Plus Size White Jeans & Tee

Make sure you carry a stain stick when wearing this nearly all white outfit.  If you have my lack of grace, you’ll need it! 😉  Because a tee and jeans in white is a bit basic and could even look like an orderly, add a denim jacket and some gold or colorful accessories.  Tips on wearing white jeans here.  Tips on finding the right denim jacket here.

Below is my review of these plus size tees from a previous post:

I love love love t-shirts from Yours Clothing!  I just have to talk about these plus sized tees for a minute.  Last summer I was on the hunt for the best t-shirt because I was sick of tees that cling to me in all the wrong places, shrink even when washed cold and hung to dry, and/or fall apart after their first wash!

Tip: T-Shirts That Are 100% Cotton Will Cling Less, Wear Longer, And Feel Cooler.  So Check Your Labels!

The Yours Clothing plus size tees are very reasonably priced, 100% cotton (although they may have some versions with other fibers, so check before you order), excellent quality, and come in a ton of varieties and colors!  They come in sizes 14 – 34.  I recently bought 6 of these 3/4-length sleeved tees in various colors and love them!  They ship from the UK, but arrive faster than most clothes I get from US stores, I swear.  You should try them!

Plus Size White Jeans & Tee


Plus Size White Jeans Outfit - Plus Size Fashion - #alexawebb

Shop the look:  Sunglasses (less $ similar) // Necklace // Plus Size Denim Jacket or here (less $ similar, less $ similar) // Plus Size T-Shirt or similar // Bracelet Set // Watch // Tote (less $ similar) // Earrings // Plus Size White Jeans // Gold Birkenstocks or here (less $ similar)

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8 thoughts on “Plus Size White Jeans & Tee

  1. Absolutely love this look. Kind of a beachy-boho look. I wish I could wear this look. Unfortunately for me I’m a stain magnet.

  2. I’m thinking of buying some of these t-shirts on your recommendation!

    How do the sizes run in your opinion? I’m typically a XXL or 1X -2X. Size charts usually seem off for me, but I’m thinking the 20-22 might work. Thanks for the tip!!

    1. I found them to be true to size. I love them because they stretch and “hold” their stretch. For example , I need more room in my hips so I can stretch them a bit in that area so they don’t cling to my tummy/hips. I think you’ll really like them!

  3. Pros: I just received my tee and tried it on when I got home. My first reaction was it really does feel cool, and didn’t highlight all of the wrong areas. Thanks so much for your recommendation. I can’t wait to mix it into my wardrobe. Cons: It did take a while to get here and there wasn’t any tracking info which only increased my anxiety but aside from that all was well.

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