit suggestions with options lend a helping hand to a girl that was stuck wearing the same old boring thing. Happy to be apart of and receive your fashion skills!

  154. Adorable as always. I appreciate how you show several looks with the same pieces. Your combos bring joy, whether looking at them online or attempting them on my bod! One sure way to get myself out of a funk is to look through your posts.
    Thank you Alexa, for sharing your talents ?

  155. Very cute work from home outfits. Really like the blush color and the wine. And the scarves would be perfect with both. Makes me wish I lived in a colder climate!

    Love, love love that I found your blog! After having a nightmare of an incident in my closet and losing 1/2 of my clothes and tons of shoes, I happened upon your blog. I’ve been rebuilding my closet as I see outfits and pieces that I like and will work for me.

  156. Happy Anniversary! I love the colors and accessories used here! Classic fall colors that would work for me! I appreciate these work from home styles and they are very affordable also!

  157. I look forward to seeing your email in my inbox! I love everything you put together. It helps me tremendously! I especially love your capsules. ❤️❤️

  158. I’ve been following you for quite some time and every post you do it’s always a wow factor for me, especially when I see an outfit that I may have similar pieces to put together. Always looking forward to the next outfit

  159. I love the flexibility with this collection. That all items can casually go from working at home to a casual day out.

    The color scheme is perfect for the upcoming fall season and is relaxing to the eyes.

    I can’t explain how many slippers I’ve invested in because of your blog! These are a definite new splurge coming.

  160. I used to feel self conscious about my clothes/depressed, Because I was sick and in and out of the hospital with different health issues. So clothing was obviously wasnt the important to me. (Trust me it showed) Until I came cross you. You showed me that that you can dress down or up and still look FABULOUS!! It truly was a boost to my confidence. I am so PROUD of how far I have come. Family, Friends, and random people in public are now asking where did I get something or ask me for styling help. So I sent them them to you.

    But thank you truly for the confidence boost I needed.

  161. Very Pretty Looks! I noticed that even for a mini capsule I prefer more variety so I’m going to see if I can find two very different scarves to do this with the clothes I already own. I don’t actually work from home in the sense that I’m doing zooms all the time but I do bi-weekly zoom meetings with other writers and I have to leave the house every day to run my son to band class and back. So comfortable looks that can be made presentable are perfect! And how did I not know blue light blocking glasses were a thing?

    1. Love this color palette for fall! I have a bunch of wine and olive colored items already and love to wear them. Going to see what I can grab to complement what I have in this weekend’s sales to re-create this capsule!

  162. Congratulations on five years! Love your posts. Can’t wait to get the items I ordered from this WFH post, especially the scarves. They really pull these outfits together.

  163. I don’t get to work from home but can definitely fit some of these into casual Fridays. I love to see the outfits you pull together. Thanks for all you do!

  164. I love your blog!! Your ideas are always so cute and well put together! I could really use the a new wardrobe!! ? Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  165. Congratulations on your blogiversary! And thank you for giving us beautiful wardrobe stylings with different price points!

  166. I found you this past year and you have truly inspired my wardrobe! I am still improving but I just love your style! Thank you!

  167. Thank you for all your ideas! I tend to get frumpy and stale in my clothes so I love these ideas to spark things up at home, work and when I am out.

  168. I love the colors of this capsule. Can you suggest anything besides the booties to go with these outfits? Thanks for always keeping us chubby girls fashionistas!

  169. I love the style and color of that dress! I love the capsule posts because sometimes I have similar pieces already in my closet and now I have a new way to style them.

  170. I appreciate the colors used for these outfits. They work well with my olive skin tone and dark blond hair! Always love your comfy slacks that also look great!

  171. I just love this! I’m new to your blog, found you on Pinterest. I worked from him before COVID and that won’t change after COVID is gone. I’m look sloppy because no one sees me, however, you’ve given me the inspiration to look muuuuuch better and feel better too! Thanks! ❤️

  172. “Learn From Home!”
    I am debating whether to share the price of the 20 or more pieces I’ve purchased from your “Work From Home” capsule wardrobe with my family members. See I’m convalescing from a health crisis in the home of my youngest son, my “Bonus Daughter” and two G-Kids. I have had so many deliveries this week with more to come! They probably move back and forth between enjoying my fashion shows as I open and try on my deliveries and prance around, to wondering if I’m dipping into my savings.
    After more than a decade serving people experiencing homelessness, addiction and mental health issues, COVID-19 has pushed me to move on from depending on an income from this to developing a new set of skills to take advantage of new opportunities. I am still firmly committed to volunteering with this population however, our society doesn’t provide folks with enough material resources to support them moving through homelessness to safe,stable, affordable housing. The stress of my client’s situations during COVID-19 finally got to me.

