Plus Size Athleisure

Another plus size athleisure outfit based on my basic no-fail “formula.”  As I’ve talked about, this formula is a great starting point for trying out the athleisure trend.

And I know I talk about “outfit formulas” a lot on this blog.

But, I really think if you understand the essential ideas of why outfits “work,” then you can apply them to clothes you already have in your wardrobe.

The Formula

Activewear Bottoms + T-Shirt/Tank + Sneakers + Third Piece

See how easy?  And with attention to a few details, you can nail this look every time!

  • Activewear Bottoms, like leggings or joggers.  When in doubt, your favorite black leggings work!
  • T-Shirt or Tank.  Often a plain white, grey, or black tee works.  Or add a “neutral” print, like camo or leopard.  See more about mixing prints here.  And, of course, you can add a longer tunic for more coverage.
  • Sneakers.  Choose what I call, “elevated” sneakers.  From my previous post:

Choose classic or retro sneakers, such as Saucony Jazz (I love the Low Pro versions), adidas Gazelles or CampusOnitsuka Tiger in any variety, or anything similar.

Many of these classic sneakers are unisex and come sized as men’s, which means they run wide.

If retro classics aren’t your thing, look for trendy trainers, such as Nike’s Air Max.

If you are really lost to pick out some kick ass sneakers, check the sneaker section of asos.  I feel like they are always on top of what is hot at the moment.

Bottom line, your kicks need to be clean, in good condition, and “elevated.”

If you wear your everyday gym sneakers or the dirty old tennis shoes that you wear to walk the dog, you’re going to look like a hot mess.  Not that there is anything wrong with hot mess, but we’re trying to look trendy and smart in this situation.

By the way, if you do find yourself some kick ass, trendy, and “elevated” sneakers, you will realize you can wear them with practically anything and look awesome!

And that is a total win for comfort!  Take a look at this outfit idea to see what I mean.

Also, you’re going to want to go sockless or wear no show socks.

  • Third Piece.  Optional.  In colder weather, top with denim jacket, anorak, or cardigan.

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Plus Size Athleisure

Plus Size Athleisure Outfit Idea - Plus Size Activewear - #plussize #alexawebb

Altheisure Leggings

These plus size leopard leggings are made by Spanx and offer medium control.  I recommending sizing up.

If you are apple-shaped, you may have to go even larger to prevent the waist from rolling down.

Wash on the delicate setting, cold water, in a laundry/lingerie bag or by hand.  And do not put in a dryer to keep their elasticity.

Basically, think of these as a pair of Spanx shapewear and care for them accordingly.

Plus Size Athleisure

Plus Size Athleisure Outfit Idea - Plus Size Fashion for Women - #plussize #alexawebb

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6 thoughts on “Plus Size Athleisure

  1. You are absolutely knocking it out of the park lately! I love everything casual that you post and athleisure is my love language!

  2. This is a great reminder for me to start thinking about clothes for fall and “school” days with my kiddo. Love this as a way to be comfortable and casual, yet still put together and on trend. Thank you!!

  3. YogaClub boxes now go up to 3X. There’s a post on My Yoga Journey from a new subscriber modeling her new clothing from her box.

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