45 Plus Size Party Dresses {with Sleeves}

More plus size party dresses with sleeves!  I’m happy to say that it is becoming easier and easier to find cocktail and party dresses with some arm coverage!  Woot!  And as you have come to expect, I am “rounding up” the best I have come across most recently.  If you’re interested in more plus size dress “round ups” go here.  For plus size sequin party dresses, go here and here.

Inclusive Sizing and Pricing

These dresses are gorgeous and I tried to include something for everyone and everyone’s budget.  These dresses range in sizes from 6 – 32, the majority in sizes 14 – 24.  But, at least eighteen out of the 45 dresses are also available over size 24.  As always, make sure you use my Plus Size Shopping Guide to look for places to shop cocktail dress and/or plus sizes above size 24.  And the dresses range from $40 – $276, with the majority around $100 or less.  Plus many are on sale!


If you’re new here, you might be wondering why all of these plus size party dresses have sleeves.  Personally, I prefer to have my upper arms covered.  I have some “in progress” body image issues and feel most confident with a sleeve.  However, finding fancy dresses with a sleeve is actually quite challenging.  Although I think it is getting better or maybe I’ve just gotten better at finding them.  Either way, I try to do all of the searching for those of us who want some coverage and have grown tired of wearing shrugs, wraps, and boleros.

However, all of that said, I by no means think that anyone of any shape or size should ever feel obligated or more accepted if their arms are covered.  Oh hell no!  That is not my message.  If you want to wear a sleeveless or strapless dress, please do!  If you want to show up to the party half naked, or hell, totally naked, I support that!  Whatever makes you feel awesome.  You do you.  But, if like me, you struggle and want to rock out with your arms not-out, here are my top picks for the season so far:

45 Plus Size Party Dresses {with Sleeves}

45 Plus Size Party Dresses with Sleeves - Plus Size Wedding Guest Dresses - Plus Size Fashion for Women - alexawebb.com #plussize #alexawebb

45 Plus Size Party Dresses {with Sleeves}

Just click the images below to go to the dress’ retailers page.  Email subscribers may have to visit the blog post to click through.

10 thoughts on “45 Plus Size Party Dresses {with Sleeves}

  1. Hi Alexa,

    Can you recommend some good options for sheer stockings to wear with these dresses? Thanks for your amazing posts.

    1. That’s just what I was going to ask. Are hose still a thing or would tights work? I have avoided both like the plague for years because they are too short and uncomfortable. So many of these dresses are gorgeous, but waaaay too short without something to cover up my bottom half. As is, one stiff breeze or good laugh and I’d be an accidental centerfold.

  2. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! It’s a huge pet peeve of mine that so many dresses are sleeveless. First of all, it’s WINTER and a sleeve is really nice to help keep a wee bit warmer. Secondly, sleeves look great on dresses and I wish more companies would offer the option. I recently subscribed to your blog and love the outfits you are putting together. Your work is appreciated and I’m thankful I found you. Saves me so much time!

  3. Good Afternoon!
    I have recently discovered your blog and I love it! Thank you for showing me places to order my clothes online. I am a generous sized 16 and have given up wearing tight, uncomfortable clothing. I have gone to places like Torrid and other plus-sized box stores, (I’m Canadian) and find most of their clothes to be not of the highest quality with good fabrics, so was thrilled to find your list of shops offering plus-sized fashion for all budgets! Love the looks you put together.
    Thank you,

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