    Now with my own health crisis and my age-64- front and center, unable according to my doctors to live alone for at least the next three months, I am forced to make some uncomfortable changes.
    On September 8, I begin a medical office administration program via Zoom. Thanks to your recommendations, I will present in very attractive office attire. I truly enjoy your blog posts.
    I am so excited.

  173. I love your blog posts. I’ve learned so much about styling myself. But I’ve got much to learn. Thank you.

  174. I love that you link such affordable options! As a SAHM with a husbandthat works away, I don’t spend a lot on clothes that won’t be seen often by anyone but myself. You make it easy to look and feel great on a budget!

  175. The grey slippers as part of the capsule cracks me up! Thanks for what you do! Always some good suggestions. I am retired and live in an active adult community where we see people every day and I love that I can use your suggestions!

  176. I feel like I know you or you know my style. Heck after two years with a subscription service my style never felt right! Everything Ive bought Ive loved! And love your similar suggestions for less money too! Thanks for all you do♥️

  177. I’m so happy I found you on Pinterest and I look forward to new outfit ideas whenever you pop up in my Facebook and Instagram feeds. You’ve inspired me to get out of my wardrobe rut and I love that you get down to the details with accessories and even self-care items.

  178. Love love love your style and your blog. I’ve purchased several of your suggestions and have never been disappointed! Thanks for all you do.

  179. I love a good capsule… and this one features one of my favorite colors for Fall/Winter. I love the wine palette. I know sometimes we see it come and go… one year it’s trending and then it disappears but it always comes back. I happen to think it’s a classic and a go-to for the season. I love that you complimented it with lavender and gray. Beautiful!

  180. Happy Anniversary, Alexa!

    I am WFH and appreciate this post because I have many similar things in my closet already!

    I appreciate your style and that I can use your suggestions to wear what I already own!

    – Michelle

  181. Congrats on your 5th year anniversary! I feel like it was just the other day that I was creating a list of all the clothes that I want! I love the fact you give so many options from budget friendly, sizes and in some cases, different ways to wear it. I’m so glad we are friends on and off your blog!

  182. Thanks so much for these inspiring posts. You’re our real Alexa for fashion. I always take ideas from your posts and accomplish them. I always get compliments when I accomplish your outfit ideas.

  183. Hello Alexis,
    I love your blogs because I wear sweats all of the time because I don’t have time to get cute most days and then I feel like why get cute when I am not going anywhere. Your blog really inspires me because I also think that skinny girls have better clothes. It really hard trying to find clothes that are cute in my size. Thanks for inspiring me and helping me to see that even though I am a thick girl, I can still dress pretty. ❤️❤️❤️

  184. I follow your blog and your Pinterest. I really love the mini capsules you put together, because we all love looks we can change without a ton of outfits hogging space in the closet. I’m a fairly new follower, discovered you last December on Pinterest. I appreciate that you rotate outfits or give alternative options to those of us in colder/hotter regions. My number one questions, should I be a lucky winner, would be how to dress for my age without looking like an old lady (40’s) and how to cover a belly that looks like I’m pregnant (which is really embarrassing but due to a large hernia). I do not work, retired military. Stitchfix has been my go-to, but it is expensive, so I really appreciate your blog posts. I also love that you rotate price ranges for different people or give alternate lower $ items. You have a fantastic blog and I hope it has been fun to do for you! It would be awesome if you provided customized advice/outfit/mini capsule ideas for a styling fee similar to stitchfix, but without the clothes.

  185. I LOVE these so much! I have to admit I’ve done a few meetings business on top and jammies on the bottom lol! I love that these aren’t too fussy and are super cute! You inspire me with all your emails and cute outfit ideas. I’ve even stepped out of my comfort zone and tried new things. Thank you for being here!

  186. I get a lot my great tips from your Blogs. I’m able to fine things out and about it put similar looks together… thanks for your help!!!

  187. I love the color combinations within this blog post, and always enjoy your outfit collection suggestions. Your collections are affordable and easy to locate by your attached links. I save many of your emails for future outfit references. Thank you for an opportunity to enter this contest! Have a great day!

