Plus Size Bright Sweater Outfit Ideas

Plus Size Yellow Sweater Outfit - Plus Size Fashion for Women - #alexawebbThis week I updated the links on some older posts from 2017, including this one, and then posted them to Facebook.  And then to my surprise, one of my awesome blog readers, Robin, mentioned that she created a similar look with a yellow sweater.  She reminded me of this post, which inspired her to get a yellow sweater.  I LOVE when you guys remind me of things or better yet, inspire me!  So, thank you so much, Robin!

After going back and looking at that yellow sweater outfit, I was thinking that it is really such an easy “formula” to recreate and remix, especially with the beautiful sweaters that Lands’ End just re-released for the fall season.  Ten colors available in sizes 2 – 26W, petite in sizes 2 – 18, and even tall in sizes 6 – 18.  These sweaters are high quality cotton cable knit sweaters that are always reviewed very highly.  I have one and think it is great for cool summer nights, transitioning into fall, and even layering in the winter.

This is the Remix: Plus Size Bright Sweater Outfit Ideas

So this is the remix.  Once I came up with the idea of “remixing” the sweaters using the same “formula,” the beginning of this song has been stuck in my head.  To this day, Girl Talk mash-ups still get me all pumped up!  I digress.  The formula is rather simple:   bright color sweater + classic white button down + dark denim + bright color shoe.  Throw in a coordinating or complementary color earring for good measure.  Use a little color theory to choose which colors to remix.

Plus Size Bright Sweater Outfit Ideas

Plus Size Bright Sweater Outfit Ideas - Plus Size Fall and Winter Outfits - Plus Size Fashion for Women - #alexawebb #plussize

So let’s start with this first remixed look: a bright green sweater with a plum flat and coordinating earrings.  These colors work so well because they have a complementary relationship.  Although not perfect, it is roughly the pairing of a yellow-green and red-violet, which are across from one another on the color wheel.  Unsure what I am talking about?  Read my Color Theory for Fashionistas – Part 1 to get a better understanding about the relationships between colors and using a color wheel.

Plus Size Bright Sweater Outfit Ideas – Green

Plus Size Bright Sweater Outfit Ideas - Plus Size Green Sweater Outfit - Plus Size Fall and Winter Outfits - Plus Size Fashion for Women - #alexawebb #plussize

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While the first look featured a complementary color relationship, this second remixed outfit has more of an analogous color relationship, red-orange + red-violet.  I talk about this type of relationship in my Color Theory for Fashionistas – Part 2 post.  Although the colors don’t “pop” as much in this look, they are harmonious.

As I mentioned in a previous post, if you are in need of a button down shirt, which I think every woman should own, I highly recommend this customizable button down shirt from eShakti.  Aside from the fantastic price and amazing quality, if you select the ability to get it customized and custom sized, for less than ten bucks, you will have the best fitting garment you’ve ever had.  I have ordered custom sized clothing from eShakti and was able to take all of the necessary measurements by myself.  You can also choose the overall length and length of sleeve.  Yes!

Plus Size Bright Sweater Outfit Ideas – Orange

Plus Size Bright Sweater Outfit Ideas - Plus Size Orange Sweater Outfit - Plus Size Fall and Winter Outfits - Plus Size Fashion for Women - #alexawebb #plussize

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This last remix is a little different as I choose a bright cashmere sweater in the same color as the shoes.  But, to offset the boring “matchy matchy” colors, I added a bold mint green earring, which “pops” (complementary colors) and added a leopard clutch for interest.  Statement accessories can make or break an outfit.  Here, the accessories take the look from boring to chic.

Plus Size Bright Sweater Outfit Ideas – Purple

Plus Size Bright Sweater Outfit Ideas - Plus Size Purple Sweater Outfit - Plus Size Fall and Winter Outfits - Plus Size Fashion for Women - #alexawebb #plussize

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10 thoughts on “Plus Size Bright Sweater Outfit Ideas

  1. I love the layered look of a collared shirt under a sweater, but it never seems to work out for me. I have broad shoulders, so it’s hard to find a button-down shirt that fits. And, when I do find one that fits, it always looks bulky when I put a sweater on over it. Do you have any tips for making the layered look work?

    1. Hi Kate!
      Having a large bust, I understand the button-down struggles! That is why I now recommend everyone try the custom sized shirts at eShakti. They are very reasonably priced, especially given the quality. And for about $10 you can custom size and customize the shirts! I LOVE my custom sized pieces from them, I have never had clothes fit so well!!! And it is pretty easy to take the measurements yourself. So that’s my biggest tip- get a correct fitting shirt, that is going to make a huge difference!

  2. This post inspired me so much that I bought four bright-colored sweaters from Schoola. I’ve always shied away from sweaters, as I have a large bust and they never seem long enough to cover me comfortably. Easy solution, thanks to Alexa: layer! I love my eshakti button downs. Now, I just need some colorful flats.

  3. I love the layered looks, but I’m getting to “that age” where I’m hot most of the time. If you have any cute Fall/Winter looks that aren’t so layered, I’d love to see them.

  4. Hi Alexa,

    First, I love, love, love your site. I look forward to leaving work so I can go home and check out your new posts.
    I am 52, and I am attending an outside, not very formal, south Florida wedding in a few weeks. I need help accessorizing a classic white button down shirt that I will be wearing untucked with either black or gray slacks. I want to look classic but I also want it to look like I put a little creativity in my outfit. Any suggestions regarding shoes (flats or low heel), jewelry, hand bag, shawl, etc??? I’m open to any suggestions.

    PS I searched your site for ideas but I only found layered looks and unfortunately, it’s too hot for layers where I live.

    Julie Boyden

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