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I have been re-watching [ok, binge-watching] Project Runway lately.  It has made me think of some ideas to share with you as we are transitioning into a new season.  We must all remember: the value of editing, to continue building our skills, and never accept less than the best.


First, Joshua of season 9, made me think about taste and the importance of editing.  From the first episode, I thought: OMG, this man has NO TASTE!  I wanted to scream at the judges!  And in his interviews he would go on and on about his technical skills and how he should be doing better than Anya, who was new to designing and sewing.  Btw, I apologize for talking about a tv show from 5 years ago.  If you have Hulu, you should watch it.  So great.  I digress.  My point is that Joshua really evolves.  He listens to the judges and eventually learns to edit.  It’s really challenging for him, but it pays off, as he is one of the finalists.  And although it was not my style, I really liked his final collection.  So are you styling your outfits well?  Are you over-accessorizing?  What would Michael Kors and Nina Garcia say?  Lol.

Developing Skills.

So if Joshua can develop that elusive thing we call “taste,” anyone can, in my opinion.  It goes back to what I said in a post some time ago about talent vs. skill:

Many [many] years ago, I had an art professor who demanded his students draw one self-portrait and one copy of a famous piece each and every day.  Why?  Because of that old adage, “practice makes perfect.”  Aside from not wanting to spend that much time each day on a class I was only taking to fill a gen ed requirement, I thought this was just silly.  After all, art is about talent, right?  I said this aloud one day in class.  My professor looked at me extremely annoyed.  He then gathered up the whole class, interrupting everyone’s work, to tell them this: Art is mostly about skill, only about twenty percent talent.  Skill is everything.  Practice is what it takes.  The rest of the class nodded their heads in agreement.  But, I still didn’t believe him.

Now, having spent many years designing jewelry, styling outfits, and engaging in other creative endeavors, I can easily say he was right.  I believe him wholeheartedly.  Too bad I was too hard headed to believe him at the time.  But, that is a whole other conversation! ?  My point is:

If you want to dress yourself well or be a fashionista, it’s all about skill.

Even the most fashion-challenged can learn styling skills.  Maybe you’re like my younger self, thinking, “yeah right!”  But, stick with me.  You’ll see.

Although I already randomly add education in some of my posts, I have created a section for posts devoted to skill-development.  My style 101 section is a collection of posts that I hope help you learn styling skills and that you can use as a reference.  I will continue to add more posts to this series.  Please leave any topic suggestions, such as areas you struggle with, in the comments section at the bottom of this post.

Don’t accept less.

And my most important thought:  Do not accept less.  In Project Runway Season 10, Ven Budhu is assigned to dress a “real woman,” who he repeatedly insults and generally shows disdain for.  He calls her “plus size” although she is a size 14, complains about her size, and shows contempt for her body.  Absolutely unacceptable!  No matter your size, don’t ever let anyone treat you with disrespect or as though you are “less than,” no matter who that person is.  I have stormed out of stores, doctor’s offices, and even dates.  I have had to call friends and family out about insensitive comments.  I believe wholeheartedly that not only do you teach people how to treat you, but accepting less means that you believe you deserve less.  And you don’t!

And sadly, this fat-discriminating attitude is held by many designers and buyers in the industry.  Think of how few clothing options plus size women have compared to their size two counterparts.  Of course, it is much better than it used to be, but just read the comments on any plus size blogger’s instagram to know that fat-shaming is still rampant.  But the bottom line is that we spend our hard earned money on clothing, we deserve to be treated fairly.  And more importantly, we deserve to look and feel good!

When we get dressed in the morning or dressed to go out, we should feel great about ourselves and our clothes.  I think sometimes we accept less than feeling like a million bucks because the diet and fashion industries have told us that we should feel less.  Or that we are “in progress” and will feel good and dress well when we’re a size X.  And they need us to.  To sell their shoddy clothes or latest fad diet plan.  But that’s just bullshit.  First, we deserve to feel good today.  Right now.  Second, everyone is “in progress,” if we all waited until we met whatever life goals to be happy, we would die having never been happy.

So, if you are accepting less and feeling less, it’s time to stop.  If you need to figure out why, now is the time.  If you need help, I am here.  Let’s do it!

Finally about the outfits.

I created two tonal looks using this dusty pink color mixed with plum.  They are essentially the same outfits, but I switched up the accessories, showing the first outfit with warm tones and the second with cool tones.  I think they are both really great, no matter which one you are drawn to.

Plus Size Plum Jeans Outfit – Warm

Plus Size Plum Jeans Outfit - Warm - Plus Size Fall Outfit Idea - Plus Size Fashion for Women - #alexawebb

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Plus Size Plum Jeans Outfit – Cool

Plus Size Plum Jeans Outfit - Plus Size Fall Outfit Idea - Plus Size Fashion for Women - #alexawebb

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  1. Love that coat! If only they had petite plus. I have put together many of your outfits, really enjoying your site. Thanks!

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