Plus Size Work-From-Home Outfit

A plus size “work from home” outfit that can easily go from relaxing [or working] in the house to quickly running out the door with just a few tweaks.  My previous “Plus Size Work-From-Home Outfit” post was such a hit that I was inspired to create another look that is perfect for working at your laptop, wrangling kids for the bus, or cozying up on the couch for a day of binge-watching.  And that is exactly what this first outfit is all about.  The second look swaps the slippers for some fly sneakers, getting you ready to head out for errands, coffee dates, or any casual day outing.

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Plus Size Work-From-Home Outfit

Plus Size Work-From-Home Outfit - Plus Size Rose Gold Leggings, Cardigan, Loungewear - Plus Size Fashion for Women - #Plussize #Alexawebb

Those Leggings!

Both of these plus size “work from home” outfits feature these gorgeous plus size metallic ombre rose gold leggings (similar)!  If you regularly read this blog, you saw these leggings featured in a post from last February.  And a navy/gold version in the fall.  Aren’t they breathtaking (for leggings)?  Quite frankly, I’m just not over them or their black/gunmetal cousins.  So, I decided to come up with two more looks.

Obviously, you can also wear them to the gym or yoga studio.  But, they are also great for lounging or working from home.  By the way, if you want to read about my struggle to dress “reasonably” (aka clothes without stains and holes with brushed hair and teeth), go here.  Basically, I realized it is very important for my mental health to put some effort into my looks even when working at home.  Valuable lessons.  I digress.

My Lounging Bra Quest

So, I added a pale blush cardigan and a simple tank.  I also threw in a “lounging” or light-support sports bra.  While an underwire bra is the first thing to be removed as soon as I hit the door, I do wear sports bras while working and lounging at home.  Maybe it’s a big boob problem, but I am much more comfortable with some support.  Not to mention that I feel much more comfortable running outside to catch the mail carrier or walk the dog.  My “free boob-ing” days are long gone.  Actually, I don’t think I ever really had those.  Ha.

Anyway, I really wanted to offer you some great suggestions for plus size “lounging” bras.  But, the bras I currently wear when working from home are WAY overpriced, even when on sale.  Not to mention the outrageous shipping!  I think I paid $16 to ship 3 bras.  Seriously?

It all started when I purchased several during a sale and was very pleased with the fit.  But, the elastic didn’t last as long as I thought it should, especially given the price of these bad boys.  Long story short, out of desperation and a lack of time, I just bought more of the same at an exorbitant rate.  But, once the new ones start to look like they’re loosing elasticity, I will start “researching” better options and will have recommendations soon.

More Details

Back to the details.  I added a couple of rose gold details, like these amazing heart stud earrings and a rose gold watch with bejeweled straps.  And I thew in some luxury items, of course, like the highly-coveted Barefoot Dreams throw, in leopard print, no less!  Plus, some Chanel “Coco Mademoiselle” perfume and UGG shearling slippers.  I have to be extra, you know.

Plus Size Work-From-Home Outfit

Plus Size Work-From-Home Outfit - Plus Size Rose Gold Leggings, Cardigan, Loungewear - Plus Size Fashion for Women - #Plussize #Alexawebb

Shop the Look

This second “look” is just a few minor changes from the first so you can hit the streets [or grocery store]!  Like I said, I swapped the slippers for some fly sneakers.  Add a bougie designer tote bag and some trendy aviator sunglasses to, again, be extra.  And you’re good to go!

Plus Size Work-From-Home Outfit – Errands

Plus Size Athleisure Errands Outfit - Plus Size Glitter Leggings, Sneakers - Plus Size Fashion for Women - #plussize #alexawebb

Shop the Look

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  1. I’m going to try the lounge bra for sure! Darn autocorrect – I saw it put absorbent for you instead of exorbitant!

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