  188. Alexa Webb. Absolutely love love all the clothes that you pick out and put together and I honestly look forward to my emails when I see Alexa Webb new email I’m just so excited to look and see what outfits you have put together and what’s in style. again you have the best style all around and everything is too adorable and classy for any setting I would love to win because I definitely need help I mean definitely need help with my wardrobe!! I dont know the last couple years I’ve just fallen into a really bad rut oh just wearing anything and everything as long as clean I throw it on and I can’t remember the last time I honestly got dressed up meaning a nice outfit the makeup the whole nine yards it’s been awhile so again I would love to win because I need the help terribly LoL SoS

  189. Love this post filled with great ideas for comfy yet professional clothing options for work from home!! I would love to win the giveaway! Happy anniversary on this blog that uplifts and empowers the plus size community ❤️❤️

  190. Hi, Alexa!
    I am loving the capsule wardrobes you have put together for different seasons and for working from home. I love knowing that I can put together several outfits from just a few choice pieces. Plus, now that I am working from home, it makes me want to still look professional even at home. Thank you!

  191. I have almost all of these items so I’m very excited about this capsule! I would love to have a style session with you. Here’s to many more years!

  192. I love the budget friendly post. (Teacher here) This collection is awesome and I have several items in my cart. Your blog is a must read for me. Love, love, love ?

  193. Happy blogaversary! I just discovered you a few months ago. Your posts are stylish (but not over the top), and are priced for normal people. I was *smitten* with your fall work wear post featuring lavender and bronze – I bought several items as a result) and I’m loving the colors on this post, as well. Keep up the great work!

  194. I love your classic sense of style and these capsule posts. It helps me to reimagine some of the items I already own and help me to make smarter purchasing decisions, too.

  195. Hi Alexa! Thank you for these on a budget posts. I am a mom of a wonderful busy four-year-old. I want to look cute for her but I have no time to shop. Do you have such a gift for balancing style with comfort and budget. Thank you so much! My girl and I are fans!

  196. This capsule post is so inspiring! I’m now trying to go through my closet and make a capsule wardrobe! Thanks!

  197. Love the candle and cozy slipper additions. ? I love your blog. I can’t always afford to buy the things you feature, but its nice to get inspiration to utilize what I do have from your posts.

  198. I love the color palette, and ADORE that this is focused on work-at-home attire! I am struggling with this part of my wardrobe right now. This post has given me so many ideas on how to spruce up my wardrobe for Fall Zoom meetings,

  199. I just recently discovered your blog. I love it so much! It has so much useful information for plus size women. My favorite part of this blog post is how you made each piece coordinate with different types of looks. With the world’s current condition, some days I need to stay at home to work and other times I need to go to the office. These pieces can be so versatile. Thank you so much.

  200. Love the outfits you select. I think some of these items would work great on a zoom call and working from home. Sometimes you get those surprise zoom calls and it is great to have some new options that have great colors.

  201. I LOVE your capsule collections I always have a bunch of pieces in my shopping cart and on my wish list. Even your older post I will buy a piece and filter through your older post to find different ways to wear it!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

  202. My husband turned me on to you. He kept sending me snapshots, which I believe were big hints. Lol. Either way I got the picture and now I receive the emails. It has helped me tremendously and love how it is budget friendly. I’ve stepped up my game as they say.

  203. Love your style! I’ve recreated many of your outfits. Thanks for all the fashion advice.

    I’m tall in the torso…well…I guess I’m tall all over. I’m 6 feet! If you have any favorite places that offer tall sizes, I’d love to hear them.


  204. Thank you for this post. I am definitely not a fan of purples…but I must say, after seeing these combos, I purchased the scarves (and maybe a few extra) and I am on the hunt for the lavender top that is featured in the post. (It is not currently available to ship in my area for some reason). I definitely fall into your category of maxi-mist….so I can usually only add one maybe two pieces to pull off the looks! ☺️

    Thank you again!

  205. Thanks for all the great fashion tips. I love your blog presents various options at different price points. The fall colors are beautiful, and you have great taste!

  206. I love your work from home looks!! I do really enjoy the on a budget posts, but also like to look at the other pieces that show me some websites I don’t usually shop! Thanks for helping me enjoy shopping again 🙂

  207. Thanks for living in the rel world, and showing us alternatives that are less pricey. On a fixed income, it’s important to recognize those limits when you still want to look good. Thank You!

  208. Love the different combinations and the affordability of this post! I enjoy your blog because it makes my online shopping much easier putting whole outfits together including accessory ideas! I’m starting to get the whole look together.

