Amazon Prime Mother’s Day Gifts 2024

Some Mother’s Day gifts for 2024 from Amazon Prime!

But first, check out my 2024 luxury Mother’s Day gifts list, last year’s updated list here and 2022’s list here.

Amazon Prime Mother’s Day Gifts 2024

Amazon Prime Mother’s Day Gifts 2024 - Alexa Webb

Little Luxuries

These gifts are little luxuries that moms will enjoy but might not get for themselves. 

I love giving gifts that I know people won’t “treat” themselves to.

So these gift ideas are a mix of items that I have gifted to others, gifted to myself, or are on my wish list. 

Amazon Prime Mother’s Day Gifts 2024

Amazon Prime Mother’s Day Gifts 2024 - Alexa Webb

I know a lot of these gift ideas are the same as or similar to ones I’ve recommended in the past

But for good reason: they’re great gifts!

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Amazon Prime Mother’s Day Gifts 2024

Amazon Prime Mother’s Day Gifts 2024 - Alexa Webb

Shop the Gifts

1 – Makeup Brush Set (less $ similar) – Sigma makes great quality makeup brushes.  I have many and they last for years with heavy use.  This set is great for traveling with the essentials.

2 – Kendra Scott Earrings (less $ similar)

3 – Aviator Sunglasses (less $ similar) – I gifted these to my mom for Christmas.  She loves them!  I also have them in purple.  They’re oversized and mirrored.  So chic!

4 – Bracelets (less $ similar, less $ similar) – These stretch snake chain style bracelets are all the rage right now.  Wear them stacked.

I found and bought some similar but less expensive ones also from Amazon that I love.  They easily fit my slightly-larger-than-average sized wrists.

5 – Luxury Candle (less $ similar) – The packaging alone got me.  These are on my wish list!

6 – Faux Flower Arrangement (less $ similar) – This exact faux peony arrangement sits on one of my bedside tables.  It’s beautiful!

7 – Cozy Blanket (less $ similar, less $ similar) – Y’all know I love Barefoot Dreams.  I have this exact throw blanket (so soft!) in the indigo color.  I also have this cheetah printed one.  Pro tip: never use heat.  Wash in cold water and line dry.

8 – Slippers (less $ similar) – Shearling lined luxuries.

9 – Lactic Acid Exfoliating Serum – Want youthful, glowy, clearer skin with tighter pores?  Enter Good Genes

Good Genes is a chemical exfoliator that uses lactic acid, a type of alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs).  Lactic acid is more gentle than the more common AHA, glycolic acid. 

Plus, Good Genes is packed full of other ingredients that soothe and brighten.

My experience has been that it absolutely gets rid of layers dead skin, which prevents dry patches and poor makeup application.  But, more importantly, it helps prevent clogged pores.  I have also noticed some brightening of my acne scars too. 

This stuff is a work horse because it manages all of this with only a short period of “problems.”

If you haven’t used a chemical exfoliator or AHA before, you should expect to have a period of time in which you skin gets worse before it gets better.  It may even seem like it is causing breakouts or irritation and you should stop.  Don’t!  You may have to cut back on the frequency of use, but unless you’re having an allergic reaction, chances are your skin is “purging.” Meaning all of the gunk trapped under the surface of all of those dead skin cells is now working it’s way out.  So hang on, it gets much better.

You should see a noticeable difference overnight, especially if you haven’t been using an AHA.  Your skin will be smoother and more radiant within 24 hours.

Over time, you’ll notice clearer and brighter skin with smaller pores, radiance you never knew you could have, and smooth and soft skin.  I swear my fine lines are less noticeable as well.  Plus, I almost never have ingrown chin hairs now.

You should always wear sunscreen, but especially when using an AHA.  Because all of the dead skin is sloughed off, your skin has less protection from the sun.  And more vulnerable skin is exposed.

10 – Silk Scrunchies (less $ similar) – Great for mature women and those with thinning hair.  Because the silk fabric is to smooth and “slippery” these scrunchies won’t snag delicate hair, which can result in damage and breakage. 

11 – Eyeshadow Palette (smaller, less $ similar) – A classic palette with quality shadows.  “Trick” is one of my favorite eye shadow shades of all time.

12 – Wireless AirPods Pro Earbuds (less $ similar) –  I LOVE my AirPods Pro earbuds.  Aside from their excellent sound quality, they charge very quickly, and I always like to mention that they are very comfortable. 

That’s important because all other editions of Apple earbuds and headphones have been incredibly uncomfortable.  Some actually painful.

As an iPhone user, I can easily pair my AirPods with my phone and use the Find My app to keep track of them.

Using the Find My app, I can get my AirPods to play a sound to help me find them. 

But, if they’re far away, I can simply use the Find My app to track them down with GPS!  So handy!

13 – Lip Sleeping Mask (less $ similar) – I keep this stuff next to my bed.  It’s great!  Finally, something to prevent my CPAP from drying out my lips!

14 – Chloe Perfume – I love a classy floral fragrance.

15 – Insulated Tumbler (less $ similar) – Everyone loves these.  You can’t go wrong.

16 – Lancôme Perfume – A beautiful warm scent.  It’s like Tocca’s Maya and Sol de Janeiro’s #62 had a baby.

17 – Moissanite Earrings (less $ similar) – 2 carats.  Stunning!

18 – Insulated Wine Glass (less $ similar)

19 – Blue Light Blocking Glasses  – You have heard me talk about these glasses A LOT.  You can see me wearing similar glasses here.

If you haven’t heard of this latest “trend,” these glasses block blue light that comes from screens. 

They are supposed to help prevent eye-strain, headaches, and other ill-effects of staring at screens all day.

Blue light can also affect your circadian rhythm. 

If you are using screens (tv, computer, phone, etc) at night, theoretically, the blue light, which signals it’s daytime to your brain, can cause delayed sleep and insomnia.

That is my main reason for trying blue light blocking glasses.

I work late at night and have always struggled with my circadian rhythm.  I will try anything that might help. 

So far, I think they do reduce my eye-strain and I have noticed fewer issues falling asleep.  I can’t say it is definitively the glasses, but they can’t hurt!

20 – Chunky Hoop Earrings – My favorite hoop earrings you have heard me mention many many times.  I love these and have them in every size.  The quality is really great for the price! 

21 – Wristlet Handbag

22 – Pink Glass Cups Set (less $ similar) – So pretty and feminine for mom.

23 – Anti Aging Face Moisturizer – This is one of my “top 3” favorite moisturizers. 

For those interested, my favorite dry skin/wintertime moisturizer is Tatcha’s Dewy Skin Cream

And my favorite under makeup “priming” moisturizer is Bobbi Brown’s Vitamin Enriched Face Base.

24 – Faux Tulip Arrangement (less $ similar) – A stunning centerpiece for a table.

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