Plus Size Wide Leg Crop Chinos Outfit

I am going to be honest, dear readers, I wasn’t planning to create a post with the latest trend of wide leg cropped chinos or jeans.  Quite frankly, this silhouette is difficult to pull off for many people, especially if you are of average height or shorter.  But, I know they are the hot item right now and I keep getting requests for ideas on how to style them.  So I’m creating this post by request!  Also, go here to see Part 2 of this post.

Lessons Learned

While I love the idea of plus size wide leg crop chinos, they make your legs look much shorter and throw off your proportions.  And I know this from experience!  I had, what I call “the summer of the gaucho,” circa 2005/6.  And let me tell you that while I felt chic and comfortable, in reality, I looked like I had a stubbier legs than I already do and that my crotch was eating my pants.  Fabric literally wadded up between my legs as I walked.  It was not a good look!

That said, I did learn a few things, such as the weight of the fabric is crucial to prevent that fabric wad.  And that platform sandals are your BFF.  And to keep your tops shorter, cropped even, to balance out your proportions.  And with an apple shape, that becomes more difficult as a cropped top is not a great option for that shape.  So, ideally, you want a high-waisted pair worn with a tucked-in or cropped top.

Bottom line, I’d much rather see a full length wide leg on pretty much anyone.  But, at the end of the day, I realize a few things:

  • You might be one of those people who happen to look good in a wide leg cropped pant.
  • You might not look your best in them, but you give no f*cks.  I fully support that stance.  Wear what you like, always!
  • You want to embrace this trend and using the few tips I provided can make these pants work well enough for you.

The Tips

  1. So just to reiterate, look for a heavier fabric and a high-waist.
  2. A “chunky” and taller shoe is better.  Pair with platforms, wedges, block or stacked heels.
  3. Keep your tops cropped or tucked-in.

The outfit that I styled below can also work with a cropped chino with a straight leg or a long chino as well.  Or even shorts!

Plus Size Wide Leg Crop Chinos Outfit

Plus Size Wide Leg Chinos Outfit - Plus Size Spring Casual Outfit Ideas - Plus Size Fashion for Women - #plussize #alexawebb

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14 thoughts on “Plus Size Wide Leg Crop Chinos Outfit

  1. Having worn gauchos in the 70’s I can confirm your tips…shirts tucked in, espadrille shoes, and or platforms. Very thin corduroy makes for a super cute wide leg pant. A turtleneck will carry the look into fall.

  2. I love this outfit! It’s a classic…denim, chinos, and stripes! I’m a new follower and you’ve inspired me to reinvent my wardrobe. I’m grateful for all the outfits you’ve put together…it is SO helpful!

    Have you found a sandal just like the one pictured with a little less height? If an inch or so was removed from the bottom it would be PERFECT for me! Any idea where I can find a denim vest too?

    1. Hi Capitolah,
      Thank you!!! 🙂 I will have to look for some lower sandals. Some of the alternatives I listed above are a little lower. Are you looking for wide width?

      As for a plus size denim vest, try this one.

  3. Thanks for the advice. You are my fashion Guru. I love to be trendy but it has to work for my body. I appreciate the style tips!!

  4. Thank you. I have been craving a pair of wide-legged cropped pants in a tropical print to help me survive summer. I missed buying a pair from Jjill last summer, and now all I want is a little top and cool, cropped pants. After your advice, I will shop for full length pants, and when I am roasting at home, I will roll them up!

  5. As always your advice is spot on. I am short and will pass on this trend but the colors you chose for this outfit can be transferred to pants in a different style. BTW need help with finding a white denim plus size jacket.

  6. do you have additional info about how the madewell pants fit? i have not worn their clothes before and am unsure about their sizing. the same goes for the j crew pants. thanks.

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