Plus Size Pastel Summer Outfit Ideas

Two plus size pastel summer outfit ideas with shorts and t-shirts!

Both looks are super casual but inspired by these show-stopping crystal slide sandals

You might remember these Steve Madden “Brionna” embellished slides from this post and this post.

Plus Size Pastel Summer Outfit Ideas with T-Shirts and Shorts - Alexa Webb

Both of these looks are variations on a theme. 

The first outfit idea is a pair of “orchid” or light pale lavender linen shorts with a linen tee.  So great for hot climates!

Wearing Linen

The featured plus size shorts are a linen blend and the grey tee is 100% linen. 

Linen is just a classy fabric.  Period.  It drapes in a lovely and unmistakable way.

And linen is a natural fiber known for keeping you cool in hot weather.  Yes!

That’s because linen breathes and absorbs moisture.

But Linen Wrinkles

Linen might seem difficult to deal with, but it’s actually quite easy.  And it’s machine washable! 

As I’ve said, people often ask me how to keep their linen clothes from wrinkling.

For one, linen is always going to wrinkle.  Always. 

And really, that is part of “the look.”  You know, that rich bougie b!tch look that I love so much!

Two, a linen-blend will wrinkle less.   As I said, these shorts are a blend.

And three, if you iron with starch, linen will wrinkle slightly less.  But, I say, just let it go!


I added this easy slouchy crossbody bag.  It comes recommended from blogger Rosey Blair

In her stories, she talks about how it works well for her.

I believe she has it in several colors, which you can see her wearing on Instagram.

Keep it classic with some aviator sunglasses.  I chose some “green blue” lenses to add some interest.

As for jewelry, it just made sense to add some crystal stud earrings, much like the crystals in the sandals.

And to keep things on-trend, I layered some silver necklaces, including this Kendra Scott beauty. 

Plus, I added some delicate silver link bracelets.

Plus Size Pastel Summer Outfit Ideas – Linen Shorts

Plus Size Pastel Summer Outfit Ideas - Linen Shorts in Light Lavender, Grey T-Shirt, Crystal Embellished Slide Sandals, Anthropologie Crossbody Bag, and Aviator Sunglasses - Alexa Webb

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The second outfit idea also features a t-shirt but for the bottoms, I opted for some raw hem denim shorts from J.Crew.

J.Crew Sizing

In case you haven’t heard, J.Crew now has many items in plus sizes up to a size 24 or 3X. 

Their sizing is comparable to Lane Bryant. 

One thing to note is that some of their pants and jeans come by waist sizing (vanity), so check the size chart below to see which size you are.

JCrew Denim Size Chart

As for accessories, everything is the same, except I added this scarf scrunchie.

Plus Size Pastel Summer Outfit Ideas – Denim Shorts

Plus Size Pastel Summer Outfit Ideas - Plus Size Denim Shorts with Pale Violet T-Shirt, Crossbody Bag, and Crystal Embellished Sandals - Alexa Webb

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Want to see more outfit ideas with these icy sandals?  Go here and here.

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3 thoughts on “Plus Size Pastel Summer Outfit Ideas

  1. Love the pink shorts outfit! Super cute and cool for our hot, humid summer days! Love to see some July 4th outfits!

  2. I just love that handbag with the pink! Pastels are some of my favorite colors, good choices.
    Any red, white and blue outfits coming out soon?


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