Plus Size Preppy Fall Layers Outfit

A plus size preppy fall layers outfit with a bright golden yellow quilted jacket.  This jacket also comes in petite plus!

Start with a short sleeve striped tee. 

Layer on a chambray shirt that can be worn open, closed, or tied. 

And top with a statement-making jacket. 

Now, no matter the weather you’re prepared!

I show this look with a denim skirt, but any jeans will also work. 

So if you’re in a cooler climate, you might opt for some skinny jeans, like my favorite jeggings.

I chose waterproof booties, which are perfect for fall and winter weather. 

If they’re too tall, Blondo also makes a lower pair.

Wear the Stripes

This outfit includes a navy striped tee.  As I mentioned in my last post with stripes, I am an unapologetic stripe-aholic.

But, I often get questions and concerns from readers about stripes making you look bigger or a “rule” about no stripes.

In my opinion, life is just too short to worry about wearing stripes and as Melissa at Suger Coat It demonstrates in her blog post “Are horizontal stripes REALLY making you look fat?,” they’re really not.

She does such a fantastic job of breaking down this outdated “rule.”

You can find more recent posts with stipes here, here, and here.

Plus Size Preppy Fall Layers Outfit

Plus Size Preppy Fall Layers Outfit with a Denim Skirt, Ankle Booties, Striped T-Shirt, Chambray Shirt and Yellow Quilted Jacket - Alexa Webb

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7 thoughts on “Plus Size Preppy Fall Layers Outfit

  1. I’m also wondering about the legs- the top half of me is bundled adorably, the bottom half…? Leggings under the skirt maybe?

    I have also noticed that a lot of outfits include layering of 2-3 tops. The reasoning behind that makes sense from a visual point of view, but as a bigger girl- I run way too hot to wear that much clothing. Are there some similar alternative looks for those of us that get warm easily?

    1. Hi Laureen,
      I think leggings or tight like these ( would work.

      As for the layers… that is sort of the beauty. You can take off or add as many as you need based on your climate, activity, etc. So, in my mind, the alternative is to just wear the t-shirt and/or maybe tie the chambray around your waist or worn open like a jacket?

  2. Hi,
    My name is Nancy & I’m looking for the outfit that has a maroony shirt with an Olive Green coat. Can you please let me know how to find it?
    Thank you,

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