Plus Size Red Puffer Vest Outfits

Two plus size red puffer vest outfits for fall and winter.

Be prepared for icy weather with duck boots or waterproof wedge booties, but also look cute AF.

Plus Size Red Puffer Vest Outfits with a striped turtleneck, plaid scarf, jeans, Gucci crossbody bag, and boots for fall and winter. Alexa Webb

Oh no!  She’s comin’ at ya again with more stripes!

I’m sorry I can’t help myself!  [But, I’m not really sorry. ?]

As I’ve said many many times, I am an apologetic stripe-aholic.  

Life is Short, Wear Stripes

But, if you’re unsure about stripes, please read this post “Are horizontal stripes REALLY making you look fat?,” written by Melissa at Suger Coat It

She explains, “No, horizontal stripes won’t make you look fat. Only being fat makes you look fat.  And you know what, that’s okay.”

I think Melissa does a fantastic job of breaking down this outdated “rule” regarding plus sizes and stripes. 

Mixing Prints

One of the reasons I’ve been showing so many striped outfits recently, (see: this, this, this, and this), is because I love mixing prints!

[But you already knew that!]

And now that it’s getting cold we can add extra layers making print-mixing much easier.

As you can see, this look features a plaid scarf and a navy and white stripe turtleneck. 

Love the combination of plaid and stripes!

For tips on mixing prints, check out this post

And for an in-depth explanation, check out this IGTV video.


If these outfits look familiar it’s because I posted a similar one about four years ago. 

What can I say?  I inspire myself!  Ha!

And the great thing is this look will never really go out of style. 

In the coming years make some simple changes as needed to keep up with some trends and modernize the look.

Outfit Details

Both of these outfits are essentially the same.  They just show different jeans and boot options.

The formula is pretty easy: striped top + plaid scarf + denim.  Top with a coordinating vest or coat.

This time I went with a striped turtleneck but obviously, a t-shirt would also work.

Now if you really can’t get comfortable with stripes, opt for a plain white tee.

I chose a beautiful plaid scarf.  So classic.

As for denim, in this first look, I choose some dark skinny jeans.

I think a skinny leg or even jeggings work well with duck boots.

And for coordinating outerwear, I chose a bright red puffer vest.


As we already discussed, I included a plaid scarf.  Top with a faux fur pom beanie.

Again, going for a classic look, so I chose some iconic Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses.

If you need help figuring out which size to get, check out this video.

And it wouldn’t be one of my outfits if I didn’t include a designer bag. 

The Gucci GG Marmont crossbody bag in brown is an easy choice.

For jewelry, again, the theme is classic.

Tory Burch stud earrings with gold bracelets and watch.

And finish your look with a bold red lip.

Plus Size Red Puffer Vest Outfits – Duck Boots

Plus Size Red Puffer Vest Outfits with a striped turtleneck, plaid scarf, skinny jeans, and duck boots for fall and winter. Alexa Webb

Shop the Look

Look 2 Details

As I said above, the only difference between Look 1 and Look 2 are the choice of jeans and boots.

I went with some bootcut jeans to show that your choice of denim really doesn’t matter.

I think wedge booties look great with a bootcut or flare leg.

I love these booties because they’re chic, waterproof, and have a small platform and wedge for height.

And as someone prone to biting it and falling on my a$$, usually publicly, in bad weather, I love that they have treads that help you grip terrain in icy conditions.

But, the best news is they also come in wide width, shut the front door!

Plus Size Red Puffer Vest Outfits – Wedge Booties

Plus Size Red Puffer Vest Outfits with a striped turtleneck, plaid scarf, bootcut jeans, and wedge booties for fall and winter. Alexa Webb

Shop the Look

Plus Size Bootcut Jeans (similar, less $ similar, less $ similar)

Wedge Booties or here {also come in wide} (similar, less $ similar, wide width)

Plus Size Red Puffer Vest Outfits

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Plus Size Red Vest Outfit - Plus Size Fashion for Women - Plus Size Winter Outfit Idea - #alexawebb #plussize

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3 thoughts on “Plus Size Red Puffer Vest Outfits

  1. Loving the puffer vest which takes away from the width of the stripes. Adorable outfit! The scarf really matches nicely

  2. PLEASE, for the LOVE of my bank account, stop posting such cute outfits!! I’m spending all my Christmas $$ on myself! #merrychristmastome ! Me and you have the same tastes in outfits. Now, how about some cute winter & holiday dresses!

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