45 Plus Size Swimsuits

My top picks for cute plus size swimsuits!  In case you missed it, you can find my top picks for plus size swimdresses here and here.  And plus size swim cover-ups here.

Inclusive Sizing and Pricing

As always, I tried to include something for everyone and everyone’s budget.  These swimsuits range in sizes from 4 – 30, with the majority available in sizes 14 – 24.  And the swimsuits range from $20 – $158.

And if you want to see my recent cruise collection, including swimwear, and starting with a plus size beach weekend capsule, go here.  Be sure to subscribe to see things first by getting them delivered to your inbox.

45 Plus Size Swimsuits

45 Plus Size Swimsuits - Plus Size Swimwear - Alexa Webb - alexawebb.com #plussize #alexawebb

45 Plus Size Swimsuits

Just click the images below to go to the swimsuits’ retailers.

More Plus Size Swimwear

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7 thoughts on “45 Plus Size Swimsuits

  1. When I clicked on the pictures, they weren’t linking to the website to buy the suit… Really CUTE suits though… Culd I just have Ashley Graham’s actual body though???

    1. Hi Amanda,
      Were you trying to click through the email (for subscribers)? If so, those, unfortunately, do not work. You have to visit the actual post. I tried them again on my lap top, using Chrome, and on my iPhone Safari browser and they worked. I also just called my mom and got her to test them on her android phone and they worked for her too. Please let me know if you are still having issues from a browser and I’ll try to troubleshoot.

      Also, if you figure out how to look like Ashley Graham in a swimsuit, please let me know! Lol.

  2. We love reading your blog and would love to be included in some of your selections. We are newly moved into the USA and design and make beautiful plus size swimwear and underwear for ladies to celebrate their curves in. http://www.vivavoluptuous.com
    We are adding more designs weekly and our range is available on Amazon, EBay and directly from our website.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this

    1. Thanks, Sonia! A swimsuit round-up has been on my to do list for months! I am not sure if I can get to it in time (they’re starting to sell out). But, I will see what I can do.

      1. I totally understand! I’m going to be going on summer vacation soon. Maybe summer dresses? I’m sure you have tons of great ideas and a long list of to do’s. I appreciate your work! Have a great summer 💕

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