  209. Love the style profiles. The pop of color is great and so complimentary to the fall season we are heading into. I feel like these colors would look good on anyone!

    1. I’ve been “stalking” your blog for a couple of months now. Because of your insight to fashion, I have been able to purchase several staples and match them with things I already have. It’s amazing how well you know me, almost as if you’ve been “stalking” me much longer than I have you. ???

      For the first time in 20 years of teaching high school my students are complimenting my on my outfits and not laughing at them. (Don’t think they are mean, I have a “unique” sense of humor and played it up most of the time. I had the belief that if I couldn’t put together attractive outfits I might as well make them as obnoxious as possible.)

      Seriously, THANK YOU!!! I LOVE everything you do and appreciate you sharing your fashion sense!!

  210. Congrats on your 5th blogiversary! I first discovered your posts on Pinterest and have enjoyed creating new looks from your suggested combinations with things I already have. Plus a few new purchases here and there as well. 😉 I love the shades of purple and lavender for this fall.

    A friend and I were recently laughing over how we have to be professional from the waist up and comfy from the waist down since all of our meetings are now virtual . So, this mini capsule of Work-from-Home outfits is right on time! LOL

    You have a great talent for styling and providing alternative (affordable) options in each post.

  211. I love these capsule posts- thanks for showing how to style a few key pieces in a variety of ways to keep things interesting!

  212. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to making us curvy girls feel good about ourselves! Keep picking winning outfits! You are the best!

  213. I really appreciate your posts for budget outfits. It’s super helpful as I’m having to build a new wardrobe and on a tight budget as a new mom and my husband is staying home with the little one.

  214. I truly love your “on a budget” series!! I’m someone who is plus size with children and using your tips have helped my wardrobe and helped me save a few coins!!!

  215. I look forward to your posts. I love clothes and your ideas are fresh and stylish. Please keep all us plus size girls in the know of style. Thanks so much!

  216. These “lewks” are giving me life today! I love scarves and I love the idea of being comfortable while still being able to show up professionally in the home office. And, as someone who is working hard to make peace with her “middle age bod” – having bright colors and fun jewelry makes me think that I can still be in style without dressing “too young” or trying too hard. Thank you so much for the inspiration!

  217. I really need to get out of my style rut and invest some money in key pieces to recharge my wardrobe – I don’t put in enough effort in getting dressed, and seem to be washing the same clothes week after week but seeing your posts get me motivated to dress up even when dressing down for working from home!

  218. My friends thank you for giving me a new look and got me out of the dummy clothes I had been wearing. Living in nursing scrubs most of my life I sort of let myself go. Most of the clothes I have today are from your postings. I even have them in my closet sort it with the accessories you suggested. Don’t think I’m nuts but I also have all the outfits on my desktop of my computer.
    It is a lot of fun.
    Thank you for making it easier to dress to go out or stay home.

    Bless you!!


  219. I can’t tell you how great it is to have someone with my exact taste putting together outfits for me. Thank you so much for the inspiration and great shopping finds! Hope you continue for many more years!

  220. So very pretty. You remind me that even if I am just sitting around home all day I can still dress in an attractive manner, simply by having nothing but clothes like you post in my wardrobe. Thank you.

  221. Love all the thought you put into each outfit. And the options! I’m not a scarf person, I don’t think, but I love all the colors. I have purchased some of the items you’ve posted and really love the look and fit.

    Thank you!

  222. I love all the natural stone jewelry! They are my fav. These capsule posts keep getting better and better, please keep them up, Alexa! I’ve gotta thin out my closet and not sacrifice style, so I am living for these.

  223. I am SO bad at being a girl. Where have you been all my life? Thanks to you, I feel like I might actually be able to look nice. I have already purchased some of these items. Thank you!

  224. Thank you for always having great ideas. What a thoughtful post to go along with working from home situation. I will definitely go through these outfits and find something to wear in my home office. ?

  225. I love these but I’m Intimidated by scarves. I feel like they are TOO MUCH on me. Maybe it’s that I don’t know how to style them. Same thing with hats. I feel they make me look like I’m trying too hard.

  226. I just saw your post on Pinterest and I loved the style! I am about to graduated from college with a teaching degree and I am always looking for clothes that fit, are comfortable, affordable, and look great! I can’t wait to see what else you show.

  227. Perfect timing for this post, as I’m about to start a 100% remote job. Love the capsule wardrobes and especially the plus size on a budget series. This was a perfect post!

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