Plus Size Pink Blazer Outfit Ideas

Two plus size pink blazer outfit ideas for spring.

One for day and one for night.

Plus Size Pink Blazer Outfit Ideas

Plus Size Pink Blazer Outfit Ideas - Plus size spring outfit ideas with a pink jacket and jeans by Alexa Webb.

Outfit 1 Details

Both outfits feature this plus size pink blazer.

Really it’s more like a boucle jacket.  

And it’s a great way to add some color to your spring wardrobe.

For Look 1, I went with a classic white button down shirt and some distressed ankle jeans.

Plus Size Button Down Shirts

If you have a hard time finding a properly fitting basic white button down, check out this one from eShakti

I recommend getting the custom sizing.  It will be the best $7 you’ve ever spent!

As I said, if you select the ability to get it customized and custom-sized, for less than ten bucks, you will have the best fitting garment you’ve ever had. 

I have ordered custom-sized clothing from eShakti and was able to take all of the necessary measurements by myself. 

You can also choose the overall length and length of the sleeve.

Seriously, you’ll be amazed by the amazing quality for the price!

Plus Size Ankle Jeans

These plus size ankle jeans are from Abercrombie & Fitch.

They come in 2 fits and five lengths.

The “Curve Love” fit has additional 2″ through the hip and thigh to help eliminate waist gap. 

Curve Love is a good choice for pear shapes.

Plus Size Ultra High Ankle  Jeans Sizing

As I said, these ankle jeans come from Abercrombie & Fitch.

Go here to read about Abercrombie’s fatphobic history if you’re interested in this controversial brand’s attempt at redemption.

A&F now offers select items in sizes up to a size 24, or a size 37 in their jeans.

The sizing is similar to J.Crew in that their jeans come by waist sizing (vanity), so check the size chart below to see which size you are.

Abercrombie Size Chart

I haven’t tried any of their jeans because they don’t make my size. 

But, go here for a review and more sizing information.

In Defense of Distressing

For this first outfit, I chose distressed jeans.  I get many [like a lot] complaints about “hole-y jeans.” 

And I can understand wanting to look polished and age-appropriate, I do!

But, in some cases, the distressing helps keep things from looking too “stuffy.” 

Remember, that “biddy-factor” I talked about when wearing tweed? 

The same applies to conservative ensembles.

A boucle jacket and a button down shirt can look a bit fuddy-duddy.  If that’s your jam, you do you.

But, if you’re trying to look like the baddest B, regardless of your age, size, or anything else that will cause the haters to notice, you’ll want to add some trendy or edgy pieces to this ensemble.

Adding one trendy piece, like distressed jeans, will make you look cool rather than “too old” or “too much.”  Trust me! 

As long as you don’t have much skin showing through any holes, you’re totally appropriate.  I swear!

That said, the jeans from Look 2 are also a good option without holes.


The plaid loafer mules are the star of the show!

Of course, any neutral or pink loafers will work too.

Keep it bougie w a designer crossbody bag.  I have this Saint Laurent bag in black.  Love it!

For sunglasses, try some oversized tortoise aviatorsThese look a lot like the Tory Burch ones but with a lower price tag.

They also come in a smaller version.


For jewelry, I stacked the wrist with one of my favorite gold chain braceletsTory Burch watchball bracelet, and a bangle.

As for the earrings, large gold hoop earrings are never wrong.

Try these from Pavoi for the same look at a better price.  I have them and love them!

My Favorite Lipstick

I thought I’d also mention the featured lipstick is my favorite.

As I’ve said, the Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté Shine Oil-in-Stick Lipsticks are my favorite lipsticks. 

I readily admit they are bougie AF and totally break the budget.  But they are amazing!

They’re 65% oil and feel amazing on the lips!  Not to mention they smell fantastic. 

Plus, the packaging is so gorgeous that I actually bought a lipstick holder, like this one, to display them.

And I just can’t say enough great things about them!

Alternative Lipsticks

The closest lippies I have found at more reasonable prices are L’Oreal’s Colour Riche Shine Lipstick and Sephora’s Rouge Lacquer Lipsticks

In my experience, these are similar, but they aren’t even close to the decadence of the YSL ones.

Update: Recently someone told me that the L’Oreal’s Glow Paradise Balm-in-Lipstick is a dupe. 

I ordered one to try, and I found it really disappointing.  

They‘re not very moisturizing and the smell is unappealing (that chemical lipstick smell).


And I threw in one of my latest scent obsession: Gucci’s Flora Gorgeous Gardenia perfume.

As usual, I am terrible at describing scents, so check this out.

To me, the gardenia is the strongest, but it does have a bit of fruit with it.  (See, I am terrible at describing scents!  LOL)

It isn’t very long-lasting, but it’s a nice light floral scent for spring and summer.

Plus Size Pink Blazer Outfit Ideas – Day

Plus Size Pink Blazer Outfit Ideas - Day - A plus size pink blazer with jeans, white buttondown, and plaid loafers. A preppy spring outfit with ankle jeans by Alexa Webb.

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Outfit 2 Details

Just like the first outfit, the “night” version features the hot pink blazer.

But to sexy-it-up a bit I added a silk cami.

And this time I chose these cropped demi-boot jeans from J.Crew.

These cropped bootcut jeans have a 26″ inseam and look like kick-flares with a  15.75″ leg-opening.

J.Crew Sizing

In case you haven’t heard, J.Crew now has many items in plus sizes up to a size 24 or 3X. 

Their sizing is comparable to Lane Bryant

One thing to note is that some of their pants and jeans come by waist sizing (vanity), so check the size chart below to see which size you are.

JCrew Denim Size Chart


Get ready to hit the streets with a trendy sparkling rhinestone bag in champagne from Cult Gaia

And turn heads with some embellished jeweled sandals.

If these beauties are too high for you, I found some lower block heel sandals in gold that will also look great.

Below are some more alternatives:

Add some striking statement earrings in pink ombre crystals for the win!

Pavoi Jewelry

Most of the featured bracelets are made by PAVOIfrom Amazon, and must say the quality is really great for the prices!

I actually own a bunch of PAVOI pieces now.  I started with a couple of their thick gold hoops in the two larger sizes.  I was quite impressed. 

Subsequently, I bought CZ stud earrings in gold. 

I also picked up two gold cubic zirconia tennis bracelets, the smaller 2mm style and the 4mm style

They come in multiple length options.

Jewelry Care

These are inexpensive plated pieces so you might need to “baby” them for longevity.

Avoid the obvious: showers, pools, spraying your wrist with perfume while wearing them.

Store them in air-tight plastic bags, if possible.  This will keep the plating from damage and tarnishing.

FYI, you can check out some more of my picks in my Amazon store.

Plus Size Pink Blazer Outfit Ideas – Night

Plus Size Pink Blazer Outfit Ideas - Night - A plus size date night outfit with a pink blazer, jeans, cami, and embellished jeweled heeled sandals by Alexa Webb.

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8 thoughts on “Plus Size Pink Blazer Outfit Ideas

  1. Hi Alexa
    Will you do an outfit with pink pants of this same color? Old Navy has some darling dress slacks of this same color and I’m not sure how to do them. They are really hot right now. I know you’re not my personal stylist. I thought other people my be interested in this too.

    1. Yes. I love them! Highly recommend them. It is worth it to do the custom sizing and customization. But do note that it takes 4+ weeks to arrive. Totally worth it, but just not good for last minute events, etc.

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