Plus Size Graphic Tee Round-Up

A carefully curated collection of plus size graphic tees.

I recently created some “round-ups” of plus size lemons, plus size tropical leaves, and plus size gingham.

I asked for suggestions of more types you’d like to see.  And Sandra commented that she wanted to see graphic tees.

So keep letting me know in the comments!

Plus Size Graphic Tee Round-Up

Plus Size Graphic Tees - Alexa Webb

Aside from Lemons, Leaves, and Gingham, I have also done Tartan plaidFair IslePineapples, and Flamingos.

If you have any themes or collections you’d like to see, please comment below. 

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Plus Size Graphic Tee Round-Up

Plus Size Graphic Tees - Alexa Webb

Shop the Tees

1. Plus Size Rock & Roll T-shirt

2. Plus Size Journey T-Shirt

3. Plus Size Tupac T-shirt

4. Plus Size Biggie Smalls T-shirt

5. Plus Size Nirvana T-shirt

6. Plus Size Sublime T-shirt

7. Plus Size Grateful Dead T-shirt

8. Plus Size Wu-Tang T-shirt

9. Plus Size Outkast T-shirt

10. Plus Size Red Hot Chili Peppers T-shirt

11. Plus Size Queen T-shirt

12.  Plus Size Def Leppard T-shirt

13. Plus Size Forever Growing T-shirt

14. Plus Size Rolling Stones T-shirt

15. Plus Size Skeleton T-shirt

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5 thoughts on “Plus Size Graphic Tee Round-Up

  1. This is such a good list! I never know if a graphic tee is cool or twee or trying too hard, Great idea from the reader, and great execution by you!

  2. Hi Alexa,
    Hey thanks for this fun round up! I just bought the Queen tee, the Forever Growing tee and will probably get the Journey one too. And maybe Wu-Tang. Great summer tees! Thank you for all you do. 😊

  3. Thanks for giving us readers all these options. How about a round up for simple patterned t-shirts in V-neck or scoop/U-neck, with florals or simple prints (not fruit or stripes) for summer or fall? I have trouble with finding these and when I do they look good underneath vests, jackets, or lightweight sweaters. The 3/4 sleeve just looks on me like I shrunk it in the wash or outgrew it! Hard to find in short sleeve or long sleeve options.

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